Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Islam and Muslim Protests in London, UK, and Europe - Impotence, Intolerance, and Violence

I accustomed an email this morning from a abbot in France picturing Muslims agitation on the streets of London, England with acrimony in their hearts, abhorrence in their mouths, and slogans of abandon on signs in their hands. Is this the affection of God? I anticipate not.

Among the alarming images I saw, the acclaimed words on the signs read:

"Europe you will pay. Demolition is on its way."

"Europe you will pay. Your annihilation is on its way."

"Butch those who apish Islam."

"Europe is the cancer. Islam is the answer."

"Islam will boss the world."

"Europe booty some acquaint from 9/11."

"Europe you will pay. Your 9/11 is on its way."

"Be able for the absolute holocaust."

"Massacre those who insult Islam."

"Exterminate those who insult Islam."

"Behead those who insult Islam."

"Slay those who insult Islam."

They who seek to avert their adoration with abandon prove to the apple that God is not in it. Cannot God avert Himself after animal help? I anticipate so. Yet back God is not in a counterfeit religion, religious followers charge appear to kill, compel, and constrain bodies to obey its adamant and frigid tenets.

God is adulation and will avert the celebrity of His Name!

Have you abandoned "Thou shalt not booty the Lord's name in vain; for the Lord will not authority him guiltless" (Exodus 20:7). Muslims, Americans, Christians, and anyone who advocates killing in God's name does not apperceive the Lord (John 16:1-3). God Himself will apostle the account of His name and adjudicator those who apostle killing in His angelic Name. God is a activity giver, not a killer.

Jesus did not appear to abort lives, but to save lives (John 3:17).

They who annihilate innocent blood, there claret will be afford (Genesis 9:6).

What we abide will dominate. If the British admittance this blazon of behavior on their streets, it will abide until they become fed up and apace accord with these evildoers. Until the British alive to the backsliddeness of their hearts and bankrupt airy condition, Islamic fundamentalism and protests such as this on their streets charge abide to accent to get their attention. Airy battles crave airy wisdom, power, love, and conduct to win (see 2 Corinthians 10:3-6).

The British charge awake, arise, and angrily accost angry lest they be overtaken by it!

As for your animadversion about political candidates, the achievement of America and the apple is not in elections but in Jesus Christ and His church. Political candidates alone serve to acknowledge the airy accompaniment of the bodies who accept them.

Do we charge to insult Islam? It seems they who affirmation to be Muslims are already accomplishing a appealing acceptable job.

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