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Islam prohibits all kinds of blood, chemical analysis of blood shows a high content of uric acid (gout), a chemical substance that is harmful to human health, are toxic. In other words garbage in the blood uric acid is formed due to imperfect metabolism caused by the purine content in the human body makanan.Dalam, this compound is released as feces, and 98% of uric acid in the body, are extracted from the blood by the kidneys, and disposed of outside the body through urine. In Islam known as special procedures of slaughtering, which is the name of Allah has power and makes an incision cutting the neck veins of animals, while leaving the veins of other organs danorgan whole. In this way caused the death of animals due to loss of blood from the body, rather than an injury to any vital organ, for when the organs like heart, liver, or brain damaged, the animal can be killed instantly and his blood would clot in the veins and eventually contaminate meat , resulting in meat animals will be tainted by uric acid, making it toxic, and in times of food experts is now just realized this, Subhanallah.
Do we know it can not be slaughtered pigs in the neck? because they have no neck, according to its natural anatomy? For those Muslims that if the pig was to be slaughtered and fit for human consumption the Creator would have designed this animal with the neck.
Medical science knows that the pigs as the host of many parasites and potential diseases, Biochemistry system pig out only 2% of the total content of uric acidnya, while the 98% remainder is stored in the body.
Almighty Allah has clearly MENGHARAMKANNYA PIG
a. QS. Al Baqoroh (2): 173
b. QS. Al Maa'idah (5): 3
c. QS. Al-An `Aam (6): 145
d. QS. An Nahl (16): 115
Rasulullah SAW has also been emphasized more mudhorotnya pigs.

The objective ABOUT PIG:
Pigs are filthy animals and most gross, Like eat carrion and feces alone & even ate human excrement. Really liked being in dirty places, do not like to be in a clean and dry. Pig lazy animals and do not like to work (for feed), no resistance to sunlight, not agile, but ate greedily (rather eat and sleep), even the most greedy among other domesticated animals. If added age, become more lazy and weak (no desire to pounce and defend themselves). With similar likes and is not jealous. A.V. Nalbandov and N.V. Nalbandov (Books: Adaptive physiology on Mammals and birds). Consumers often complain about the pork smell of urine on the meat pigs (according to scientific research, the things mentioned above. Praeputium pigs often caused by leaks, so that the urine seeped into the flesh of swine). Pork back fat thickness, fat pigs have a back (fat back) are pretty thick. Pork consumers who often chose pork back fat is thin, due to thinner back-fat, is considered the better the quality. The nature of the pig's back fat is prone to oxidative rancidity, so that the chemical structure is not suitable for consumption.

The pig is the animal that greed is unmatched in eating other animals. He ate all the food in front of him. If the stomach is full or the food had expired, he would regurgitate the contents of his stomach and eat it again, to satisfy greed. He will not stop eating, even eat vomit. He ate all of which can be eaten in front of him. Ate dirt anything in front of him, whether human sewage, animal or plant, even eat their own dung, after which no more can be eaten in front of him. Sometimes she peed on stools and eat it if it was in front of him, then eat it again. He was eating garbage and animal feces. Pigs are the only mammals who ate the soil, eating it in large quantities and in time if tolerated. People who eat pig skin will be issued this smell. Modern scientific research in both Eastern & Western countries, namely China and Swedia.Cina (predominantly pagan) & Swedish (predominantly secular) states:
"Pork is a major cause of anal cancer & colon." The percentage of patients with this disease in countries whose inhabitants eat pigs, increased dramatically, especially in the countries of Europe, and America, as well as in Asian countries (like China and India). Meanwhile in Islamic countries, the percentage is very low, approximately 1 / 1000. The results of this study was published in 1986, the Annual World Conference on Tools Digestive Diseases, held in Sao Paulo. Pigs contain a lot of parasites, bacteria, viruses and even dangerous, so be regarded as reservoirs of disease. Because pigs, avian influenza viruses become malignant. Normal AI virus (strains H1N1 and H2N1) will not be transmitted directly to humans. The AI viruses die by heating 60 ยบ C all the more so when cooked until there mendidih.Bila pigs, the pigs in the body, can make the AI virus mutation and virulence levels could rise up to be H5N1. AI virus H5N1 strain can infect humans. This H5N1 virus in Hong Kong in 1968 attacked and killed 700 000 people (given the name of the Hong Kong flu).

Pork is the meat that is very difficult to digest because it contains a lot of fat. Although soft and looks so delicious and tasty, but difficult to digest pork. It was like poison, like cholesterol! In addition, pork causing many disease: hardening of the artery, increasing blood pressure, chest pain that gripped (angina pectoris), and inflammation of the joints.

Around the year 2001 ever happened to the American doctors had issued a worm that develops in the brain of a woman, after a period of health problems which he felt after consuming the famous mexico typical foods such as pork, hamburger (bacon = pork, because the original, the hamburger is from pork),. The women asserted that he was tired-tired (fatigue) during the three weeks after eating pork. TSB worm egg against the wall of the intestine in the body of the woman, then moves along with the blood circulation to its end, namely the brain. And when the worms had reached the brain, it causes mild pain at first, until he died and could not get out of it. This causes dis-function is very hard on the composition of the organs in the area surrounding the worm in the brain. Diseases "tapeworm" is a dangerous disease that occurs through the consumption of pork. He is growing in parts of the intestine 12 fingers on the human body, and a few months it will become adult worms. Number of tapeworm can reach around "in 1000 with a long tail between 40-10 meters", and continue to live in the human body and remove her eggs through the Chapter (defecate).

I once read an article saying: "That someone is behaving in accordance with what is eaten." Seeing the show at one of the private TV yesterday afternoon, a professor of IPB (forget his name) has examined the structure of pig DNA. Something surprising turns out, that pig gene structure similar to the structure of human genes. So it can be said the pig genes = human genes, so the same way we eat human flesh (= cannibals), Subhan Allah. So there Actually the article mentioned that if we eat the pig is not impossible that the character of a pig attached to us, not us, it could be on our descendants!

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