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Ash-Shaykh Al Allama Abdur Rahman bin Nasir Al Sa `at describing may Allaah have mercy on bid` ah: "Bid` ah is the case which diada-invent the religion. Surely religion is what the advent of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam as set down in the Koran' an and Sunnah. Thus what is shown by the Qur'an and Sunnah that is religion and what menyelisihi Qur'an and Sunnah means the case is a bid `ah. This is a definition that includes the translation of the meaning of bid` ah . While bid `ah that the state is divided into two sides:

First: Bid `ah I'tiqad (bid` ah is concerned with beliefs)
Bid `ah is also termed qauliyah bid` ah (bid `ah of the opinion) and that the benchmark is the word of the Prophet alaihi wasallam is narrated in the Book of Sunan:
"This Ummah will split into 73 groups, all located in the Fire except one group."
The shahabat asked: "Who is that one faction Messenger of Allah?.
He replied: "Those who hold to what I was on it today and also the shahabatku".

Survivors of these acts Bid 'ah Ahlus Sunnah wal JAMA merely' ah that they adhere to the teachings of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam restraints, and what by the shahabat radliallahu Mas'ood in the case of usul (the principal) as a whole, the points of unity, the problem apostolate (Prophethood), destiny, faith issues, and in others.

While they are apart from the splinter group (which menyempal / exit from the right path) such as Khawarij, Mu `tazilah, Jahmiyah, Qadariyah, Rafidhah, Murji` ah and the fraction of these groups, all of which are Ahlul Bid `ah in the case i `tiqad. And laws imposed on the people vary, according to the distance from the points of their religion, according to the beliefs or their interpretation, and in accordance with the Ahlus Sunnah least survived the opinion and actions of their ugliness. And details in this issue is long for hosted here.

Second: Bid `ah Amaliyah (bid` ah is concerned with the practice of worship)
Bid `ah Amaliyah is the determination of one of worship in this religion but worship is not prescribed by Allah and His Messenger. And keep in mind that any worship not commanded by the settlers of the Shari'a (ie Allah ta `ala), both orders were mandatory or mustahab (sunna), then it is a bid` ah Amaliyah and enter in the word of the prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam:
"Who is to practice a practice that is not on our behest that the amalannya disproven."
Because it includes a rule which is held by the priests, including Imam Ahmad, may Allaah have mercy, and besides, he stated:
"Worship was originally banned (not allowed to do)"

That should not be set / prescribed acts of worship except what is prescribed by Allah and His Messenger.
And they claimed that:
"Tenets and adat (custom) that originally allowed (not prohibited)"

Therefore should not forbid something from muamalah and customs except what Allah ta `ala and His Messenger forbade. Thus including from ignorance when claiming in part that is not customary worship as a bid `ah that should not be done, whereas the opposite case (ie, custom can be done) so that it was customary menghukumi with restrictions and he is Ahlu pengharaman bid` ah (mubtadi). Thus, one can not forbid what is forbidden, except customary by Allah and His Messenger.

And custom itself was divided into three:
First: to help realize the goodness and obedience to the case of customary practices such as these include qurbah (which draw closer to God).
Second: to help / lead to sin and enmity then the custom like this, including things they are forbidden.
Thirdly: customs that are not included in the first and second parts (ie not included in the deeds qurbah nor in the case of unlawful entry) then this custom as permissible (be done). Wallahu a `night .*****
(Al-Fatawa Al Sa `diyah, pp. 63-64 as dinukil in Fataawa al Mar'ah Al Muslimah)

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