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Pray Dhuha

From Nuwas bin Sam'an ra, that the Messenger of Allah said about a divine hadith, "Allah said: O son of Adam, let not the time you are lazy to do four raka'at at the beginning of the afternoon (ie, praying Duha), (if you always do ) shall I meet your needs in the end (late afternoon). "(Narrated by Hakim and Thabrani)

Above hadith was contained in HR. Abu Daud Book of "Ash-shalah" chapter ADH-Duha shalah 1289 Volume II page 63 and also HR. Tirmidhi in his book "al-Abwab shalah" chapter 475 Ma fi Ja'a ADH-Duha shalah volume II 340 pages. See another report and comments Mundziri in "at-Targhib wa at-Tarhib" 9, 10 and 11 chapters at-fi Targhib ADH-Duha shalah volume II page 464.

In another hadith, it is mentioned that Abu al-Ghiffary Dzar ra, he said that the Messenger of Allah said, "Let your alms to every segment of bone in your body every morning. Each rosary is a charity reading, Tahmid is alms, alms tahlil is, interpretation is a charity, get someone else to do good deeds is charity, to prevent other people from engaging in charity kemungkaran too. All that can be done in two raka'at Duha prayer. "(Narrated by Muslim, the book" al-Musafirin shalah "Istihbab chapter ADH-Duha shalah vol 84 page 499. HR. Abu Dawud in the book of" Ash-shalah "shalah chapter Adh -Duha 1286 vol II pages 61-62, As-Sunan al-Kubra of Bayhaqi Volume II, page 47. HR. Imam Ahmad in "Musnad Ahmad" Volume V page 167 and "Musnad Abu 'Awanah" Volume II, page 266.)

Subhanallah ... It was just how much the virtue of Duha prayer is for this may often considered trivial by most people.

Does Prayer Duha?
Law Duha prayer is Sunnah. In accordance with the hadith narrated by Abu Said ra, who said, Allah Duha prayer always worked until we thought that he never left, and so leave us thinking that he never do it. (Narrated by Tirmidhi, the status of the hadeeth is hasan)

When is Doing the Duha prayer?
Duha prayer when the sun started rising as high as spears and lasted until the sun slipped, but disunnahkan mengakhirkannya until the sun is high and the heat was scorching. From Zayd ibn Arqam ra, he said, the Messenger of Allah went out to meet people of Quba '. At that time, they're working on Duha prayer. He also said, "(Left) awwabin prayer (praying Duha), when the child camel overheated during the hot start time." (Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim and Tirmidhi)
Al-Awwabin here referring to those who repent to Allah SWT.

What is the amount Raka'at Duha Prayer?
Number of Duha prayer raka'at least two, as previously mentioned in the hadeeth of Abu Dzar. While the maximum raka'at ever done by the Messenger of Allah is eight raka'at, but according to the words of the Messenger of Allah is twelve raka'at.
Some scholars argue there is no limit raka'at Duha prayer. This is the opinion of Abu Ja'far ath-Thabary and this is confirmed by al-Halimy and al-Shafi'i Ruyany of mazhhab. in Sharh al-Tirmidhi, al-Iraqy says, "Acute idak never seen anyone, either from friends or Tabi'in generation, which limits the amount of Duha prayer raka'at to twelve raka'at." Similarly, confirmed by Suyuti.

Sa'id ibn Mansur reported from Hasan ibn 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ra, when asked whether the Prophet Companions major prayer has also been working on it? Al-Hasan was menjawb ra, "Yes! Among them there are to do as many as twelve raka'at, there are only four raka'at do, and there is work constantly hinga middle of the day, not counting raka'at has been done. "

Ibrahim an-Nakhaiy reported that the one who asked to Aswad ibn Yazid, what is the amount that must be raka'at I do when shalah Duha? Aswad ibn Yazid said, "It's up to your ability."

From Umm Hani 'The Messenger of Allah had done eight Duha prayer raka'at, every two raka'at his greetings. "(Narrated by Abu Daud with a saheeh chain of transmission.)

From 'A'ishah said that the Messenger of Allah did pray Duha four raka'at, then he adds the next raka'at no definite count. "(Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim and Ibn Majah)

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