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Extreme attitudes in Religion, Religion And bid'ah In Fanatic Group

"Attitude Extreme In Religion, Religion And bid'ah In Fanatic Group" Muslim ketegori.

Extreme attitudes in Religion, Religion And bid'ah In Fanatic Group

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Thursday, September 16, 2004 21:58:33 AM

CAUSE-CAUSE divisions


[7]. Extreme attitudes in Religion

Extreme and exaggerated in the implementation of religion is the biggest factor protruding cleavage. The definition of exaggeration here is difficult for ourselves and others in implementing the laws of the shari'ah, or in attitude toward others or bermua'amalah without regard to ethics and the rules of Shari'a religious. Because Islam sesunguh upright on the implementation of Islamic laws as a whole with attention to the ease and refused difficulties, giving keluasaan, take a dispensation proportionately kind enough to blindly think of others, friendly, and smooth in pema'af warning. here it is the basic principles. Out of these principles without maslahat certain applicable and justified by scientific experts including taboo extreme attitudes. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said.

"Meaning: Verily, this religion is easy, someone tdklah effusive in his religion unless he would run his own objections. Tepatillah truth or who approached him, give the glad tidings, redeeming the time of morning, afternoon and evening to ease your way "[Al-Bukhari Hadith History book of Al-Iman hadith no. 39, Bari Baari I/93]

When some asked: "How do we distinguish between the attitude of overconfidence with attitude who despicable religion that adheres to the doctrine prescribed?"

Answer: "The standard is to guide the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam who mrpk best examples. In the instructions that the Companions, Tabi'in, priests in religious work. And that's what the scholars who exemplary character. "

On this day, we measure it is interchangeable with the following provisions:

[A]. Cleric who practice the science mrpk example and role model supreme. Anyone who overstep their guidance in establishing law and behave, in beruntuk and be ethical, then counted as an extreme attitude if he belongs to the superabundant. And countless are apathetic when it includes the man about an understatement.

[B]. Out of the confines of simplicity and plunged into the difficulties of the Muslims to implement Islam and narrowness. The meaning of the Muslims here are the Muslims who are in the sunnah, because of the wicked and ill-entry fajir in the context of the conversation. Who are the believers who plunged into the difficulties in implementing them as well to narrow religious or withhold the ease in which things take a dispensation shari'ah became a kehrsan, he considered extreme.

[C]. Among the signs is extreme haste in the legal verdict. That is just a problem with hearing, events, news or a particular pendpt, he immediately menghukumi horse's mouth with the issue without foundation. Or menghukumi before the case is clear to him. Or menghukumi someone behind or menghukumi ha with more than mere indications. Like saying: "If the So and so has said this means he infidels! Without any prior dialogue with the horse's mouth. and such sayings: "Whoever ill-mengkafirkan the So and so mean that he infidels!" Though not obvious to the So and so is disbelief. As they remark: "So and so saw heresy but he was non-stop, or heresy spread in the middle kaumm but he was ill change it, thereby meaning the So and so including expert heresy!". That is, the attitude in a hurry in the legal verdict, menghukumi unilateral greeting others, royal sell takfir (pagan verdicts) without direction and guidance of the clergy mrpk one extreme attitudes in religious phenomena.

[D]. In between extreme attitudes creep is menghukumi inner person, berburuk thought, ill give a good testimony to the Muslim brothers and sisters inconspicuous and plugged coals' (innocent) to problems khilafiyah. Thus, extreme attitude in carrying out religious mrpk main factor was a split. This factor is also the erosive Kharijites separate themselves from the Muslims. Then followed by the groups and followers of other passions.

[8]. Religious heresy In

One reason for the split dalah heresy. Both heresy in matters doctrinal camps, worship, law and others. The core is non-terdpt believe something in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Or serve with non-prescribed way of Allah and His Apostle, both in the form of beliefs, practices and sayings. This is equally understandable Reviewed unessential details.

[9]. Fanatic Group

Fanatic Group with all sorts of types. Both schools fanatic, blood relations, nationalism, ethnicity, party, skin color, or who else. The most severe is the fanatics who happened on the field of da'wah. This collapsible memuntuk krn vague ordinary people in the name of religion unscrupulous actors. This is the most prominent feature of the Islamic da'wah movements today da'wah movement leader who was minimal knowledge of religion. They prefer to blindly rely on propaganda thoughts, insights and harakah (movement) rather than to blindly rely syar'i science and scholars.

[10]. Philosophies and ideologies Import

Cause disunity among the most dominant since the past until today is that many Muslims who are affected the ideology and philosophy that came from pagan countries. Whatever kind of thinking, ideology and philosophy, and equipment are stated dangerous for problems associated with religion, culture, law and ethics.

And receive the imported goods, including following the tradition of the people before us as who quoted the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in his hadith.

"Meaning: You will follow the tradition of those before you" [Al-Hadith]
Therefore all that? Every firqah (group) in Islam memuntuk-for most of the principles of earlier sects, groups Rafidhah take their principles from Jewish and Zoroastrian, and Mu'tazilite Jahmiyah groups take the principles of their teachings from the Ash- Sha'ibah and Greek philosophy. Qadariyah groups take their principles from Christian teachings. So it went.

[Copied from the book of Al-Iftiraaq Mafhumuhu ashabuhu subulul wiqayatu minhu, Indonesian edition of the disintegration of the People! Etiology & Solutions, by Dr.. Nasir bin Abd al-Karim al-'Aql, published by Dar al-Haq, the translator of Abu Ihsan Al-Atsari]

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