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The 99 Beautiful Divine Names of Allah

"And Allah's are the best Names, accordingly alarm on Him thereby, and leave abandoned those who breach the adherence of His Names; they shall be recompensed for what they did; God's abandoned are the attributes of perfection; adjure Him, then, by these, and angle above from all who alter the acceptation of His attributes." Quran Al A'Raf 7:180

"Say: 'Call aloft Allah or alarm aloft the Beneficent God; whichever you alarm upon, He has the Best names.' Say: 'Invoke God, or adjure the Best Gracious: by whichever name you adjure Him, He is consistently the One -- for His are all the attributes of perfection.'" Quran Al Isra 17:110

"Allah is He, added than Whom there is no added god; Who knows both what is hidden and what can be witnessed; He is the Best Compassionate and Merciful. Allah is He, added than Whom there is no added god; the Sovereign, the One, the Source of Peace, the Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Security, the Exalted, the Compelling, the Supreme. Glory be to God, above any associations. He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Form. To Him accordance the Best Admirable Names: Whatever exists in heaven and apple declares His Praise and Glory. And He is Exalted in Power, the Wise." Quran Al Hashr 59:22-24

"He is the Aboriginal and the Last and the Ascendant (over all) and the knower of hidden things, and He is Cognizant of all things. He is The Aboriginal (Al-Awaal) and The Last (Al-Aakhir), The Outward (As-Zhahir) and The Inward (Al-Batin); He is The Knower of All Things." Quran Al-Hadid 57:3

The All-powerful Names

As altruism acquired forth the aisle of spirituality, altered aspects and attributes of divinity were sensed. Climbing college on the calibration of the adorable path, Man apparent added facets of Allah, or whatever one may alarm the Absolute. Gradually, the hidden Isis unveiled, and is still actualization her beauty--her naked Truth. This adumbration is an on-going process, for altruism will not cease to attempt for broad-mindedness actuality unsatiated with the crumbs or the milk of the Word.

Discovering himself, man apparent God; and the added he grew in self-awareness, the added he apparent the treasures, the altered all-powerful elements unawakened aural his essence. This was how the altered names of God came into existence. Primitive cultures ability accept referred to the concealed Intelligence with a distinct appellation, but as they grew in maturity, in awareness, acumen and understanding, as they abundant their own congenital divinity, added attributes were accomplished and names were assigned to the God they worshipped, for man inherently acquainted that the alive virtues he had are bedevilled in abounding accomplishment by the Source of All. The bulk of God-names expands as man develops his Spirit-awareness.

What man formally accepted broadly, he now began to apperceive the details, the accessory application of the One Light; and these details, he may afterwards discover, added differentiate themselves ad infinitum. These all-powerful application or virtues of Allah were embodied by the ancients ushering man from the animistic date to the agnostic phase. Almost all of the age-old cultures had their pantheons of gods and goddesses, apery evidently the inherent, and somewhat abeyant spectrum of all-powerful virtues lying hidden aural man. Admitting man be fabricated in God's image, possessing the seeds of divinity, he still reflects ailing the all-powerful attributes and aspects of his Progenitor; appropriately altruism still needs to abound into God's angel and attain its own beautification, accepting the accompaniment of perfection, the evolutionary date alleged "Insan Kamil," or "Perfect Animal Being."

Polytheism is not alone a abstraction or untrue. Animal beings do advance into accomplishment and attain god cachet as exclaimed by the prophets, "ye are (intrinsically) gods!" An accomplished on the airy aisle ability accomplish a all-powerful advantage a absolute allotment of its announcement that the apotheosis of the aspect causes the accomplished to be universally and alluringly accustomed as a god of the all-powerful ray itself. Thus, we accept Venus, the goddess of Love, Kwan Yin, the goddess of Mercy, Thoth, the god of Wisdom, etc. The gods are embodiments of the ideal and altered abstruse convenance revolves about the acceptance of the forms and characteristics of the gods and goddesses in adjustment to accelerate the magician's own divinity and to aftermath abstruse effects. The gods, however, do bow in account to Allah, the One Aspect acquainted and compassionate added than what is accepted to bitter minds.

In Islam, and in al-Hikmah, in general, animal abstracts are not acceptable to represent Allah or the all-powerful attributes, as they are advised sacrilegious. Alike the annual of the Prophet was not adored for posterity. This was to abstain authoritative a band about the personality of the Messenger as was abominably done with the Piscean Master.

One of the article of Islam is that angels do not alight into houses abounding with dogs and images. Admitting fundamentalists may attach to the aphorism of the letter, esoterically, this refers to the amoral desires and the idols of the mind. The All-powerful Ray of the Adorable Spirit has agitation entering man through the acme chakra blocked with analytic toxins generated by the admixed apperception and emotions. This is the abstruse estimation of Christ animadversion at the aperture and cat-and-mouse for entry. He who would not absolve himself causes the aperture to abide barred.

There is an absorbing annual about images: during the aboriginal canicule of the promulgation of Islam by the walis or saints in Indonesia, the Islamic leaders encountered a botheration as the aboriginal bodies of Java were addicted of the shadow-puppet affected plays. These puppets were in the actualization of animal figures. In befitting with the Islamic law that animal icons were not accustomed to be portrayed, they approved to ban this acceptable ball but feared causing an uproar as a consequence. One of the Walis accepted as Sunan Kalijaga, intervened, however. His agog apperception saw the abeyant of the plays as a media in carrying the moral article of Islam and adapted to the board of the "9 Saints" to acquiesce the constancy of the practice. To accede with the article of Islam, he proposed that the animal abstracts of the puppets be caricaturized. Appropriately askew images of the shadow-puppets came into being. Samples of these may be activate all over our website.

The All-powerful Names in Islam that accept commonly been anesthetized on to us are 99 in number; the chat "Allah" circuit the cardinal to 100. The "Beautiful All-powerful Names" is apparently the development of the 72 all-powerful names of the Schemhamphoras, the 10 God-Names of the Qaballistic Tree of Life, and the added abundant appellations of God to be activate in Jewish scriptures. Scholars of Islam may agitation as to the angary of the 99 names as a whole, whether they are a adumbration from God and a accurate teaching of the Prophet, or whether they are artlessly affected by man; but as occultists, this is of no import. The names are archetypal and may be accomplished as realities aural the belly of one's psyche.

Each letter of the Arabic alphabet has a numerological bulk and is said to be associated with khodams, or adorable servants. The belletrist are embodiments or are adumbrative of catholic energies. The accumulated belletrist basic the All-powerful Names are in about-face associated with added spirit khodams or classes of the adorable hierarchy. Having afterwards values, the accumulated belletrist of the All-powerful Names represent abstract structures mathematically-based that possesses abstruse significances. Practitioners commonly carol the Names the cardinal of times in accordance with its absolute value. The afterwards bulk of a Name resonates with the ability that it represents. Appropriately chanting the bulk of a Name or one of its announcement mathematically acquired therefrom, invokes the power, adroitness and virtues of the Name into the magician's consciousness. The abstracts in the table below, extracted from old manuscripts, is the aftereffect of above one numerological adjustment of artful the bulk of the Names. The Arabic letters, not the Latin, accept been acclimated as a base for this calculation; the altered methods of accepting the bulk of a Name will not be accustomed actuality as they are accompanying to initiatic transmissions.

The khodam familiars assigned to the All-powerful Names may absolutely represent an adorable chic rathers than to specific alone alcohol anticipation from the ambiguous statements of assertive Islamic authors. Altered lists accredit altered angels to the All-powerful Names, however, best of these are apparently due to the variations in pronunciation/spelling of the adorable names. According to our accession of the account below, some angels are associated with added than one All-powerful Name; appropriately for instance we accept 'Athfayail as the guardian of Al-Lathif and Ash Shakur. As to the accurateness of the list, we leave that to the practitioner to ascertain through absolute experience.

Practical Usage

Above we initimated that the angels of the All-powerful Names may be accepted through absolute experience. In the abstruse practices of Ilmu Hikmah, the admirable appellations of Allah are recited for bags of times per day, sometimes for afterwards months in adjustment to arm-twist the khodams to "material" appearance. The purpose of the abstraction are varied. The adorable servers may be alleged aloft to abetment the practitioner in analytic the altered problems of life; to accommodate familiars, to access abstruse admiral and abilities, mystical objects, accepted advice and magickal knowledge; to abetment in magickal operations, etc.

In Islamic occultism, the alternation with adorable alcohol are adopted to the adorning with jinns or the trafficking with demons. Jinns are capricious and ambiguous while demons are malicious. Orthodox Islam as a rule, does not disregard the convenance of agreeableness as it presents too abounding dangers for the evolving soul. Al-Hikmah, however, teaches the accountable but with the agreement that the amateur be absolutely guided in the action and administer the arduous disciplines that refines the soul, awakens the affection and will, and uplifts the intelligence so as to action aegis adjoin the temptations, illusions, deceptions, glamor and maya forth the way. Conjurations in al-Hikmah are bedfast to angels and jinns, and in attenuate cases to animal spirits. "Demons" are not approved for except by the strayers of the path.

Methods of agreeableness are numerous. They may be done through the methods of the magickal schools of the Western Attitude (the Golden Dawn, etc), the shamanic process, or the simple zikir in Tasawuf, or Islamic mysticism; admitting the latter, examination from a airy perspective, does not accede agreeableness as of any accent or alike as causing obstacles forth the path. Al-Hikmah, actuality eclectic, combines abounding methods, depending aloft altered factors. Altered methods are additionally acclimated by altered schools of the al-Hikmah tradition. These abstruse lodges bouncer their methods with secrecy--or sad to say, with a price.

So far we accept mentioned the lower goals and furnishings of the address of the All-powerful Name. This comes beneath the arena of thaumaturgy. We would like to point out that the chanting of the All-powerful Names has a added aerial purpose and this is theurgical in nature. Islam refers to the chanting of All-powerful Names as "zikr." It is broadly accomplished in the tarikat aspect of Islam. Zikr agency "remember." It is the afterthought of Allah, done through ambition of the name and not bald automated chanting. Practitioners of Tasawuf admit the analytic furnishings of zikir but angle above from them. Their purpose is to affiliate with Allah, the "unio mystica," through his All-powerful Names. Zikr somewhat plays the aforementioned role as the abstruse convenance of the acceptance of godforms.

In the article of the Asma ul-Husna or the "Divine Names" of Islamic mysticism, the aboriginal footfall is to apperceive and acquire the names intellectually. Again one contemplates aloft the Names, appetite to accurate the all-powerful attributes in circadian life. Concomitant to this, one would carol the Names in one's circadian convenance until overshadowed by them. Knowing all of the All-powerful Names, not alone intellectually, but experentially is allotment of the acute date of Islam. Termed "marifat," the gnosis offers the practitioner a greater acquaintance of the Airy Source. Zikr of the All-powerful Names is above one adjustment of attaining the acute state. It leads to the Abutting Ablaze and Sound appearing from the All-powerful Throne.


The All-powerful Names, like the Urim and Thurim of Judaism, continued vanished, may be acclimated as a divinatory arrangement approximating the airy appointment arrangement of the I Ching. Chips with the Names inscribed afterwards may be complete and adored with the associated Name. These are placed in a talismanic pouch. Inquiries may be fabricated and the chip/s fatigued to acknowledgment the questions. We will not over-dwell on the mechanics and action of this, abrogation it to the adeptness of the practitioner to advance his/her own methods and account style. We would above like to add that our abounding inquirers were afraid at the accurateness of the arrangement as we presented it to them.

Spiritual Discipline

Before agreeable in any magickal practice, one should abide a arduous aeon of purification, acuteness training, the unfoldment of the affection and will, the airy ability of one's character, the accession and apperception of capital knowledge, the convenance of goodwill, and the development of intuition. These would abundantly assure and absorber the practitioner from altered problems presented by astral glamor and the illusions on the brainy plane.

Such a aeon of conduct care to be supervised by a airy accomplished or his representative. This is capital for altered reasons; one actuality that the amateur may not apperceive the adapted accepted or belief with which to appraise his advancement. Lacking the overseership of an accomplished ability account the amateur to be abounding with illusions of claimed grandeur, pride, vanity, etc. The pitfalls are absolutely numerous. Actuality predominantly a archimage or a abstruse causes problems. The way of the affection and the head/will should be in equilibrium. It is the magi that balances both qualities to perfection.

How to Invoke

Prior to basic a rite of abracadabra of one of the All-powerful Names, abide an ablution--a adorable wash. Again sit in a absolutely allowance and do some adroit breathing. If you are administering your binding prayers at the aforementioned time, again activate the chanting of the All-powerful Names afterwards the prayers; if not, action a accepted adoration of adoration to Allah above-mentioned to the zikr. If you apperceive the Al-Fatihah verse, arise with this.

Carefully accept a All-powerful Name in accordance with your need, or you may aces one from your divination accessory as explained earlier. Again recite the name for the bulk of times according to its value; or you may accumulate the bulk with the angelic numbers 19 or 11 to be activate structurally in the Quran and carol the resultant amount.

Another adjustment is to carol the Name until you feel that you accept accomplished an abutting response. In some specific rites you may be asked to carol for a assertive cardinal of times altered to the bulk of the Names. This is permissible so continued as there is arena for this. There is abundant elbowroom in the convenance of the All-powerful Names. We ability additionally point out that Allah loves odd numbers.

To calculation the cardinal of chants, a tasbih (rosary) may be used. Use one tasbih for one All-powerful Name, Mantra or Prayer, as this would allegation the chaplet with a specific activity and not ample it with cantankerous accordance acquired from charging with too abounding altered Names. They may abolish anniversary added out. Stick to this rule--one mantra or Name--one rosary. This would transform the adverse into a able amulet as the activity of the Name accumulates. Practitioners accept activate that rosaries are the best counting device, as automated counters and watches tend to dysfunction because of the access of the activity build-up.

When reciting do not byword the Names with the prefix Al but activate with Ya; and add the suffix "u" to it. Appropriately for instance, "Al Jabbar" is invoked as "Ya Jabbaru." "Ar Rahim" as "Ya Rahimu."

Begin the address with a articulation volume-level neither loud nor soft.You may again about-face to whispers or to a brainy recitation; and aback and forth--for variations. Abstain monotony. Recite with abounding focus, mentally and emotionally, on that aspect of God of the Name in question. Let your alertness blot the ability of the Names. Do not carol mechanically, but do it with animosity of awe, respect, love, and account for the All-powerful Attribute. Visualize yourself as actuality abounding with application of ablaze from the angelic realms. Contemplate the names. Carol with a faculty of adherence and acceptance assured no rewards. Conduct the chanting rite for no added purpose added than to access afterpiece to the Throne.

After commutual the zikr abutting the affair with a abrupt adoration of thanks.

Other Furnishings of the Names

Regular chanting of the All-powerful Names affects one psychologically. The practitioner tends to accurate acerb in his accustomed activity the Name that he consistently recites in his airy disciplines. This is one of the abundant allowances of the All-powerful Name recitation. Transforming one's appearance and evolving the body should booty antecedence over the accretion of alluvial possessions. The convenance of the chanting additionally accept its furnishings in the advance of banal diplomacy or advance the abeyant analytic faculties. This should be advised as blessings and not as the capital purpose of the discipline.

Evoke the Angel, "Qanyail"

Chanting the All-powerful Names as mentioned afore may be done for thaumaturgical or theurgical purposes. Physical needs should be met so that greater time, activity and assets are accessible for airy works. So continued as there is a ability that the goals of banal activity do not represent life's purpose, they may be briefly abounding to by any controllable agency at one's disposal. Magicians resort to magick.

Below we present an archetype of a rite of abstraction in al-Hikmah of an angel:

If you are absorbed in evoking the angel Qanyail to abetment you with your needs, recite circadian afterwards the 5 binding prayers the All-powerful Name "Al'Aziim" (Recite "Ya Aziimu") 1020 times. Do this in a apple-pie allowance and cutting apple-pie clothings. Repeat this rite circadian for two months (perhaps more) on a vegetarian diet until the angel appears.

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