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The story of Prophet Idris a.s

Prophet Idris Idris or a.s. (Arabic: إدريس) was one apostle who was the son of Adam who first granted the rights of prophecy by God after Adam himself and Shiyth as (Set by Jews and Christians). In the Bible, known by the name Idris Enoch.

Prophet Idris was the sixth descendant of the Prophet Adam, the son of Yarid bin Mihla'iel bin Anusy bin Qinan bin Adam bin Shiyth who became the first descendant of the prophet was sent after Adam and Shiyth. According to the book of commentaries, he lived 1000 years after Adam's death.

Prophet Idris was awarded the skill in different disciplines, skills, and ability to create tools to facilitate human work, such as handwriting recognition, mathematics, astronomy, and so forth. According to a story, there is a time when most people will forget God, so God punishes people with forms of prolonged drought. Prophet Idris intervened and pleaded with God to end the punishment. God grant it, and ended the season with a marked decline in rainfall.

Prophet Idris estimated to live in Egypt where he was preaching to the work of God, taught monotheism, worship and serve God and give some life to his followers pendoman order to be saved from the torment of the world and the hereafter.

According to the book called The Prophet of God Enoch: Nabiyullah Idris, Idris is the Arabic name or the name of Enoch, ancestor of Noah. He stated in the Qur'an as God's chosen people, so he picked it up at the sky. Ibn Abi Hatim in his commentary Idris narrated that the Prophet died when he was in the fourth heaven accompanied by an angel. He lived until the age of 82 years

1. Prophet Idris Guest Arrival

Idris as the prophet's name. the truth is 'Akhnukh'. Because he called Idris, kerana him a lot of reading, studying (tadarrus) Book of Allah SWT.

Every day the Prophet Idris sewing qamis (dress shirts), every time he put a needle to sew his clothes, he said beads. If the job is finished, then handed the clothes to people without asking menempahnya with wages. Nevertheless, the Prophet Idris was still able to worship with deeds that were difficult to describe. So that the Angel of Death is longing to meet with him.

Then the Angel of Death prayed to God, to be allowed to go to the Prophet Idris as. After the greeting, Angel sat down.

Prophet Idris as. has a habit of fasting all time. When the time of sunset has arrived, then came the angels from Syurga food brought Prophet Idris, and he enjoyed the food.

Then he worshiped throughout the night. On one night the Angel of Death came to him, carrying food from Syurga. Prophet Idris enjoy the food. Then the Prophet Idris said to the Angel of Death: "O lord, let us enjoy this meal together." But the angel refused.

Prophet Idris continued to worship, while the Angel of Death had faithfully waited until the rising sun. Prophet Idris was hairan see attitude angel.

Then he said: "O lord, lord mahukah-broadcast bersiar with me to see the beauty of nature persekitaran? Angel of Death said: Okay Idris O Prophet of Allah. "

Then they proceeded to see nature persekitaran with various types of plants live there. Finally when they arrived at a garden, then the Angel of Death said to the Prophet Idris as.: 'O Idris, is there a gentleman allow me to take this for my meal? Prophet Idris replied: Subhanallah, why the night was the master does not want to eat kosher food, and now hosts the unlawful Want to eat? "

2. Angel Azrael kill the Prophet Idris at his request.

Then the Angel of Death and the Prophet Idris continued their journey. Not felt by those they have bersiar Wordpress-broadcast for four days. As long as they are friends, Prophet Idris met some peculiarities in his friend's self. Any actions cadar cadas with the nature of human beings. Finally Prophet Idris could not resist the desire that curiosity.

Then he asked: "O lord, may I know who the real master? I am the Angel of Death. "

"Duty Tuankah retracted the life of the flesh?" "Yes yes Idris."

"The gentleman with me for four days, there has also been host to take a life-life of the flesh?"

"O Idris, for four days a lot of my life that has pull. Spirit of the living creatures like a dish in front of me, I take them like a person being bribed-food bribe. "

"O Angel, if the purpose gentleman come, whether for pilgrimage or to take me?"

"I came to menziarahimu and God Almighty has allowed my intentions were."

"O Death Angel, kabulkanlah one request to you, namely to take me lord, and lord to God to ask for God bring me back, so I can worship God When I felt the enormity of death breathe.

Death replied: "Actually I was not even taking a human life, but only with the imprimatur of God."

Then Allah revealed to the Angel of Death, that he take a life as Idris. So dicabutnyalah Idris lives on the spot. So the Prophet Idris felt death at the time.

At the time the Angel of Death saw the death of the Prophet Idris, then he wept. By Hiba and sad feelings he prayed to God so that God may bring back his friend. God granted his request, and the Prophet Idris was enabled by God again.

3. Angel Azrael membawaNabi Idris to Syurga and to Hell

Then the Angel of Death Prophet Idris hug, and he asked: "O my brother, how is the master felt the pain of death? When an animal skin dilapah when he was still alive, the pain of death a thousand times more pain than he. In fact, the softness that I did to master, when I take a life master, I never did to any prior sesiapa host. O Death, I have another request to the host, namely I really desire to see hell, so I can worship Allah more, after I watched the fierce fires of hell. O Idris as. I can not go to Hell if without the permission of Allah. "

Finally, Allah revealed to the Angel of Death that he brought to the Prophet Idris in Hell. So they both go to Hell. In Hell, as the Prophet Idris. can see everything created by God Almighty to punish the enemies of his. Chains like the hot, venomous snakes, when, the fire is burning, boiling lead, the points with thorns, boiling hot water and others.

When I felt satisfied to see Hell's situation, so they went home. Then, as the Prophet Idris. said to the Angel of Death: "O Death, I had another intent, namely that the master can help me bring into Syurga. So I can see nothing that has been provided by God for the lovers of his. After that I can improve my service again to Allah SWT. I can not bring into the host Syurga, without orders from God Almighty. "Answer the Angel of Death.

Then Allah ordered the Angel of Death so he brought the Prophet Idris into Syurga.

Then they went together, so they reached the door Syurga and they stopped at the door. From there the Prophet Idris can see the scene in the Syurga. Prophet Idris can see all kinds of pleasures provided by God for the saints, guardian. The form of fruits, the main points of the beautiful and the rivers that flow and others.

Then the Prophet Idris said: "O my brother Angel of Death, I have felt the bitterness of death and I have seen the fierce fire of Hell. Mahukah then prayed to God's master for me, that God will allow me to enter Syurga to drink water, to remove the dead and the enormity of pain Hell? "

So the Angel of Death had prayed to God. Then God gave him permission to enter Syurga and then had to get out again. Prophet Idris went into the Syurga, he was placed under kasutnya one Syurga tree, and then he came back from Syurga. Once he was outside, Prophet Idris said to the Angel of Death: "O Death, I had left in the Syurga kasutku.

Angel of Death said: Go into the Syurga, and take the sandals master. "

Then come the Prophet Idris, but he did not come out again, so the Angel of Death called him: "Yes Idris, come out!. No, my Angel of Death, kerana Allah SWT has said mean:

"Every soul shall taste death."
(Ali-Imran: 185)

While I have tasted death. And God said to mean:

"And no one else than you, but it went to Hell."
(Maryam: 71)

And I too have come to Hell. And the word of God again is intended to:

"... And they will not be expelled from it (Syurga)."
(Al-Hijr: 48)

So Allah revealed to the Angel of Death revelation was: "Let him, kerana I have set in Azali, that he could be living in Syurga."

God tells the story of Prophet Idris was the Prophet Muhammad with his word meant: "And mention (O Muhammad to them, the story) Idris, who is in the Qur'an. Indeed he is a very justified and a prophet. And we've raised it to his dignity. "(Maryam: 56-57)

4. Idris in the Qur'an and Hadith

There are four verses that relate to Idris in the Qur'an, where the verses are connected to each other in Surah Maryam (Mary) and Surah Al-Anbiya '(the Prophets).


And mention (O Muhammad to them, the story) Idris (who is) in the Al-Quran. Indeed he is a very justified and a prophet. And We raised him to the highest place. (Quran 19:56-57)



And (remember) Isma'il, Idris, and Dzulkifli. All of them including those who are patient. We admitted them into Our mercy. Indeed they are among the righteous. "(Qur'an 21:85-86)


In a hadith, Idris is mentioned as one of the first prophets who spoke to Muhammad in one of heaven for Mi'raj.

* Narrated from Abbas bin Malik: ... The gate has been opened, and when I went to the fourth heaven, there I saw Idris. Gabriel said (to me). 'This is Idris; give him your greeting.' So I greeted him and he greeted me and said. 'Welcome, O pious brother and pious Prophet.; ... Sahih Bukhari 5:58:227

Idris is believed to be a tailor this hadeeth:

* Ibn Abbas said, "David is an armor maker, Adam was a farmer, Noah a carpenter, Idris a tailor, and Moses is a shepherd." (From al-Hakim)

5. Advice and teaching

Here are some advice and a string of pearls Prophet Idris said.

1. Patience is accompanied by faith in God (will) bring victory.
2. People who are happy are those who alert and expect the intercession of the Lord with salehnya deeds.
3. If you ask something to God and prayed, then ikhlaskanlah your intentions. Similarly, (for) fasting and shalatmu.
4. Do not swear falsely, and do not cover up perjury that you may not participate innocent.
5. Obey your king and submit to pembesarmu and always fill your mouth with thanksgiving and praise to God.
6. Do not envy the people good luck because they will not be many and long enjoyed a good fate.
7. Anyone who exceeds the simplicity nothing will satisfy them.
8. Without giving away favors he received, one can not thank God for the favors he earned it.

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