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Virtues of Prayer Tahajud

Evening prayer, when prayer was done after sleep, called Tahajud prayers, it means waking at night. So, if you want mengerjakansholat Tahajud, must get some sleep. Prayer night (Tahajud) is the habit of pious people whose hearts are always side by side with Allah SWT.

Allah says in the Qur'an:
"At night, you shall pray Tahajud in addition to you. I hope the Lord lift you a blessed place. "
(Surah: Al-ISRO ': 79)

Tahajud prayer is obligatory prayers to the Prophet SAW before falling orders mandatory prayers five times a day. Now prayer is a prayer Tahajud highly recommended to be implemented.

Friends of Abdullah bin
Salam said that the Prophet has said:
"O mankind, sebarluaskanlah greetings and give food and dinner prayer at a time when people were asleep, that ye enter Paradise in peace." (Tirmidhi)

Prophet Muhammad said:
"The main Seutama-Fardhu prayers after prayers is Sunnah in the night" (Narrated by Muslim)

Time To Implement Tahajud Prayer:
Whenever afdhalnya prayer Tahajud implemented? Actually, the time for prayers Tahajud (Shalatul Lail) is defined as the time Isha 'till dawn (all night). However, there are times when the primary, namely:
1. Very major: 1 / 3 the first night (Ba'da Isha - 22:00)
2. More important: 1 / 3 nights second (at 22:00 - 01.00)
3. Most important: 1 / 3 last night (at 01.00 - the Dawn)

According to valid information, when ijabah (answering prayer) that is 1 / 3 last night. Abu Muslim asked Abu Dzar friends: "Which is more at a time when we are working on the main evening prayer?"
Abu Dzar friend replied: "I have been asked to Muhammad SAW as you ask me this." Muhammad SAW said:
"My stomach is still staying the night is 1 / 3 the end. Unfortunately, very few people do. "(Reported by Ahmad)

Muhammad SAW said:
"Verily in the evening there was one time (waktu.). If a Muslim asks a favor in the world and the Hereafter to Allah SWT, Allah SWT will give him. And that applies every night. "(Reported by Muslim)

The Prophet SAW said again:
"On every night of our Lord Tabaraka wa Ta'ala down (to the sky world) when he lived the last third of the night. He said: "He who calls me, will I let his call. He who asks Me, I let permintaanya. And if anyone asks for forgiveness to me, I forgive him. "(Bukhari and Muslim)

Number Raka'at Prayer Tahajud:
Prayer night (Tahajud) is not limited in number, but at least 2 (two) raka'at. Our foremost Kekalkan are 11 (eleven) raka'at or 13 (thirteen) raka'at, with 2 (two) raka'at prayer Iftitah. Cara (Kaifiat) to do good is every 2 (two) cycles ended a greeting. As explained by Muhammad PBUH: "Prayers that night, two-two." (Reported by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim)

As explained by Kaifiat Friends Said Ibn Yazid, bahwasannya Prophet Muhammad 13 raka'at evening prayer, as follows:
1) 2 raka'at prayer Iftitah.
2) 8 raka'at prayer Tahajud.
3) 3 raka'at Witr prayer.

The letter read in prayer on Tahajud first raka'at after surah Al-Fatiha is Surat Al-Baqarah verse 284-286. Meanwhile, in the second raka'at after reading surah Al-Fatiha is the letter of Ali Imron 18-19 and 26-27. If these letters had not memorized, it can read another letter which was dihafal.Rasulullah SAW said:
"God loves a man who woke up to pray night and wake his wife. If you do not want to wake up, then sprinkle the face with water. Similarly, God loves women who get up to pray the night, also woke her husband. If they refuse, face
drenched with water. "(Abu Daud)

Prophet said:
"If the husband to his wife to wake up to the night prayer
they prayed two raka'at, then recorded them in groups (women / men) who always dhikr. "(Abu Daud)

Virtue Prayer Tahajud:
About Tahajud the primacy of prayer, one day the Prophet Muhammad said: "Whoever prays Tahajud working with
as well as possible, and with a neat order, then Allah will give 9 of glory: 5 kinds in the world and 4 of the Hereafter. "
The world's five virtues, namely:
1. Will be preserved by God from all kinds of disasters.
2. Sign submission will appear dimukanya look.
3. Will be loved the pious servants of God and loved by
all human beings.
4. His tongue will be able to say the words of wisdom.
5. Would be wise, given the understanding of the religion.

While the four virtues Hereafter, namely:
1. Her face brightened when he rose from the grave on the Day of Judgment.
2. Will get relief when the reckoning.
3. When crossing the bridge Shirotol Mustaqim, can be done very quickly, like lightning to strike.
4. Note the right hand of charity given.

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