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Islamic History

Islam began in 622 when the first revelation was sent down to the last messenger is Muhammad ibn Abdullah in the Cave of Hira ', Saudi Arabia. Islamic history tells the development of Islam until now.


Minutes of Islam followed by the Prophet Muhammad in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century AD when the Prophet Muhammad received revelations from Allah swt. After the death of Rasullullah s.a.w. Islamic empire grew to the Atlantic Ocean in the East and Central Asia.

However, the emergence of the Islamic kingdoms such as the kingdom of the Umayyads, Abbasids, Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Caliphate, the Mughal Empire, India and the Sultanate of Melaka has become a big silk in the world. Many experts in science, philosophy experts, and others emerged from Islamic countries, especially in the Golden Age of Islam. Because many of the Islamic empire that made him the school.

In the 18th century and 19 AD, many Islamic regions fell into the hands of Europeans. After World War I, the Ottoman Empire, which collapsed last Islamic empire.

Arabian Peninsula before the arrival of Islam is an area that is passed by the Silk Road. Most of the Arab nation is idolatry and partly a follower of Christianity and Judaism. Mecca is a sacred place for the Arabs when it karana have their idols and Telaga Zamzam and the most important and founded the Kaaba and the Prophet Ibrahim Ismail.

Prophet Muhammad. born in Mecca in the Year of Elephant is 570 BC. He is an orphan after her parents died. Muhammad eventually raised by his uncle, Abu Talib. Siti Khadijah Muhammad married and live a happy life.

However, when the Prophet Muhammad. 40-year-old, he was visited by the Angel Gabriel to teach Muhammad After some time the Islamic teachings in a closed session to colleagues relatives, known as the "as-Sabiqun al-Awwalun (The first person to embrace Islam)" and so openly to the whole population Mecca.

In the year 622 AD, Muhammad and his followers fled to Medina. This event is called the Hijra. Other events that occurred after the pilgrimage is making Hijirah calendar.

Mecca and Medina residents fought with the Prophet Muhammad. with good results although there among the Muslims who were killed. Eventually, the Muslims became more robust, and successfully conquered the city of Mecca. After the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. died, the entire Arabian Peninsula under Muslim domination.

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