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Ways of Having Children Sholeh

Anyone would crave-ideal son would become a pious child. To realize this desire should be done several things: First, it should be since child was still inside the womb, her mother must always consume food that is halal. Never eat and drink something doubtful or even unlawful. Prophet Muhammad. said:

"Any flesh that grows from something that is haraam, hell have more right to him."

If a person is considered doubtful for instance property, then the property should be aligned to be doubtful is not to be eaten, but used for other needs, for food or even unlawful shubhat it can definitely cause a negative impact on the souls of those who consume them. Recounted, "Once Abu Yazid Al Busthami complained to her mother about her that was the worship of Allah SWT. for approximately 40 years, but has not been able to feel the joy of worship. He then asked her mother, lest her mother at the time pregnant or breast-feeding her first ever consume food that is not kosher. It turns out these concerns proved to Abu Yazid, his mother had been admitted, that in the first lactation of Abu Yazid, as she climbed to the attic she never drank one glass of milk without finding out who's got it. "

Second, parents should love and love towards the people who Salih, so his son later contracted kesholihan these pious people.

Third, parents should always pray to Allah subhanahu Wata'ala son destined to be a good boy. There is a prayer from Kiai Romli diploma, he received a diploma from Kiai Kholil Bangkalan, Madura, namely:
"O God, make our children of those who clever and good people. And do not you make us and them, including people who are miserable. "

Fourth, parents should teach their children to know God Almighty, dimengertikan about the way of worship, halal, haram, the things that lead to apostasy, and others. After her son was going to school anywhere, whatever. The important thing parents have instilled a strong religious primary education.

The problem is to educate children, parents do not just think about and menghawatirkan children in world affairs only. Because if so, it seems that only their parents will die alone. Indeed, it should always be noted and considered by parents are stock if that would bring him and his son later when facing Allah. as was done by the Prophet Ya'qub U.S.. deathbed. God relates this incident in Surah Al Baqarah, verse 133: أ "Are you present when O` qub arrival (signs) of death, when he told his children: "What will ye worship after me?" They said: "We will worship your Lord and God of your fathers, Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, (ie) God Almighty and we are only submissive to Him. "(Surah Al-Baqarah: 133).

As parents, we must not only think about:
"What you eat after my departure?"
If parents have children with pious, then he is like someone who has longevity, although only short ones, because every time she would always get the shipment charity.

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