Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Trends In Swimwear For Muslim Women

A revolution in the Muslim women's swimwear - the burqini or burkini. Burkini means a combination of burqa and bikini. It is a type of swimsuit designed by Lebanese Austrialian designer Aheda Zanetti under the company name Ahiida. The suit covers the whole body except the face, hands and feet in accordance with Muslim views on modesty. It looks like a full-length wetsuit with a built-in hood, but is somewhat looser and made of swimsuit material. It is being described as the perfect Muslim/Islamic swimwear solution for Muslim women who want to swim but have reservations about "revealing" bathing suits.

The Bodykini is also designed to conform to Islamic values and is aimed at active Muslim women who can now emnjoy swimming in public areas or water sports.The bodykini is designed to enhance athletic performance and allows maximum movement while in or out of water.It also provides UV protection, from the sun's rays.

These are an updated version of full-body swim wear which conforms to Islam's conservative views on women's dress. They are increasingly stylish, intricate sequin designs with miniskirts that go over long pants. The polyester, nylon and lycra material allows for flexible movement in water and does not cling to the woman's body when she exits water.

The suits now being made are increasingly fashionable in moderate Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia as well. They don't absorb water and are very light and thin, so they're safe and very comfortable. One of the top company producing Islamic bathing suits, Hasema, says he can't produce them quick enough to keep pace with demand. The company exports to Egypt, North America, England and Australia. For many Muslim women, these suits offer the only alternative to wearing regular clothes when swimming.

In Egypt swimsuits for Muslim women are better known as "Sharia swimsuit". They are part of a growing industry catering for religiously-observant women. It is no longer mainly the westernised elite that can afford such leisure activities as swimming. In such a conservative society, many women have until now either had to sit on one side or go into the water in their clothes. To them, the "Sharia swimsuit" offers one solution. It is a high-necked, swimming costume with sleeves and a small skirt, to be worn over long trousers.

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