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The commander Zombie History of Islam and Islamic triumph in Brazil

The commander Zombie History of Islam and Islamic triumph in Brazil - Hearing the term "zombie" You certainly would think about being black nan thin bloody and damage crops. However, what if we know the origin of the naming of zombies that already exist in the 15th century AD in Brazil.

It turns out the term "Zombie" is a person's name as well as the commander of the Islamic dashing daredevil, who had been instrumental revive the glory of Islam in Brazil. Even gradually he and the local clerics managed to establish Daulah Islamiyah in Brazil.

Here is the history of zombies in the quotation from the article titled Jihad al Turbani Miatu min Udzoma 'ummah al-Islam Ghoiru Majro at-Tarikh.

After the white Europeans who are Christian to enter North and South America. People from Europe dividing the new land they had occupied it into two parts operations.

British and French control of North American and South American regions controlled by the Portuguese and Spanish. There is a very noticeable difference on how the two sides of Europe that colonized the Americas.

People from the UK and France are trying to dominate the North American region and the occupied lands, with the slogan "The Indian is good is the Indian who died" while those of Portugal and Spain do not occupy their land directly, but they also have a slogan in South America "Kill then seized his property and go". Therefore, a big difference related to the US economy and Canada (North America) compared to the economic conditions of countries in South America are more likely to be poor.

Portuguese imperialists take part in Brazil's vast and rich while Spain take care of some other countries. The Portuguese colonized Brazil in a way that is real cruelty. They murder the original inhabitants of Brazil in order to take control of their wealth. They dredge gold mine and move it to Portugal through the Brazilian population (labor force).

Not only in Brazil, they also mix a native of Brazil with black people in Africa by way of colonizing the Muslims in the region of West Africa. They have the purpose to include people of Africa known as the hard work, to the country of Brazil in order to dredge the wealth of South America in the interests of the invaders. Gradually they took the Muslims of Africa through their ships to the territory of Brazil. Until in the end many of them are used as slaves in the early 1538 AD. It was not until 40 years have 14 thousand Muslims from Africa who moved to Brazil while the number of population is not more than 57 thousand.

In the following year, the Portuguese continued to increase the number of blacks in Brazil, from the Angola that reached 642 thousand Muslim population negro (black), they bring in a large population of Muslim West Africa gradually and massively. And this is confirmed by some of the documents that still exists in Brazil Museum. Most people who come from Africa to Brazil are descendants of those Muslims who can read the Koran. However, later the invaders begin to understand Christianity to them so there is little resistance from these people, but the Portuguese continued to press and impose the Christian religion to them with the threat of murder and torture.

So when the Christians thought that Islam was dim and die in the land of Brazil forever. Islam came a hero named Zombie. He managed to set fire to the spirit of Islamic youth remaining in Brazil. The commander then moves along the scholars around to calling people in Brazil to understand the teachings of Islam until they understand this noble religion.

They also teach the reading of the Qur'an and Islamic law are very tolerant and commendable. And a concomitant increase in their numbers growing day time increases. So when they arranged azzam strong, Zombie Islam commander announced the establishment of the "Islamic State of Brazil" in 1643 AD. He also mentioned that the first rule, that freedom is a principle of law upheld territory.

Knowing the very rapid development of Islam, the Portuguese launched an offensive to small countries emerging on the Continent Amerikat. However, with the permission of Allah, Zombie and other Muslims defeated the invaders to developing broad Islamic region in Brazil. Even Zombie also can conquer the 20 regions in the State of Bahi, Brazil. And continue berlangsungya Islamic state in Brazil is more than 50 years.

Muslims struggle against imperialist blacks continued until the Portuguese empire were plugging their influence to quell the development of Islam who eventually getting bigger. So then dikirimlah other imperial navy to help the Portuguese to destroy the seeds of Islamic revolution in 1695 AD. Until fell off the fighters one by one and imperialist increasingly spread their power in Brazil.

Shall we suppose that Zombie is a terrifying, ugly and nasty behavior?

Colonizers of the West trying to spread the image of Zombie because of fears they would be the emergence of figures like Zombie fighters in South America.

People are now forced to fear the Zombie picture which is described as being a destroyer, skinny and ugly.

When what actually happened imperialists want to return the Islamic denude the trees that have been growing rapidly in the world, as they did to the growth of Islam in Brazil at that time.

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Aww, come on.
Zombie (Zumbi) announced the establishment of the "Islamic State of Brazil", 12 years before he born (in 1655)?

The commander Zombie History of Islam and Islamic triumph in Brazil

The commander Zombie History of Islam and Islamic triumph in Brazil - Hearing the term "zombie" You certainly would think abo...