Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Associating With a Man of God - A Muslim Pir

A Pir in Islamic belief is a man with superpowers which may or may not be manifest, but he is declared to be a man of God. It is a appellation accustomed to Sufi masters. In English the abutting chat that is the agnate of Pir is saint.In Bombay I had break to accommodated a Pir about three decades back. His name is Pir Sayeed Nasiruddin Qadri Nakshbandi. This Pir resides on Mohammad Ali Alley and has a cogent following.

My aboriginal affair with the Pir was added by adventitious than planning. My Aunt capital to accommodated the Pir as my uncle was adverse a lot of problems. She requested me to accompany her. As a adolescent Air Force Officer aloof acquaint in Mumbai I readily consented. Now three decades I am added than anytime assertive that this man has abnormal admiral that are not anon manifest. But over a aeon of time an affiliation with this Pir absolutely leads to a band-aid of your problems.

The Pir commonly sits at night and continues his admirers with his followers into the aboriginal hours of the morning. He accuse no money but if you feel you can pay him whatever you feel. The Pir is like a doctor and he will apprehend your botheration and advance a ritual that will advice bright the obstacle and break your problem. The ritual apropos afire taviz ( amulets) or burying assertive altar in the beach or ambience some items afloat in water. Remember the Pir is not an astrologer and makes no forecasts.

As with all such phenomena the aftereffect is there but there has to be acceptance in the Pir. Without acceptance conceivably visiting the Pir would be a abortive exercise. I do arouse that about 2 decades aback I had arrive the Pir for Banquet in the Officers mess. After banquet the Pir asked me to go alfresco and aces up a bedrock and accompany it to him. I accurately went alfresco and best up a baby bedrock from the alley and came in. I can accede that I did apprehend an electric atom and as I opened my anchor the bedrock had been angry into a able gem. One can rationalize it as ambush or conjuration of hand, but I went through this and can accredit that it was an amazing accident that I am clumsy to explain.

Science has fabricated amazing advance but analytic phenomena accept begin no rational account from the scientists. May be at some date the admiral of bodies like the Pir Nasiruddin will yet be explained by the scientists. My affiliation with the Pir is now added than three decades old and I feel I am adored for this.

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