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"Aad" is the name of the father of a tribe that lived in the Arabian peninsula at a place called "Al-Ahqaf" located north of Yemen and Hadramaut Umman ATR and including the oldest tribe of the Prophet Noah sesudak well known for physical strength in the form of bodies large and giant. Them by God dikurniai fertile soil with water resources that flow from all directions sehinggakan planting is easier for them to bhn bercucuk mrk food. and beautify their homes with flower gardens beautiful. Thanks to the Grace of God that they live a prosperous, prosperous and happy and in a short time they have multiplied and become the largest tribe among the tribes who lived around him.

As with the Noah Hud is the Aad tribe is spiritual livelihood does not know God the Almighty Creator of the universe. They made sculptures named "Shamud" and "Alhattar" and it is worshiped as a god by those who they trust be of happiness, goodness and benefits and can reject evil, and all disaster losses. And religious teachings of the Prophet Idris and Noah was not a trace in the hearts, souls and their way of life everyday. Enjoyment of life they're drowning in it thanks to the fertile soil and abundant produce which they say is the second gift kurniaan and their idols which they worship. Therefore they do not fall down and dashed to the two idols were grateful as he begged his protection from all dangers and mushibah of disease or drought.

As a result and the fruit of a misguided aqidah that their social life became dominated by the demands and leadership of Satan, in which moral values and morals are not the basis of weighing or behavior and actions of the person but the material and the strength of an outstanding lahiriahlah causing riots and arbitrary actions in a society where the strong oppress the weak who raped a little big and the powerful squeeze underneath. The properties of arrogance, conceit, envy, spite, and hate-hasut hate fueled by rampant lust and control of their livelihood so as not to give place to the nature of compassion, love loving, honest, humble and mandate. Thus the public image of God when the Aad tribe mengutuskan Prophet Hud as a prophet and messenger to them.

Prophet Hud Berdakwah In the middle of the Middle-tribe

It is the sunnah of Allah from Adam to the revelation of Wordpress from the earth during the period when the servants of his was in the lost lives is far removed from the religious teachings brought by the Prophets of His diutuslah a prophet or apostle in charge of revive the teachings of the prophets which were before the public returns that have been lost to jalanlurus and properly clean and wash all the human soul and shirk replace superstition and filled with faith that monotheism and aqidah sesuia with nature.

Thus the Aad tribe has dimabukkan the welfare of life and worldly pleasures, so do not introduce it mengurniakan Lord of all. Utuskan to them in the Prophet Hud, a tribe of their own DRP from a prominent family and since his little-known influence with the good behavior of noble character and sgt wise in association with his friends.
Prophet Hud began his preaching with his nation's attention Aad tribe to sign a form of God realization of nature around them, and Wordpress is God who created them all and they mengurniakan with all the pleasures of life in the form of soil, water flowing and the body is upright tubuhan and strong. It was he who should not they worship and sculptures that they do themselves. They are as human beings are God's most noble creatures that are not duly humbled worship stones which destroy sewaktunya their own camp and destroy it from view.

Explained by the Prophet in Hud bahaw AACB a messenger of God is given the task to bring them to the right faith in God who created them turned on and off they give sustenance or pull out their DRP. He does not expect wages and demanding retribution for his efforts to lead and sue them on the right path. He just runs the command of Allah and warned them if mrk Wordpress remain closed ears and eyes facing mrk invitation and preaching doom they will be overwritten and destroyed by God as the occurrence of the death of Noah perished in the flood drowned due to arrogance and arrogance they rejected the teaching and preaching Noah as he held the position and their trust in idols and statues they worship and worship it.

Ad calls for the Prophet Hud and propaganda that is goods that have never heard or suspected mrk. They saw the Wordpress teachings brought by Prophet Hud, it will change completely their way of life and break the rules and customs which they had known and inherited from their ancestors. They were stunned and felt hairan Wordpress one of their own tribe has dared to try to reorganize their lives and the ordinances of religion and belief replaces them with something new that they do not know and do not camp dimengertikan and make sense of their thoughts. With ditolaklah necessarily by their preaching of the Prophet Hud with a variety of reasons and empty accusations against himself and his taunts and insults he had received a cool head and patience.

Aad said the Prophet Hud: "O Hud! Doctrine and religion what do you want to recommend to us? You want us to leave our offerings to our gods that this powerful and worship your god is not accessible we reach with our senses and god that you do not think the word alliance. How are we doing offering this is that we have inherited from our ancestors and occasionally we will not leave even the opposite engkaulah should return to the rule of fathers and jgn injure their religious beliefs with a memebawa new religion that is not known by them and certainly will not direstuinya. "

O my people! Prophet Hud said, Verily I am the Lord that this appealed to you to worship Him even if you do not reach his camp with pancainderamu but you blind to the impact felt his form in your own self as the creation and the universe that surround some of the sky with the sun and moon the stars of the earth with a mountain-river ganangnya plants and animals which are all beneficial to your camp as human beings. And the life you enjoy a prosperous and happy. God is what should you worship, and bow your heads unto Almighty Nya.Tuhan no allied diperanakan not litter and that even though you do not reach his camp with pancainderamu, the DRP you She knows all the land movement and behavior to know the contents of the liver Your heart rate and fikiranmu road. God that must be worshiped by human beings with full confidence to His Oneness and His power and not the statues that you do with a chisel and carve your own hands then you worship as a god when he was a passive stuff can do something beneficial or harass you. What a stupid and shallow fikiranmu if you keep your religion is false, and rejected the teachings and religion had been revealed to me by God Almighty God that. "

O Hud! his people replied, "Gerangan if that makes you look at each other and other berfikiran DRP which has guided our lives since ancient times and made you leave the religion of his own ancestors, so even you are insulting and degrading our gods and our memperbodohkan we consider reasonable and narrow and berfikiran shallow? You claim that you are chosen as messengers by the Lord runner to bring a new religion and faith to us and took us out of the way a heretic according to your confession to the right and straight. We felt hairan and not collapsible received by reason of our own that you have chosen a messenger of God. Are you in excess of one of our DRP, you are no more or less than an ordinary human being as we live to eat drink and sleep no different from us, why have you chosen by your Lord? What you think of our assumption a big liar, or maybe you advice berfikiran not curse our gods that you always despised and Eje cemuhkan. "

O my people! Hud Prophet replied, "I am not a liar, and my thoughts remain sane and not advice anything krg and know that the statue-patungmu you were not collapsible pertuhankan bring something to the disruption or disease or Fikiranku bandaku. You know me, I live a long time in the middle of Wordpress you I never lied and lied and talked throughout my association with you is not never seen myself pd lack signs or wajaran perlakuanku signs Fikiranku questionable sanity and perfection of my mind. I am a true servant of God who was given the mandate to deliver his revelation to his servants who had lost his conceded influence of Satan and are far removed from the right path taught by the prophets who were earlier because God will not allow the servants of his too long neglected in error, and life in the dark without an apostle diutuskan lead them to the right path and living his diredhai. So I believe you to use a reasonable mind you believe in and prostrated to Allah Lord of the universe God who created you created the heavens and the earth, the rain to nourish ground fields, tumbuh0tumbuhan to grow on with your life. Bersembahlah to Him and ask forgiveness for his wrong deeds and actions sesatmu, so he adds rezekimu and prosperity terhindarlah your life and your world from the punishment as has been experienced by the folk of Noah and the future punishment in the hereafter. Wordpress Ketahiulah ye will be raised again later from your grave and held responsible for any acts you in this world and were rewarded in accordance with good deeds and pious mendpt rewards good and bad base and will diganjarkan with the fires of hell. I just deliver the message of God to and with this you have to warn you that would happen due to you if you still deny the truth dakwahku. "

The Aad said: "We grew confident and no doubt you have mendpt Wordpress curses our gods causing chaotic thoughts and you change your mind becomes insane. Thou hast spoke the words that do not make sense that if we follow your religion, will increase sustenance and prosperity of our lives and our Wordpress will be resurrected from the grave back to us and receive all the reward for all our deeds may be kami.Adakah resurrected from the grave to us after we die and become the bones. And if the punishment and that you always seksaan scary to frighten us and to our mengancamkannya? All of these we consider to be empty and idle threat. Realize that we will not surrender to you and follow your teaching because of the shadow of doom and seksa you imagine us imagine we are opposed to even bring what you promised and ancamkan that if you really true in your word and not a liar. "

Okay! Hud Prophet replied, "If you doubt the truth of my words and remained obstinate dakwahku ignored and left offerings to idols were then wait at the arrival of God's vengeance in which camp you will not get away from disasters. God is my witness I have delivered his message with all my strength to you and will keep trying bandaku lifelong bladder and enlightening guidance to the good roads that have been outlined by God for the servants of His. "

The vengeance of God on Aad

Vengeance of God against the infidels and Aad remained defiant, which is derived in the first two perinkat.Tahap of drought that hit the fields and gardens mrk, causing anxiety and restlessness, in case they might have the results from the fields and gardens garden-like circumstances biasanya.Dalam Prophet Hud is still trying to convince them that drought Wordpress is a beginning of seksaan promised God and that God is still more to give them the opportunity to be aware of error and unbelief mrk and return faith in God by leaving offerings mrk a false and then repent and beg forgiveness of God for the rain soon returned with a thick and mrk spared from the dangers that threaten famine. However, they still had not Want to believe and consider the promise of the Prophet Hud was an idle promise. They even went to their idols ari begged protection they face disaster.

Mrk defiance of God's promises revealed to the Prophet Hud immediately get revenge jawapan with dtgnya second stage begins with a cloud sightings and a thick black cloud over them which receives the cheers of joy, because he thought that the rain would soon fall down a field - fields and watering their gardens that are experiencing drought.
Seeing the attitude of Aad's rejoicing that Prophet Hud said in a mocking tone: "Mega is not a mega-black black and a mercy for you laymen but clouds that will bring you destruction in retaliation for my God who has promised and you ternanti-up to prove the truth words you always deny and you lie.

A moment later became what kenyataanlah predicted by Wordpress Prophet Hud was not the rain that fell from the thick cloud but a powerful tornado and taut with an alarming noise which had been destroyed buildings from the house fly carries all the furniture and property property and throw away cattle. Aad became a state of panic here they ran back and forth there for cover. My husband did not know where his wife and mother were also lost his son were the houses to be razed to the ground together. Tornado disaster that lasted for eight days and seven nights, so time to clean the Aad menyampuh arrogant and completing the history of that sad situation to be teaching and Wisdom for the nations to come.

The Prophet Hud and his companions, who believe God has given protection from the disaster that had befallen his people bilau chaotic and calm as he saw the chaotic state of his nation bilau heard the sound of wind and gemuruhnya trees and buildings are falling and the screams and cries of those who requested Please help and protection.
Once the weather calmed down and the land "Al-Ahqaf" has been strangely silent of the Aad go left where Prophet Hud emigrated to the Hadramaut, where he lived the rest of his life until he died and was buried there, where to this day his grave is located at the top a hill at a place about 50 km from the city visited by the pilgrims Siwun that pour from the surrounding area, especially Sha'ban and the month in each year.

The story of Prophet Hud In Al-Quran

The story is told by the prophet Hud, verse 68 of chapter 10 of surah Hud, verses 50 to 60, sura "Al-Mukminun" verse 31, so clause 41, sura "Al-Ahqaaf" verse 21, so clause 26 and sura "Al-Haqqa" paragraph 6, 7 and 8.

Teaching From the Stories of the Prophet Hud A.S.

Prophet Hud has given an example and a good system that should be imitated and followed by preaching and expert interpreters of information agama.Beliau against his people who are proud and stubborn with patience, perseverance and tolerance. He did not respond to taunts and occasional harsh words with similar but declined with the words which show that fine control of his emotions and not to lose the sense or patience.

Prophet Hud was not angry and not upset when his people have accused him of mocking the insane and crazy. He gently rejected accusations and insults by saying simply: "I'm not crazy and Wordpress to your gods that you worship can not disturb or interfere with any Fikiranku but I am the messenger and the messenger of Allah unto you I really was an adviser to the you honestly want your good and welfare of your life and that you are spared and saved from the doom and seksaan God in the world mahupun in the hereafter. "

In dialogue with Hud kaumnya.Nabi always try knocking their conscience and ask them to think rationally, using the mind and thoughts of advice to give evidence that is acceptable to their sense of truth and error preaching their way but the guidance is from God iu , He will give to whom He kehendakinya.

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