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VALENTINE'S DAY According to the Islamic view

Is he just a mere affection?

"And if you obey most of the people on this earth, they will nescaya astray from the path of Allah. They follow nothing but mere prejudice, and they are nothing but a lie (against Allah). "(Surah Al-An'am: 116)

Day 'affection' is celebrated by the Western people in the last years is called 'Valentine Day' is very popular and spread in Indonesia pelusuk even in Malaysia as well. Moreover, if menjelangnya in February where we met a lot of jargon (symbols or advertisements) are not only un-Islamic to expose the form for (promoting) Valentine. Various places of entertainment starts from disco (disco / club night), hotels, organizations mahupun small groups; busy berlumba-Dolphin offers to celebrate Valentine's Day event. With the support (influence) the mass media such as newspapers, radio mahupun Televisyen; majority of Muslims were also fed (served) with advertisements Valentine Day.


It is ironic (sad / not fitting place) when our ears to hear even our own 'dive' in celebration of Valentine's Day without knowing the history of Valentine's Day itself. Valentine's Day was actually a martyr (in Islam is called 'martyrs') which kerana mistakes and are 'generous' then he was given a mat Saint or Saint.

On February 14, 270 AD, St. Valentine was killed because of the contrast (schism) to the Roman authorities at that time namely King Claudius II (268 to 270 AD). To glorify him (St. Valentine), which is considered as a symbol of fortitude, courage and surrender in the face cubaan life, then his followers to commemorate the death of St. Valentine's Day as a 'religious ceremony'.

But since the 16th century AD, 'religious ceremony' is started beransur-ansur lost and turned into a 'celebration is not religious'. Valentine's Day party and then connected with the feast of love ancient Romans called "Supercalis" which falls on February 15.

After the Romans came in the Christian religion (Christian), parties 'supercalis' then associated with St. funeral. Valentine. St. funeral reception. Valentine as a 'day of love' is also associated with the European belief that the time 'affection' that started blossomed 'as male and female birds' on February 14.

In French Normandy, in medieval times the word "Galentine" which means to 'Galant or love'. Rhyme between galentine and valentine cause people to think that the youth should be in finding a life partner on February 14. With growing age, a 'martyr' named St. Valentino may continue to shift away understanding (far from the true meaning of). Humans today are no longer working knowledge of the origins of Valentine's Day. Where in this day and age is the knowledge of Valentine's past (through) greeting cards, fraternity party, gift exchange (exchange-rate reward) and so on without wanting to know the historical background of more than 1700 years ago.

From here can be concluded that the moment (it / time / time) This is no more patterned or animist beliefs are trying merosak mere 'faith' of Muslims and Muslim as well as introducing western lifestyles under the guise of romance (bertopengkan romance), arranged marriage and love.


As a Muslim ask ourselves, whether we will have an example so clearly something is not derived from Islam?

Let us consider the word of God s.w.t.:

"And janglah you megikuti what you do not have knowledge about it. Actually hearing, sight, and hearts, all that will be asked to account he said ". (Surah al-Isra: 36)

In Islam the word "know" means capable of sensing (knowing) with all five senses are controlled by the liver. Knowledge to the extent and nature of lifting actual content. Not just able to see or hear. Nor is it just know the history, purpose, what, who, when (if), how, and where, but more than that.

By kerana that Islam forbids the belief that great ride (push / follow) to a different faith or in Islam is called taqlid.

Prophet Hadith: "He who imitate or follow one of the (religion) then he is of the (religion) is".
Word of God s.w.t. in Surah Al Imran (Imran's family) verse 85: "Anyone who seeks a religion other than Islam, then once in a while is not accepted (the religion) thereof, and he's in heaven, including those who lose".


In Valentine's problems should be understood in depth, especially from the standpoint of our lives kerana religion can not run away or escape from the religion (Islam) as a way of life. Here are some things that must be understood in the problem of 'Valentine Day'.

Valentine's Day is a celebration of the feast according to the parties 'supercalis' ancient Romans where they go after Christianity (kristian), then turned into a 'religious ceremony' is associated with the death of St. Valentine.

Valentine's clearly not derived from Islam, but rather derived from an invention of human minds that passed by the church. By kerana it is, stick to the human rational mind alone, but if it is not based on Islam (Allah), then he will rejected.

Word of Allah swt in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 120: "The Jews and the Christians would not like to you until you follow their religion.

Say: 'The guidance of Allah's guidance (the actual) ". And verily if thou follow their kemahuan after knowledge came to you, then God is no longer the protector and helper for you ".

Goals create and express affection persada earth is good. But not seminit for a day and a day for a year. Nor a means to we have oriented to the Valentine's as if raising other teachings on Islam. Diutuskan Islam to his people by ordering his followers to love and interweave berkasih eternal brotherhood under the auspices of Allah, Most Compassionate and Merciful. Even the Prophet s.a.w. He said: "Not believe in any one of you that he loves his brother as his love for yourself".

In general, Valentine's Day event held in the form of debauchery and riot.
Consider the word of Allah: "Verily, spendthrifts spendthrifts are brothers syaithon and syaithon is very ungrateful to his Lord". (Surah Al-Isra: 27)

Surah Al-Anfal verse 63 which reads: "... even if you spend all of (wealth) that are in earth, thou can not unite their hearts, but Allah has united their hearts. Surely, He (God) is Mighty, Wise ".

It's obvious! Whatever the reason, we can not accept imports from outside the culture that obviously contrary to the belief (faith) we are. Let us not pollute our creeds on the pretext of tolerance and loyal friend. "For if you say tolerance, Islam is the most tolerant in the world.

How far we've swung the cheering step (laud) Valentine's Day? Menyedari we should have early on (for now), in order not to fall further. We need not envy and jealousy with a ceremony and affection of other religions. Is not God's Ar Rahman and Ar Rohim. Not just a day for a year. And not too wrapped up in the future. But the obvious affection in Islam is much broader than all that. In fact, Islam is an 'alternative' last after a man failed with other systems.

Look at the rise of Islam! Look kerosakan-kerosakan shown by both Western civilization in the mass media, Televisyen and so on. Because the West was recognized only cases or matters that are material. Their hearts are empty and they were like 'robots' which has a soul.

MARI ISTIQOMAH (hold fast)
Consider the Word of God:
"... And indeed if thou follow their desires after the knowledge came unto you, ye then included among those who do wrong".

May Allah give us hidayahNya and determination to be istiqomah the heart of Islam so that we accept the truth and start teaching.

The purpose of all this is that we are always obeyed, so with the permission of Allah swt We can meet either of the Prophets Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad

Word of God s.w.t.:
"Those who obey Allah and the Messenger then he will be with people who were given favors from among the Prophets, the Siddiq (true faith), martyrs, Sholihin (Salih people), they are the best of friends".

Peguam said Zulkifli Nordin (peguam in Malaysia) in the cassette 'apostate' who mafhumnya: --

"VALENTINE" is the name of a clergyman. His name is Pedro St. Valentino. February 14, 1492 is the day of the fall of the Islamic Kingdom of Spain. This priest or isytiharkan today announced that as a day of 'affection' in his kerana Islam is unjust! The fall of the Islamic Kingdom of Spain is celebrated as Valentine's Day. May you all Take Teaching! So .. why do we want to welcome this Valentine's Day kerana day was the fall of the Islamic empire in Spain we are ..

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