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Adultery According to Islamic Law

According to Indonesian Dictionary Adultery is intercourse done by other than husband and wife, according to the Dictionary of Islam adultery means sexual relations between men and women outside marriage; act of prostitution or prostitution, and according to the Bible Encyclopedia CONTEMPORARY fornication mean sexual relations that are not recognized by community.

Adultery is an immoral act, munkar and cause serious harm to the perpetrator and society, so that God's servant warned to avoid adultery:

And come not nigh to fornication; fact that adultery is a heinous act. And a poor road. QS. 17:32

God also provides a way to avoid adultery is by fasting, maintaining views and wearing hijab for women, and God also gave extraordinary threat to the perpetrator who committed adultery to his servant was afraid to make adultery:

Women who commit adultery and men who commit adultery, then deralah each one of them a hundred stripes. QS. 24:2

So, when Islamic law is executed, the result was fantastic, fornication and immoral really are minimal and its people become good community. Observe carefully and objectively since the Prophet rule until recently, when applied to Islamic law as a whole, it creates a good society.

But if we look at the law of adultery in the Bible, what appears is the contradiction between harsh punishment and not punished.

Adultery In Islam's view

In Islam, including acts of sin of adultery. This can be seen from the sequence penyebutannya after the sin of idolatrous and kill without reason haq, Allah says: "And those who worship no other god along with Allah and do not kill the soul which Allah forbidden except with the (reason) is true and not adultery. "(Surat Al-Furqaan: 68). Imam Al-Qurtubi commented, "This verse shows that there is no greater sin after Kufr killed for no reason other than a legitimate and adultery." (See Ahkaamul Quran, 3 / 200). And according to Imam Ahmad, after killing a big sin is adultery.

Islam strictly forbids fornication because it is the dirty deeds and barbaric. Allah says: "And come not nigh to fornication. Lo adultery was a heinous act and an evil way. " (Surat al-Isra ': 32). Shaikh Abdur Rahman bin Nasir As-Sa'di, a great scholar of Saudi Arabia, commented: "Allah Ta'ala has categorized his adultery as a heinous and dirty deeds. That is, adultery is considered cruel by syara ', reason and nature as it is a violation of the rights of God, the right of the wife, her family or her husband's rights, damage the sanctity of marriage, confuse the lineage, and violating other orders. " (See Tafseer al-Mannan Kalaam: 4 / 275)

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim explains, "The Word of God Almighty, which reads:" Say, my Lord only forbidden indecency, both visible or hidden "(QS.Al-anymore: 33), became the core of the proposition that fornication is cruel and can not accepted sense. And, the penalty associated with the nature of adultery kekejiaannya it. " Then he added, "Therefore, Allah says:" And come not nigh to fornication. Lo adultery was a heinous act and an evil way. " (Surat al-Isra ': 32) (see "At-Tafsir al-Qayyim, p. 239)

Therefore, Islam has set strict penalties for perpetrators of adultery with flogging one hundred times for those who have not married and stoning to death penalty for people who are married. In addition to physical punishment, punishment, moral or social development is also given to those which formed the announcement of her shame, exile (taghrib), may not be married and rejected persaksiannya. These penalties are actually more of a preventive (prevent) and valuable lessons for others. This is considering the impact of adultery is very dangerous to human life, whether in the context of the life of individuals, families (nasab) or the community.

Zina punishment not only affects the perpetrators, but also its impact to the surrounding community, because God's wrath will come down to the people or communities who allow fornication until they all perished, based on the words of the Prophet: "If adultery and usury has been spreading over a nation, then it they have allowed themselves to be God's punishment. "(Narrated by al-Hakim). Inside another narration the Prophet said: "There is always in favor of my ummah for there is no natural child, but if there are children of fornication, Allah Ta'ala will put upon them." (Ahmad).

Ibn al-Qayyim said that adultery is one of the causes of mass death and disease tha'un. When adultery and kemungkaran spread among the followers of Prophet Musa, Allah Most outbreaks tha'un lowered so that each day 71 000 people died (see Ath-FII Hukmiyah Thuruq Al-Ash-As-Siyaasah shar'iyya, p. 281). Most likely, dangerous diseases which today are called "HIV / AIDS (Human Immunodefienscy Virus / Acquire Immune Defisiency Syindrome) is tha'un disease (a deadly disease with no cure in ancient times) that struck the previous ummah. Na'uu zubilahi min zalik .. Hopefully we do not inflicted this disaster.

Seeing the negative impact (harm) caused by adultery is very large, the Islampun proscribe things that can be adulterous as sinners are plunged into seclusion, dating, free sex, watching VCD / DVD porn and so forth, based on the proposition sadduz zari'ah. This is reinforced again by a famous Fiqh rule: "Al wasilatu cal ghayah" (it means the same as the ruling on purpose) and rule: "Maa He yatimmul waajib bihi fahuwa waajib illallah" (What caused no obligations except to perfect it becomes mandatory too).

And based on the explicit meaning in the word of God: "And come not nigh to fornication. Lo adultery was a heinous act and an evil way. " (Surat al-Isra ': 32). So are knowledgeable muwafaqah, meaning it is close to fornication law forbidden (haram), moreover, to make fornication, then this ruling more clearly unlawful.

This is the secret perfection of Islam and its mission to become rahmatan lil 'aalamiin (Mercy for all the inhabitants of the world). Islam is very much attention to the benefit of mankind, both in the scale of individual, social (community), and the State. In addition, Islam also rejects and prohibits all kemudharatan (hazards) that can befall a personal, community and State. This principle is known in the science of Usul Fiqh with maqashid syar'i (purpose and objectives of the Shari'a). In principle maqashid syari ', there are five basic things in human life (ADH-dharuriyatul al-khamsah) that must be maintained and kept, namely: hifzu al-din (keep religion), hifzu an-nafs (soul to keep), al-aql hifzu (keep reasonable), hifzu Maal (keeping the treasure) and an-nasl hifzu (keeping descent). To maintain these five basic Islamic law is derived. Therefore, to our obligations as a Muslim to keep the ADH-khamsah dharuriyaat al-nash-nash is based on the Quran and hadith, by obeying every command and prohibition in the nash-nash.

Solution to this moral problem

Islam is a religion of nature which recognizes the existence of the sexual instinct. In Islam, marriage is a form of distribution of the sex instinct which can fortify a Muslim from the abyss of disgrace. So, in this issue of marriage is the accurate solution offered by the Prophet since 14 centuries ago for a girl / virgin.

In addition, the application of Islamic Sharia is the solution to various problems of moral and other social ills. Because if Shari'a is applied kaffah (complete in all aspects of human life) and really, it already leads the level of seclusion can be ascertained, adultery, rape and other crimes would be reduced drastically, as in Saudi Arabia. The survey proved, a criminal case in Saudi Arabia at least in the world.

Parents are also very important in making their children by providing an understanding of moral and Islamic education for them. Parents should close the opportunity and space for these sinners are to send their daughter to dress syar'i (not tight, thin, seems to resemble the opposite sex and genitalia). Gives an understanding about the dangers of dating and promiscuity. In the context of community life, community leaders can provide strict punishment for adultery as preventive agents (prevention). Do not be too quick seeked peace "married", before any sanctions are customary, such as adultery leading players throughout the village for reassembly and so forth. In addition, Islamic study groups and lectures is also an essential role in educating the public morals and to guide them.

Similarly, schools, foster mother and the campus as a place in both formal and informal education have a role in the moral formation of student / student. With the subjects taught Tawheed, Al-Quran, Hadith and Virtue in a comprehensive and sustainable, then the students are expected to not only become a Muslim intellectual intelligent, but also intelligent moral (moral).

Role of Government in the charity ma'ruf nahi munkar be done. The government is expected to supervise and discipline cafe-cafe, salons, cafes and a couple of non-muhrim tandem. Because, to give a gap and space for these sinners. There must be follow-blocking of porn sites as applied in other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia and so forth.

The Government of Aceh should mean enforcing Islamic law on this Earth Porch of Mecca, by creating an Islamic Qanun-Qanun, especially Qanun Jinayat (criminal law) with strong sanctions, in order to create safety, comfort and peace in Aceh. In addition, the concept of Islamic education should be promptly formulated and implemented in Aceh. As a solution to the failures and weaknesses of the education system during this generation that does not educate the nation's morals. There is no other choice, Islamic education has become a choice and priotitas in Aceh as mandated in the strategic plan for education Qanun immediately applied and also the generation of solutions to the problems of moral nation.

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