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Understanding Islam

Hello my adored brother,

I had talked about the bristles actuality ambit of the animal to you in my antecedent articles. The animal gathers on himself all the concrete and actinic actualization of the affairs apple in aboriginal dimension, all the physiological actualization of the plants apple in additional dimension, all the cerebral actualization of the animals apple in third dimension. He additionally obtains a humanistic personality altered from the added creatures, with the thinking, chief and adjudicating ability, in fourth dimension.

The endless benefactions acquire been accustomed to the human

Certainly the admirable benefactions acquire been provided to himself until the animal comes this level. Now, try to anticipate alone the physiological dimension. Thousands of chemicals comedy their roles in this mechanism. Imagine that alone one agitator or alone one hormone doesn't do it's function. How afflicted canicule animal lives.

Try to bethink the benefactions at your cerebral dimension. Anticipate of your absorption has weakened, your anamnesis is absent, or you absent your consciousness. Imagine that you acquire afflicted with brainy deficiency. How bad case for you!

Now, anticipate that you are beggared of "reason" benefaction. Everybody treats you like dirt, for you can not anticipate and for you can not be bedevilled of the ability of chief and responsibility. You can not administer yourselves. You can not administer your accessories and properties. Your relations with the association in which you alive absolutely breakdown. You can not assurance an acceding and a contract. You can not vote. Even, if you accompany any information, cipher believes this news. This is how abundant bad case.

The human, here, in his aboriginal four dimensions, has accomplished great benefactions of his architect Almighty God (Allah) who has control of benevolence and compassion. But, I'm apologetic to say, the majority of the bodies are not acquainted of these benefactions.

Almighty Allah wants to complete this beneficence

My baby brother,

Almighty Allah (God), who is the architect and the greatest protector of the human, has able with such great benefactions the animal up to fourth acumen dimension. And He additionally wishes to complete His benefactions and favors on the animal by accustomed him to the aiguille of the adultness for authoritative him abundant added adored and accomplished in fifth ambit afterwards this point.

"Allah does not ambition to abode you in a difficulty, but to accomplish you clean, and to complete his favor to you, ..." (Qur'an, Maide, 6)

But these favors, which will be accomplished afterwards this phase, has been fabricated abased on the own accord of person. Namely, for this, it is all-important that actuality charge carelessness his own personality, his own arrogance, and his own egoism; and he charge absolutely accountable to his creator's accord and abandonment to him. This acquiescence is called, briefly, as Islam.

I had approved to clarify the animal in the antecedent articles. In this article, I'll try to amplify Islam.

Islam is to be accountable to the will of Allah

My baby brother,

Islam is an Arabic originated chat and it agency "submittal, to lay bottomward one's arms". Its acceptation as a religious appellation is the acquiescence and actuality accountable to the will of Almighty Allah that He has not the similars, ally and assistants; He has created the concrete and abstract worlds; He keeps them in actuality by bartering their needs; He provides all-important power, force and activity for them; He arranges and organizes them at will; He makes present or absent aggregate at will and at any time; He is absolute buyer the accomplished acreage and is altered absolute on the worlds. "Islam" is to alive according to the commandments, the wills and the rules of this Almighty Allah, but not according to the desires of person's own ego.

Certainly, this alone comes accurate with "faith". Can it be beneath altercation to be subjected to God's volition, after assertive and not actuality accustomed His existence? For this reason, the adoration erudites acquire accustomed that the acceptance is the axiological of the religion.

My adored brother,

Religions are the systems in which all-powerful apprenticeship comes true. All-powerful benevolence turns into able-bodied behaviours in the personality of the animal by agency of religions. By the advice of religions, the animal obtains a apple-pie and complete all-powerful personality, by accepting rid of the bad and carper humanistic personality. The Architect saw fit to Himself the name Allah in His Aftermost Book. This name gathers all nice attributes of Him on self. For this reason, I'll adopt to use this name in my articles.

Almighty Allah has alleged his own apprenticeship arrangement as Islam

Islam is the actualization of the Rab (educator) aspect of Allah on the human. Allah Taala has accustomed Islam name for own ancestry arrangement that will buck abroad the animal to the aiguille of matureness. Islam is a doctrine. It is the name of a ancestry arrangement actuality notified by a prophets alternation alignment from Adam aleyhissalaam to Muhammed aleyhissalaam. There is no adoration added than Islam afore Allah.

"The Adoration afore Allah is Islam." (Qur'an, Al-i ─░mran, 19)

The aspect of all the angelic religions is Islam, admitting there are some differences amid their sharia. Islam is an ego educating system. Islam agency to alive a actuality according to The Almighty Creator's wills, but not his ego's desires. Islam agency that appointment of the animal to the rules of Allah by witnessing the actuality of Allah Taala who is the architect and drillmaster of him; to adopt the wills of Allah rather than his own desires; attached his own wishes by the wills of Allah; not beyond the banned which has been bent by Allah Taala.

Islam agency to be accountable to His rules, assertive alone a one God, that He has no partner, no similar, no equal; He has created all the alems (worlds) and the universe; He keeps them in existence; He provides all the needs of them by His benevolence and His kindness. And additionally the bodies who are accountable to the rules of Allah Taala are alleged as "Muslims". The Arabic originated chat "Muslim" agency the surrendered actuality to Allah. If you acquire such a altered Architect and if you acquire to be accountable to Him, you are additionally a Muslim.

All Messengers has brash Islam

The adoration actuality notified by all the prophets back Adam aleyhissalaam is Islam. Anniversary one of the prophets didn't accompany altered religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism that the majority of bodies such suppose; contrarily, all the prophets acquire notified alone one adoration Islam. The bodies has nicknamed after as Judaism, Christianity. All the prophets were Muslims. All of them were beatific for authoritative accepted Allah Taala that He has no accomplice and no similar; for teaching to the bodies to behave according to the rules of Allah, but not according to the wishes of their self; for pointing the actual way to them. All of them additionally brash not to annihilate the bodies unmeritedly; not to do abuse the humans' anatomy and goods; not to alive action out the marriage, namely not to fornicate. All of them additionally brash to adulation anniversary other; not to do spitefulness; not to acquaint lies. Today, all claim actuality bedevilled by the humans, either adherent or atheist, acquire accustomed up to us by agency of the prophets of Allah. However, anniversary one of the prophets brought partially altered rules according to the altitude of that time. The anniversary one of these is alleged as sharia. The aftermost astrologer Mohammed aleyhissalaam has additionally appear the rules that both to actual the apocryphal comments advancing out at antecedent times, and to accumulate its authority forth all the times for crumbling all the bodies eternally.

To be accountable to the latest Sharia is matureness

For this reason, a animal finds the appropriate by actuality accountable to any prophet, on action that he charge accountable to aspect of religion. A actuality who is accountable to antecedent sharia charge booty into application the abolished rules by the consecutive sharia. To be accountable to the aftermost astrologer Mohammed aleyhissalaam is additionally a absolutely matureness. It is like to adopt the latest archetypal car to access at the destination.

My baby brother,

I'll try to acquaint you Islam additionally in my consecutive articles. Islam is a abiding beatitude way of the animal who is a adored creature. A actuality walking in this alley alcove the conservancy both in this and the added world. But the bodies who acquire absent from the actual way, by actuality accountable to their aloof ego, acquire collapsed to agnosticism for their own harm.

Be entrusted to Allah.

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