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After God swtmenciptakan earth with the mountains, sea and sea-grown-tumbuhannya, created the heavens with the sun, moon and the stars that shine creates his angels spirits is similar yangdiciptakan worship to mediate between the substance of the Almighty by servant Devotees, especially the apostles and prophets then came the will of God Almighty to create the kind of creatures that will inhabit and fill the earth keep enjoying growing-tumbuhannya, managing wealth hidden in them and breed hereditary inherited the legacy of all time who has been destined for him.

Kekhuatiran Angels.

The angels when notified by God Almighty His will to create other creatures, they worry if God created other beings, because they kecuaian or omissions in the services and perform duties or for violations they did without their disadari.Berkata to God Almighty: "O God us! Why would God create beings other than us, and we always celebrate, bertahmid, worship and glorify thy name ceaselessly, of God's creatures will be created and sent down to earth, nescaya will fight each other, will kill each other scrambling over natural wealth and pent seen above in it, so will the damage and destruction occurred on the earth that God created it. "

God says, eliminates the angels kekhuatiran:
"I know what you do not know and I alone know the wisdom of the Children of Adam's mastery over the earth-Ku.Bila I've created and breathed his spirit to, ye prostrate before the new creature as a tribute and not as a prostration of worship, because God Almighty forbade his servants to worship his fellow creatures. "
Then Adam were created by God swtdari lump of clay, dry and black mud form berbentuk.Setelah enhanced ditiupkanlah spirit of God's creation into it and stand it upright into the perfect human


Satan refused.

Satan's rebellious and reluctant to obey the commands of Allah like other angels, who immediately prostrated before Adam's as a tribute to the creatures of God who will rule the earth entrusted with all that live and grow on it and buried in dalamnya.Iblis felt himself more noble , more important and more noble than Adam, because he was created from elements of fire, while Adam from the earth and its origins lumpur.Kebanggaannya with pride and makes him feel inferior to bow to respect Adam as the other angels, even though ruled by God.

God asked Satan: "What's stopping the prostrate respect something I created with my hands?"
He said: "I was more noble and superior to dia.Engkau created me from fire and created him from mud."
Because of pride, arrogance and defiantly ordered to prostrate themselves, then God punishes Satan by driving from heaven and angels out of line accompanied by a curse and the curse that will stick until the day pd.dirinya addition kiamat.Di he expressed as Hell.

Devil with the arrogant well received God's punishment and he just begged to be allowed to live forever until the day of resurrection kiamat.Allah back in the day and pass petition ditangguhkanlah it until the day of resurrection, not grateful and thankful for that guarantee, on the contrary He threatened to Adam's misleading, as for her expulsion from heaven and the issuance of the ranks of angels, and will visit children's offspring from every angle to convince them to leave the straight and with a misguided path, invite them to do immoral and things is forbidden, tempting them to neglect the religious orders and their influence so as not to give thanks and do pious.

Then God said to the cursed devil:
"Go you with your followers that they would be content and Hell neraka.Engkau fuel will not be empowered to mislead servants have my faith in me with all her heart and has a solid aqidah will not tergoyah by your line even if you using all kepandaianmu inciting and slander. "

Adam Knowledge About Objects Names.

Allah desires to remove a low opinion of the angels to Adam and convince them of the truth of His wisdom appoint Adam as ruler of the earth, then diajarkanlah to Adam the names of objects in the universe, then diperagakanlah objects in front of the angels as: " Cubalah mention my name for those things, if you really feel better to know and better understand from Adam. "
The Angels are powerless to meet opposition of God to call the names of objects that are in front of mereka.Mereka admitted sanggupan lack of them by saying:
"Thou Almighty! Actually we have no knowledge of anything except what the Lord's invitation to kami.Sesungguhnya You are the All-Knowing and All-Wise."

Adam and commanded by God to tell the names of angels and He tells Adam, God said to them: "Did I not tell you Wordpress rahsia I know the heavens and the earth and knows what you reveal and what ye hide. "

Adam Syurga inhabit.

Adam was given a place by God in heaven and him were created Eve to be with her and became her friend, eliminating loneliness and complementary nature needs to develop offspring. According to the ulamat Eve was created by God from one of Adam's rib is on the left at a time when he was still sleeping so that when he awoke, he saw that Eve was in the sampingnya.ia asked by the angel: "O Adam! What and who is the creature who was in next to it? "

Said Adam: "A woman." Keeping with the nature of which has been inspired by God to him. "What's his name?" Asked the angel again. "Eve", Adam replied. "Why would God create these creatures?", Asked the angel again.
Adam replied: "To stand by me, gave me happiness and filling my life purposes in accordance with the will of God."

God said to Adam: "Abide thou with thy wife in heaven, taste the pleasures that abound in it, Taste and eat fruits lazat contained in it your heart and nasfumu.Kamu own devices will not experience or feel hungry, thirsty or tired as long as you are in but I remind dalamnya.Akan do not eat fruit from this tree that will cause you harm and includes people who zalim.Ketahuilah Wordpress Satan is your enemy and the enemy of your wife, she will try to persuade you and drag you out of heaven thus lose the happiness that you were this good. "

Start the Devil Comes to Shove.

In accordance with the threats uttered when driven by the god of result Syurga also defiantly and driven by envy and jealousy of Adam is the cause until he was cursed and cursed forever excluded from singgahsana kebesarannya.Iblis began to show the design lies to Adam and Eve are living together in a peaceful heaven, peaceful and happy.

He stated to them that it was their friend and wanted to give advice and guidance to perpetuate the good and happiness and mereka.Segala how fine words used by Satan to gain the trust of Adam and Eve that it was totally honest in the advice and guidance to them . He bahwa.larangan whisper to them of their God to eat the fruit of it is appointed for it by eating the fruit they'd transformed into an angel and will live-repeat kekal.Diulang persuasion with the shows will be the sweet smell of the forbidden tree fruit and beautiful shape ultimately lazat rasanya.Sehingga subtle persuasion termakanlah it by Adam and Eve and God dilanggarlah restrictions.

Allah denounced their actions and said that the intention: "Did not I keep you close to the tree and eat of its fruit and would not remind you I have Wordpress devil is the real enemy."
Adam and Eve heard the word of God that he Wordpress Awake they had violated God's command and Wordpress they have done something wrong and sin besar.Seraya sorry they said: "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves, and have violated Thy commandments because affected persuasion Iblis.Ampunilah our sins because we will belong nescaya people hurt when you do not forgive and love us. "

Adam and Eve Descended To Earth.

God has accepted Adam and Eve's repentance and forgives the transgression deeds they have done things which had relief of their chest and remove the sense of sadness due to negligence of God's warning about Satan, so fall prey to seduction and seduction is sweet but it berancun.

Adam and Eve was comforted after receiving God's forgiveness and be care not to be fooled again by the devil and will try to breach that has been conducted and the cause of God's wrath and rebuke it be teaching for them to be more careful against deception and persuasion Satan is cursed to live itu.Harapan continue in heaven who has faded because of what God commands offense, revived in the hearts and minds of Adam and Eve who feel pleasure and happiness of their lives in heaven will not be distracted by something and Wordpress Redha of Allah and its blessings will remained abundant on them for long-lamanya.Akan but God has set in His destiny is not what occurred in the liver and terfikirkan not by them. Swtyang God has determined the fate of his Wordpress earth full of wealth to manage, be controlled to humans descended from Adam commanded Adam and Eve came to earth as the first seed of his servants named man itu.Berfirmanlah God to them: "Come down some of you to earth than you become an enemy to some others you can stay still and live disan until the appointed time. "

Descend of Adam and Eve to earth to face a new way of life far different from life in heaven has ever experienced and that will not have to travel over kembali.Mereka live in this mortal world with love and grief and mankind will lose its diverse nature and temperament of different skin color and human intelligence will otaknya.Umat clusters into tribes and nations in which one becomes the other enemies kill each other-menganianya persecuted and oppressed, oppressive, so from time to time God prophets sent His Messengers and His servants to lead him to the straight path of peace love between human beings the way that leads to Him Redha and human happiness in the world and the hereafter.

The story of Adam in the Qur'an.

Al_Quran tells the story of Adam in several chapters of which chapter 30 verse Al_Baqarah that paragraph 38 and surah 11 verses Al_A'raaf so 25

Teaching All There From the story of Adam.

Bahawasanya wisdom contained in the commands and prohibitions of Allah and in what sometimes creates can not or have not achieved even oelh the human brain by His creatures nearby as experienced by the angels when he was told that God would create human beings - the descendants of Adam to be his Caliph on earth so that they seemed to object and wonder why and for what God created different kinds of creatures than those who are obedient diligent worship, exalt, and glorify bertahmid his name.

Bahawasanya man although he had been thinking dikurniakan kecergasan and fizikal and mental strength he still had some weakness on her like a negligent nature, forgotten and which has khilaf.Hal happened to Adam who, though he has become a perfect human being and dikurniakan a privileged position in heaven he would not escape from human nature the weak itu.Ia have forgotten God and neglect the warning him of the forbidden tree and the devil who becomes his enemy and the enemy of his descendants, so trapped into deceptive and there was the first violation committed by human beings the prohibition of God.

Bahawasanya someone who has already done disobedience and sin is not he rightly despair of God's mercy and forgiveness as long as he will conscious guilt and repentance will not Maghfirah kembali.Rahmat god and his camp that includes all the sins done by His servants except shirk How big was the sin that so long as Consciousness followed by repentance and confession of guilt.
Arrogant and conceited nature always brings losses and kebinasaan.Lihatlah Satan singgahsananya dilucutkan down from his position as an angel and was expelled by God from heaven, accompanied by curses and curse that will stick to him until the Day of Resurrection because of his arrogance and kebanggaaannya with origins that he thought and looked down on to the Prophet Adam and refuse to bow down in his honor, although commanded by God Almighty

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