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Law Celebration Birthday of Prophet Muhammad

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saleh Al 'Uthaymeen vol-may Allah repay his efforts against Islam and Muslims with the best-reply, he was asked about the ruling maulid commemorate Prophet r?

So Shaykh Muhammad bin Saleh Al 'Uthaymeen vol replied:

1. That night the Prophet's birth is not known r qath'i (no doubt), even some contemporary scholars reinforces the suggestion bahwasannya he happened on the night to 9 (nine) Jumadil Awwal and not the night to 12 (twelve). If so then the warning of the Prophet Muhammad r maulid usual celebrated on the night of the 12 (twelve) Jumadil Awwal no bottom, when viewed from the side of its history.

2. Viewed from the side shar'i, the Prophet r maulid warning there is no bottom. If the event commemorations disyari'atkan maulid Prophet r in our religion, then surely this maulid event has been held by the Prophet in r or certainly has ummatnya advise him. Even if he had carried out or has been recommended to him ummatnya, shall remain teaching preserved to this day, because the Almighty says:

"Verily, We it is Who has sent down the Qur'an, and indeed we really take care of". Q.S; Al-Hijr: 9.

Due to the commemorations of the Prophet r maulid not proven up to the present teachings, it is clear that he was not among the religious teachings. And if he was not among the religious teachings, we are not allowed to worship God and draw closer to Him with commemorations of the Prophet r maulid it.

God has determined way to go in order to come to Him, that is the road that has been passed by the Prophet r, then how can we as a servant of the other path from the path of Allah, so that we can come to God?. This is clearly a form of violation of the rights of God, because we have made a new Shari'ah in his religion there are no orders from him. And this, too, including the form of pendustaan Almighty says:

"This day have I perfected for you your religion and I have both ends meet My favor unto you and I have had so ridha'i Islam religion for you". Q.S; Al-Maidah: 3.

So be clear again, if the memorial if the Prophet r maulid including part of the perfection of dien (religion), surely he had celebrated before the Messenger of Allah r died. And if he was not part of the dien perfection (religion), then he is not from religious teachings, because the Almighty says: "This day have I perfected for you your religion".

Whoever thinks that he is listed as part of the perfection of dien (religion), he is making new things in religion (heresy) after the death of the Prophet r, and the words contained pendustaan of the noble verses of Allah is (QS; Al - Maidah: 3).

So no doubt, that the people who hold a commemoration of the Prophet r Maulid, essentially aims to glorify (magnify) and express a love of the Prophet Muhammad, and grow ghirah (spirit) of the worship which obtained from the Prophet's warning that Maulid. And this all-inclusive of worship. Love to the Prophet r, including worship, in which a person of faith is not perfect until he loves the Prophet r exceeds the love of her own, her children, their parents and the whole mankind. Also that glorify (magnify) the Messenger of Allah r, including the worship. And also included into the category of worship is growing ghirah (spirit) in practice Shari'ah Prophet r.

The conclusion was that a warning maulid Prophet r in order to draw closer to the Almighty, and the glorification of the Prophet r, including the worship. If it includes worship then we are not allowed to hold a new case in the religion of Allah (innovation) which is not his shari'ah. Therefore the Prophet r maulid warning innovation in religion and including the forbidden.

Then we heard the information on commemorations bahwasannya maulid kemunkaran Prophet r-kemunkaran are large, which is not justified syar'i, senses and mind. Where they mensenandungkan containing qashidah cult in which the Prophet r, to happen beyond the glorification of the Almighty pengagungannya-we seek refuge in Allah from this thing.

And we also hear information about the stupidity of some people who participated in the commemoration of the Prophet Maulid, which when read story Maulid (birth) he was, then when it comes to words (and so was born Mustafa r), then they all stood in unison. They say that the spirit of the Prophet r has arrived, so we stand as a tribute to the arrival of spirits. And this is clearly a folly.

And not a courtesy when they stood to honor the coming of the spirit of the Prophet r, because the Messenger of Allah r was reluctant (not happy) if there are friends who stood in his honor. Though love and glorification of the Companions of the Prophet r than others, but they do not stand up to the glory and honor, when they saw the Messenger of Allah r reluctance to act. If this is not their doing when the Messenger of Allah r was still alive, and how it can be done by humans after his death?.

This innovation, the intention is heresy Maulid, occurred after the passage of 3 (three) the best period (the friend, Tabi'in and tabi'ut Tabi'in). Warning maulid real Prophet r has tarnished the sanctity aqeedah and also invited the ikhtilath (mixed-baurnya between men and women) and cause evil things to others.

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