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Story of prophet Saleh A.S

Prophet Saleh a.s. (صالح) is one of the prophets and messengers of Islam and had been sent to the Thamud. His Majesty has given a miracle specifically female camel issued from a crack rock with the permission of Allah to show the greatness of Allah SWT to the Thamud. Unfortunately the Thamud still deny the teachings of the Prophet Saleh as Instead they killed the she-camel. Finally the Thamud rewarded with a very great punishment specifically with one tempikan than the Angel Gabriel that causes their bodies destroyed berkecai.

Story of Prophet Saleh a.s

Thamud is the name of a tribe that included a portion of the Arab nation by historians and others classify them into the Jewish nation. They reside in a land called "Alhijir" located between the Hijaz and Syria that formerly colonized and controlled including Aad tribe that has been destroyed tornado swept sent by God as a retaliation for their defiance and denial of the mission and message of Prophet Hud AS

Prosperity and the luxuries of life and the natural wealth of previously owned and enjoyed by the Ad has been inherited by Thamood. Land-rich soil that produces abundant, milking animals and breed fat, flower gardens, beautiful yag, building houses built on flat ground and carved from the mountain. Everything that makes them live peaceful, prosperous, and happy, feel safe from any natural disturbance and admitted Wordpress luxuries they would eternal life for them and their offspring.

Thamood not know God. God they are the idols which they worship and worship, to whom they sacrifice, where they took shelter from all the reinforcements and the accident and expect kindness and happiness. They can not see or think of more distant and what they can reach the sensory.
Prophet Salih to preach Thamood

Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful will not let the servants of his being in constant darkness without side-He sent his servant to enlighten and lead them out of the way the error on the right path. Similarly God will not doom and seksaan down to a race before they were warned and given by him petunjukkan with a mediator selected to be the messenger and his apostles. Sunnatullah applies to Thamood, which to them has a diutuskan Nabi Saleh who has chosen his own from their tribe, from a prominent family and respected by his people, known for nimble, clever, smart, humble and be kind of social .

They were introduced by the Prophet Salih to the proper God they worship, the Lord God Almighty, who has created them, created nature around them, creating a land-rich soil that produces the material needs of their lives, creating animals that benefits and useful to them and thus giving them the pleasures and luxuries of life and inner and outer joy. One God that is what they worship and not the images they carve themselves from the mountain rocks that are not in power to give something to them or protect them from fear and danger.

Prophet Saleh warned them that he was a than they, existed between him and their family ties and blood. They are his people and his relatives and he is the collateral and the tribes with them. He expects the goodness and virtue for them and occasionally they will not be plunged into things that will bring harm, misery and destruction to them. He explained to them that he was the messenger and the messenger of God, and what is taught and preached to them the message of God that must he delivered to them for their kindness during life and after they die in the hereafter. He hoped that his people consider and think seriously what he appealed and recommend that they immediately leave the worship of idols and believes that faith in God the Almighty said, repent and ask forgiveness of Him for sin and that Shirk has been they do. God is near to them by listening to their prayers and give amnesty to the guilty, if requested.

Saleh Terperanjatlah hear the appeal and his message for those who are new things that are not expected to come from relatives or their own children. So once turned down an invitation Prophet Salih, saying they told him: "O Salih! We know a smart, agile and intelligent, sharp and fikiranmu and all judgment opinion is always right. In you we see the signs of virtue and the qualities praiseworthy . We expect from you in fact to lead us to finish the things we faced complex, giving guidance in these matters to our dark and become follow-up and our belief in our time of crisis and distress. But all hope it to be missed and trust us to you today by slipping your behavior and actions that violate horn customs and procedures of our lives. What's that you appealed to us? You want us to leave our offerings and our ancestors, and religious offerings that have become flesh and blood we became a party of our lives since we were born and the handle remains forever. We will not abandon him occasionally kerana seruanmu and we will not follow one that wandered off. We do not believe in talking kosongmu doubt even kenabianmu. We're not going to disobey ancestors leave us with their offerings and follow the trail. "

Nabi Saleh warned them not to resist and to follow God's invitation to believe that they mengurniai vast fortune and a prosperous livelihood. Told them the story, people who receive and seksaan kerana punishment from Allah and His Messenger will oppose and deny his treatise. Something similar could happen upon them if they does not want to accept his message and heard his advice, he gave a sincere and honest as a member of their large families and who do not expect or demand wages than those of his efforts. He only provided the mandate of God assigned to him and God who will give him wages and reward for his efforts and provide leadership to their demands.

A small group from which most of Thamood consists of people who receive low social status of the Prophet Saleh propaganda and believe in him, while some of the biggest in particular those belonging to the rich and the status remains stubborn and arrogant to refuse to deny the Prophet Saleh and his prophetic and said to him: "O Salih! We think Wordpress has been possessed by the devil you and hit the magic. You have to be mad and crazy illness.'ve changed your mind and ruined fikiranmu so you are not aware that you had issued the words that no sense and maybe you yourself do not understand. You claim that you have diutuskan by the Lord as a prophet and his apostles. Are strong suit than any of us that you have chosen to be apostles, but there are those among us who is more worthy and more to be a prophet cekap or messenger than you are. Your goal with empty talk and your words just to pursue the position and was appointed to the head and the leader of your nation. If you feel that you are smart and energetic and admit that you do not have direction and purpose hidden within it is dakwahmu stop your efforts with a new religious broadcasts denouncing the worship of our own and your ancestors. We're not going to follow your way and leave the path already taken by people our parents first.

Nabi Saleh said: "I have repeatedly told you that I do not expect anything than you in return for my efforts to enlighten you. I do not expect reward or desire for rank and status of this effort which I simply do God's command and His future than I expected in return and reward for it and how I can follow you and menterlantarkan tasks and mandate of God to me, and I talah obtain evidence of the truth dakwahku real. Do you expect Wordpress occasionally I'll break the command of my Lord and neglecting duty Him merely to continue the worship of our ancestors were ignorant. Who will protect me from the wrath and punishment of God if I do that? Verily, you will only hurt and destroy me with seruanmu it. "

After the failed and successful efforts to stop preaching Prophet Saleh and saw he was even more vigorously attract people follow him and his side, the leaders and the leaders Thamood trying to stem the flow of his message that more and more attention especially from middle subordinate in society. They opposed the Prophet Saleh and to prove the truth of his prophetic with a proof of a miracle in the form of objects or extraordinary events that are beyond human power.
God gave to Prophet Saleh miracles as

Nabi Saleh Wordpress conscious opposition to his nation that demands proof of a miracle than it was intended to eliminate the influence and erode his authority in the eyes out of his people, especially his followers when he failed to meet the opposition and their demands. Nabi Saleh returned to stake their claim with their promises when he managed to bring the miracle that they have that they would leave their religion and worship and will follow the Prophet Saleh and believe in him.

In accordance with the requests and instructions leaders Thamood Nabi Saleh pleading pray to Allah to give him a miracle to prove the truth of his message and also broke the resistance and opposition of his people who still insist on the head. He begged of God with His power to create a camel of the issuance of the belly of a large rock located on the side of a hill which they were appointed.

Then a moment later with the permission of Allah Almighty Creator again split the designated rock and out of his stomach a female camel.

By pointing to the animals coming out of the huge stone belly Prophet Salih said to them: "Here she camel of Allah, do not bother and let him find his own food on earth God, he had his turn to get water to drink and you have a turn to get a drink for you and for ternakanmu well and know that God will reduce his punishment if you interfere with these animals. " Then berkeliaranlah camel in the fields of grass to eat what he likes without any interference received and when their turn arrives drinking camel's go to a spring a spring named camels, and drink his fill of. And in the days turn to Prophet Saleh's camel came to drink, no other beast dare him, something which caused displeasure to the owners of animals that are increasingly felt that the existence of Prophet Saleh camel in their midst was a distraction like a thorn that ran in the throat.

With the success of Nabi Saleh bring miracles they demand gagallah Thamood leaders in an attempt to overthrow the honor and diminish the influence of the prophet Saleh has added even thicker opposite the confidence of his followers and remove many doubts of his people. So they dihasutlah by farm owners who feel upset and unhappy with the camel bermaharajalela Nabi Saleh in the fields and gardens as well as feared by mereks pets.
Camel Nabi Saleh Murdered

Conspiracy organized by the people of Thamood to regulate the design of the Prophet Saleh's murder and camels, as people are still haunted by fear of punishment which was threatened by the prophet Saleh camel when disturbed by the existence of a strong impetus to the desire to eliminate the animal from above the earth they are, suddenly came the widow of a wealthy nobleman who will surrender themselves to anyone who can kill a camel Saleh. In addition there was the widow of another woman who had several beautiful daughters will award offers one of the daughters and daughters to the people who managed to kill the camel.

Two kinds of enticing gifts of the two women next to incitement Thamud leaders invited the two men named Mushadda 'bin Muharrij and Salif Gudar bin packing would commit murder to achieve the promised reward in addition to flattery and praise which will received from the infidel tribes Thamud when camels of the Prophet Saleh was killed.

With the help of seven men set hide it somewhere where usually traveled by camel on its way to the spring where he drank, and so the camels were innocent and calves by the arrows immediately Musadda 'Gudar followed by the stick blade in his stomach.

With a grand sense of pride and go the camel's killer to the capital to break the news the death of the Prophet Saleh camel who received cheers and shouts of joy from the idolaters as if they were returning from war with a victory glorious. They said to the Prophet Salih: "O Salih! Your camel had been killed, cubalah will bring what you are saying the threat had to be disturbed if the camel is, if you actually include the people who are too correct in his words."

Nabi Saleh said: "I've warned you, that God will lower his punishment on you if you interfere with the camel. So with the murder of a camel that you will then wait the arrival of the punishment which God has promised and talah me to tell you. You have against God and accept the future due to his tentanganmu. The promise of God will not be missed. You can enjoy fun and have fun for three days then please accept that kind ganjaranmu on the fourth day. So God's will and his fate can not be delayed or prevented. "

It is possible according to the commentators that God through His messenger, Prophet Saleh gave it three days to give a chance, see if they are aware of their sin and ask forgiveness, repent and believe in the Prophet Salih to his treatise.

But in fact the period of three days that even a mockery of the Prophet Saleh is opposed to speed up the coming doom, and not have to be postponed three days.
Revelation of God's promised punishment

Nabi Saleh told his people that God's punishment would befall upon them will be preceded by the signs, specifically on the first day when they wake up from sleep, their faces yellow and will turn red on a black day in the second and third day and on day The fourth went down and a painful punishment of God.

Mendebgar threat of punishment, announced by the Prophet Salih to the group of nine people specifically designing the camel killer committed murder upon themselves ahead of the arrival of Prophet Salih who threatened the punishment. They held a meeting and vowed rahsia together to carry out the murder plan at night, when people were still sleeping soundly in order to avoid the demands of the blood back by family of the Prophet Salih, if they identiti known as the killer. Their designs are so dirahsiakan not known and heard by anyone except the ninth one's own.

When they came to the Prophet Salih to carry out his evil designs on a dark night-gelita and quiet-quiet fell on their heads huge rocks that are not known from which direction and which comes immediately lay them on the ground in a lifeless again . Thus the apostle of God had protected him from evil servants of His who disbelieve.

One day before the day of doom that the decline has been determined that, with the permission of Allah, Prophet Saleh departed with his followers believers to Ramlah, a place in the Palestin, leaving Hijir and its inhabitants, Thamood been lost, overwritten tremendous thunder alongside the terrible earthquake.
The story of Prophet Salih al-Quran

The story of Prophet Saleh has been told in 72 verses in chapter 11 of surah Al-A'raf, verses 73 to 79, sura "Hud" that verse 61 verse 68 and sura "Al-Qamar" verse 23, so clause 32.
The teaching of the story of Prophet Salih a.s.

Outstanding teaching lessons can be drawn from the story of Prophet Saleh is that sin and unjust acts committed by a small group of negative people who can destroy the whole society.

Look at how Thamood be lost, destroyed, wiped out even above the earth kerana sin and transgression of God's commandment by some camel killer Prophet Salih AS This is where lies the wisdom of God commands us to do amar kindness, nahi unjust. This kerana with kindness amar task that becomes unjust nahi kifayah obligatory that, at least, if not forbidding the work is going on in society and our protection, we have freed ourselves from sin approve or approve of that unjust act.

Indifferent to the immoral and applicable kemungkaran ahead as the eye can diertikan and penyekutuan approval of that unjust act.

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