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The virtue of Reading the Qur'an

Al-Quran is the word of (the word) Allah. Preferment above all the words such as primacy of God over all His creatures. Reading is the most important deeds done by word of mouth. Studying Virtue, Teaching, and Reading the Qur'an
* Pahala teach it. Word of the Prophet wasalam:
"The best of you is who learn the Qur'an and teach it." (Narrated by Bukhari)
* Pahala read it. Word of the Prophet wasalam:
"Whoever reads one letter from the Book of Allah (the Qur'an), then for him a kindness, and goodness is rewarded with a ten times that number." (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi)
* The virtue of studying the Qur'an, memorize, and clever read. Word of the Prophet wasalam:
"The likeness of those who read the Koran while he memorized together with the holy angels and glorious, is the parable of people who read the Koran while he continues to do so even though it was difficult for him then the two rewards for him." (Muttafaq ' alaih)
* And the word of the Prophet wasalam:
"It says to the expert of Al-Qur'an, 'Read it, come up and read it with Tartil as you read in the world because kedudukanmu located at the end of the paragraph you read." (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi) al-Khaththabi said: "It was mentioned in atsar that the number of verses of the Koran is in accordance with the number of levels in heaven. It says to the reader (the Koran), 'Come up to the stage in accordance with the verses of the Koran before you read (the world).' Therefore anyone who reads the Koran entirely perfect, it occupies the uppermost level of heaven in the hereafter. Who's who juz read something from him, hence the increase in the levels of heaven according to his reading it. Thus, the end reward is at the end of his reading.
* Reward for those whose children study the Koran.
"Anyone reading the Koran, learn and mengamalkannya, then fit to both parents at the last day the crown of light that shine like the sun, and applies to both parents of two jewelry whose value is unmatched by the world. Two of them asked, 'How does it fit us all?' He answered, 'Because your son has brought the Koran. "(Narrated by al-Hakim)
* Al-Quran gives syafa'at to a professional in the Hereafter. Word of the Prophet wasalam:
"Read the Koran because he will come on the Day of Resurrection as the giver syafa'at to the experts." (Narrated by Muslim)
* And his word of Allaah wasalam:
"Fasting and the Qur'an, they will give syafa'at to a servant on the Day of Resurrection ..." (Narrated by Ahmad and al-Hakim)
* Reward for those who gathered for the reading and studying it. Word of the Prophet wasalam:
"Not a people gathered together in one house of Allah, while they read his book and studying it, but they will be overflowing with peace, dicurahi grace, filled with angels, and disanjungi by God in the face of the creature and at his side. "(Narrated by Abu Dawood)

Pahala doubling READING

Every person who reads the Koran demgam Lillah sincere, then he got a reward. But the reward is doubled if it is accompanied by the presence of liver, appreciation, and understanding of the verses are read. So one letter can be multiplied reward of ten good, even seven hundred fold.
Paragraph Number of Read in One Day Overnight

The Companions of the Prophet of Allaah wasalam usually create for themselves a number of verses of the Koran to be read every day. None of them ever mengkhatamkan al-Qur'an in less than seven days. There are even restrictions with respect to mengkhatamkan al-Qur'an in less than three days.

Then Try to seriously brother, to take advantage of your time by reading it. Make yourself a daily reading levels, and do not you leave her anyway. Slightly but constantly better than many but lost. Therefore, if you fail or fall asleep then carried out on the next day instead. Prophet wasalam said:

"Anyone forget hizbnya sleep or something from him, and read it at the time of Fajr Prayers and Prayers Zhuhur, then recorded his reward as if he had read it at night." (Narrated by Muslim)

Do you include people who stay away from the Koran, or forget it in any way, such as away from reading it, understanding its meaning, pengamalannya, or medication with him.

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