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In the book Fiqh al-Islami Wa fiqhul Adillatuhu work Dr. Wahbah Az-Zuhaili, mentioned that:

1. Before doing Jima ', the couple was read basmalah. Or read surah Al-Ikhlas (Qul Huwallahu ahad). Also disunnahkan to bertakbir, say laa ilaaha illa, and said a prayer (choose one): "Bismillahil 'aliyyil' Azhim. Allahummaj'al-ha dzurriyyatan Thayyibah. In Kunta Qaddarta an takhruja dzalika min shulbi." (In the name of Allah the Most High and Supreme. O Allah, make him a good descent, if you set them out from sulbiku.)
- Cor jannibnisy syaithana jannibisy syaithana wa maa razaqtani (Abu Daud). (Meaning: O Allah, keep me from the devil and put away what Thou devil of rizqikan me).
2. Not to face Qibla, as a form of homage to the glorious temple.
3. Wear something to cover her body. As the following hadith from 'Atabah Abdi bin As-Sulami that if you came to his wife (berjima'), then let the cover and not naked like two tails himar. (Reported by Ibn Majah)
4. Starting with mula'abah (courtship), hugging or kissing.
5. When you've finished, do not rush to menyudahinya. Because maybe not the same each time.
6. Dimakruhkan to reproduce the conversation at the time are doing it. And should not leave more than 4 days without udzur.
7. If you want to repeat again, let wash farajnya (genitals) and ablution 'again. For thus, can give new strength.
8. Not disunnahkan to do it on certain days such as Monday or Friday. Although there are some scholars who mengajurkannya on Friday.
9. HARAM do Jima 'in the rectum:

* From Abi Hurairah ra. that the Prophet SAW said, "accursed people who fuck women in their anus." (Reported by Ahmad, Abu Dawud and An-Nasai)
* From Amr bin Syu'aib said that Rasulullah SAW said, "People who copulate with women in their anus do liwath (sodomy) small .. (HR Ahmad)

10. HARAM do Jima 'with the wife who was getting menstruating. They ask you about menstruating. Say, "it is a dirt menstruating." Therefore you should stay away from menstruating women at the time, and do not approach them, before they are sacred. If they were sacred, then they were in place campurilah God commanded thee. Truly Allah loves those who repent and loves those who purify themselves .. (Surat al-Baqara: 222)
If making out is not until Jima ', the scholars differed into three:

1. First, the law remains forbidden even just making out alone. The reason is to prevent when to happen Jima 'the truth. They base it as a step-dzari'ah saddan lidz, or preventive action.
2. Secondly, to allow the courtship of origin was not until the Jima '. This basis is the following hadith. From Anas bin Malik. that the Prophet SAW said about men who fondle her while menstruating, "Do all things except marriage / Jima '. (HR Jamaat except Bukhari - Nailul Authar)
3. Third, parents should make but forbidden for youth. Or for those who may be able to withstand shocks lust but forbidden for those who can not help it.

11. Allowed to do 'azl provided with the permission of his wife.
'Azl is revoked genitals immediately before the ejaculation, so as not to conception. This practice occurred in the period in which the companions of the Prophet Muhammad knew it, and he shut it. The scholars allow law 'azl this, because in principle there is no prohibition for that. As long as wives are willing to accept it.
From Jabir said, "We do 'azl in the Prophet is the Qur'an down. (Bukhari and Muslim)
From Jabir said: "We do 'azl in the Prophet, and Apostle heard it but did not forbid it" (Reported by Muslim).

But Ash-Syafi'iyah and Al-Hanabilah as well as several other scholars memakruhkan 'azl, because the Prophet Muhammad once said that' azl is including a hidden murder. But the Imam Al-Ghazali's view that 'azl is allowed if there is a reason, like many children and so forth.

On the basis of ability to do 'azl these scholars allow married couples to take medicine procrastinators pregnancy (contraception), as long as it is temporal. However, if ongoing, they have not forbidden it.

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