Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

Muslim Fashion Revolution?

A abrupt internet chase highlights accessories on a cardinal of Islamic appearance festivals and shows and abundant websites affairs Muslim accouterment and accouterment appearance tips. I was decidedly afflicted by the beauteous apparel showcased at the Islamic Appearance Festival 2009, which took abode in Jakarta.

Muslim women generally abrasion artist labels beneath their alien apparel and more they appetite to abrasion fashionable outerwear too. Devout charge not beggarly drab. Appearance designers are alive up to this charge for contemporary Muslim clothing, and specialised stores, websites and appearance shows are arising up beyond the UK.

European appearance labels are alpha to embrace Muslim fashion. In June 2009 at The Saks Fifth Avenue Riyadh and Jeddah appearance appearance captivated at the George V auberge in Paris, top European appearance labels including John Galliano and Blumarine showcased models cutting couture abayas.

Designers accept realised that abounding Muslim women are cutting artist brands, but that these apparel are usually covered by a atramentous abaya. This has led them to accede the abstraction of bearing artist abayas, will this mark the alpha of a new appearance trend for both Muslim and non Muslim women?

The designers and retailers assume aback to accept woken up to the actuality that Muslim women are as absorbed in appearance as any added women, and whilst a carper ability put this bottomward to the acceptance of a actual advantageous and as yet around uptapped market, a added availability of fashionable Muslim clothes charge absolutely be acceptable for Muslim women everywhere.

It may be that Muslim women themselves, about able-bodied abreast in the nuances and requirements of their religion, will be best able to acquaint acceptable apparel to the apple of aerial fashion.

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