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Prophet Noah was fourth after Adam, Idris and Syith and ninth descendant of the Prophet Adam. His father is Lamik bin Idris bin Metusyalih.

Noah preaching to his people

Noah's prophetic revelation from God in the "fatrah" the gap between the two apostles in which human beings normally beransur-ansur forget religion brought by Prophet who left them and returned bersyirik leave good deeds, do kemungkaran and disobedience under the leadership of Satan.
Thus the people of Noah did not escape from this process, so that when Noah came in the midst of them, they're worshiping idols are statues made by the hands of their own worshiped as gods who can bring the goodness and benefits as well reject all the misery and kemalangan.berhala-dipertuhankan idols according to their beliefs and have a supernatural power and authority over the man gave the names of alternate and tastes at will, sometimes ignorance mereka.Kadang they called their idols "Wadd" and " Suwa "sometimes" Yaguts "and when was bored replaced with the name" Yatuq "and" Nasr ".

Noah's preaching to his people, who are far astray by the devil, took their leave of polytheism and idolatry and return to monotheism worship the Lord God of the universe to the teachings of the religion revealed to him and leave and disobedience kemungkaran was taught by the devil and Satan.
Noah attract people to see the universe created by God of the sky with the sun, moon and stars that decorate the earth with riches at the top and underneath, in the form of plants and flowing water of life that gives pleasure to humans, pengantian night becomes day and vice versa that all of it into evidence and a real sign of the unity of God to be worshiped and not the idols which they make with their hands besides sendiri.Di Noah also preached to them that there will be a gajaran will be accepted by people of all deeds in the world specifically for the practice of virtue heaven and hell for any violations of religious orders in the form kemungkaran and disobedience.

Dikurniakan Noah who God with attributes that should be owned by a prophet, articulate and assertive in his words, wisdom and patience in his actions treatise duty to his people with patience and wisdom by way of a gentle knock on their conscience and sometimes with words sharp and harsh tone when dealing with the chiefs of his people who are stubborn and unwilling to accept hujjah the arguments presented to them that they can not deny it or break it.

However, even though Noah has done everything his nation kepda preach tanaganya with all wisdom, patience and kecekapan and on every occasion, day by mahupun night whispering or how bright and open terbyata very little from the camp of his people to accept his message and followed his invitation , which according to history while not exceeding the number of one hundred people They consist of people who are poor social status is weak. While the wealthy, located Cleaner and respected in the community, who are the chiefs and rulers remained defiant, does not believe his preaching of Noah and occasionally deny not give up their religion and take off their belief in their idols, they even try with a conspiracy to cripple and da'wah efforts fail nuh Prophet.

They said to Noah: "Are not you just one more than we and our DRP is no different as human beings. If the true God will mengutuskan a messenger who brings His command, nescaya He will mengutuskan an angel that we should listen to his words and our follow the invitation and not a human being like you just attended camp people lower their social status as farmer workers who are not income for us that they like trash masyarakat.Pengikut-followers are people who do not have the power and sharpness of mind brain, they follow blindly without thinking of the deaf and weigh carefully whether true or propaganda, and that invitation. Cuban religion that you take and the teachings that you sadurkan to us is really true, we were used to follow nescaya instead of people who beg that your followers. we as community leaders are good at thinking, has intelligence and a broad view and the public regarded as leaders, not absolute, and we accept the invitation dakwahmu.Engkau not have the advantage over us on social problems and social hidup.kami much smarter and more knowing about it drpmu our semua.nya.Anggapan to you, not other than, that your adalh you lie.

Noah said, answering scorn and derision of his people: "Are you thinking that I am accessible to force you to follow my teaching, or think that I have the power to make you the people who believe if you continue to refuse my invitation and remain blind-deaf to the evidence - evidence of the truth and remain dakwahku lost mempertahakan pendirianmu inspired by pride and arrogance because of his position and possessions that you miliki.Aku only a man who mendpt mandated and assigned by God to convey His message to you. If you still insist on the head and does not want back onto the right path and accept the religion of God unto diutuskan me then so be it to God to determine his punishment and his gajaran yourselves up. I just runners and His apostles were ordered to deliver his message to the servants of His. He is the ruling gives guidance to you and forgive you your sins, or reduce the punishment and seksaan Him above ye if He is also a powerful kehendaki.Dialah lowered his seksa danazab in the world, or postpone it until days later. He is God the creator universe, the Almighty, All-Knowing, all-loving, most merciful. ".

The conditions put forward by Noah said: "O Noah! If you want us to follow and provide support and encouragement to you and to the religion that you take, the preserve of the followers of those farmers, workers and slave-hamaba it. Usirlah them from pengaulanmu because we did not get along with them sitting side by side with them to follow their ways and join them in a religion and belief. And how can we accept a religious camp that generalize the nobles with ordinary people, rulers and authorities with the labor - labor and rich people, which is located with the poor and the destitute. "

Reservations Noah rejected his nation and said: "Treatise and religion that I take is for everyone no exceptions, a clever mahupun the stupid, the rich poor mahupun, employers or workers, among ordinary people peguasa and positions and all have the same place trehadap religion and the law of God. I wish I meet you and grant Reservations wish away the loyal retainers, then the camp who I hope will continue to dakwahku skit and how I have the heart to keep drpku those who have believed and received by dakwahku full faith and sincerity in when you reject it and deny it, the people who helped me in my job at times you hinder and obstruct efforts dakwahku. And how do I camp to account for their actions pengusiranku against God when they complain Wordpress I have returned their loyalty and obedience with opposite solely to fulfill your request and subject to reasonable pensyaratanmu not acceptable and not by the mind and thoughts that advice. Sesungguhnay you are people who do not berfikiran fool and advice.

In the end, because they feel powerless again deny the truth of the words of Noah and was running out of excuses and hujjah to continue dialogue with him, then they said: "O Noah! We have a lot of arguing and bermujadalah and dialogue, and heard enough already dakwahmu dull it. We're still not going to follow you and will not occasionally released faith and our customs, so there's no point will you repeat propaganda and bertegang invitation and with our tongues. bring what you really are who keep their promises and words -he said. We want to see the truth of your words and your threat in reality. Because we still do not trust you and keep dakwahmu doubt. "

Noah despair of his people

Noah was in the midst of his people for nine hundred and fifty years of preaching God's message delivered, bring them meninmggalkan idolatry and return to worship and worship the Almighty God to lead them out of the way the lost and dark on the right path and light, teach them the laws of Shari'a and the religion revealed by God to him, human mangangkat darjat the oppressed and weak to tingak in accordance with nature and qudratnya and tried to eliminate arrogant nature and inherent pd bongkak lords to his people and their medidik dear berkasih , please-help among fellow human beings.

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