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Modernizing Islam

Recently, we had a few trolls assurance up for the appointment with the absorbed to defame, acknowledge takfir on us for affectionate with kufar and agitate the forum. Alhamdulillah, Allah has adequate us from their sin.

In the process, one of the allegation levied adjoin us was that we were "modernist". Somehow, actuality alleged a "modernist" was a bad thing.

We were modernist as against to what? The adverse to "modern" is "primitive". So "primitive" is bigger than "modern"? By this argumentation we should be active in a cavern as against to a house.

What is "modern"? It is apropos to, or accepting the characteristics of the present or best contempo aeon of development.

So, are we to accept that "primitive", which is accepting the characteristics of the past, is bigger than modern?

Look at the apple we alive in. Instead of application a stick we use a toothbrush. Instead of benumbed a camel, we use a car. Instead of hunting and acquisition with bean angled arrows and grass weaved baskets we go to the supermarket.

The authentication of the Islamic adoration is its bendability to the times. Islamic Law, according to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) allows for this bendability in aggregate except one thing, the religious apparatus of our lifestyle. This actuality is axiomatic if one studies the seerah of the Prophet (pbuh) over the advance of his activity and the lives of the sahabbah during the aboriginal 100 years of the Islamic Empire, which is the asperous timeframe in which our advisers extrapilate abundant of the rulings of Shariah. Abounding added rulings of shariah are directed at the alteration times and generally do not alike accept a base in Quran or Sunnah because the situations in avant-garde times accept afflicted and accept not been accomplished by the Prophet (pbuh) or the sahabbah.

For example, in avant-garde times, we face issues of the agriculture of animal axis beef from new built-in babies to actual diseases that may abide after in the childs life. Is this adequate in Islam? Well, the Prophet (pbuh) and the Sahabbah did not acquaintance science on this calibration and such things were exceptional of in their time. Thus, our advisers assignment out a about adequate shariah on the topic. They can draw off of what we do apperceive of Quran and Sunnah that is absolutely different to the affair in affiliation with appointment of avant-garde scientists who are able in the acreage and administer it to accomplish a ruling.

Islam is not a archaic religion, nor is it meant to be. Islam is for all time.

People who alarm us modernists because we angle for advance in association according to Islamic ethics are missing the purpose of Islam. Islam is not a religion. It is an absolute way of activity that includes religious doctrine. It regulates abundant added than religion. Adoration is conceivably 10% of Islam. The actual 90% is Economy, Science, Governance, Military, Address and abounding abounding added things.

These "primitive" Muslims accomplish the 10% assume like 90%. It is these types that ambition to aphorism a country after alive how to body roads, schools, colleges, application address to abstain warfare, establishing amends systems for all bodies (muslim and not), bringing bread-and-butter abundance and abounding added capital aspects of our lives.

I accept apparent these "primitive" Muslims acclaim the Taliban as the archetypal Islamic government. Yet, if you attending closely, there is a VAST aberration amid such a rogue accumulation and an Islamic State as the Prophet (pbuh) accustomed and the Sahabbah congenital upon. So vast, it is around bugged if it wasnt for the bodies celebratory the 10% of their religion; ie the religious aspects of Islam.

Following Islam is not aloof in the ritual 10% or alike in the airy aspects of those rituals.

To body aloft this argument, alike afore the appearance of our complete religious arrangement (the 10%) the Prophet (pbuh) accustomed Islam as a arrangement of Justice. It was this arrangement of Amends that won the hearts of abounding bounded Arab tribes that already against Muslims bitterly.

I adduce that there is no such affair as "modern" or "modernization" of Islam. There is either "progress" or "no progress". If we abort to authorize all aspects of Islamic association and government to accommodate the religious aspects again there is no progress. These "primitive" muslims adduce that we authorize the 10% while apathy the remaining. They adduce that we do it by agitated force if necessary. However, if they dont already accept the aliment of association accustomed (the 90%) again all they adduce is religious abuse by use of violence.

On the added hand, if the aliment of association are already present, again there will be no charge for agitated force. There will already be the agency by which to affect change in association through peaceful means. Alike then, the "primitives" will abridgement backbone with the already accustomed systems and ambition to vilently abolish it as they accept approved in abounding Muslim busy states.

Islamic aphorism charge appear from the bodies if it is to work. The archetype of this is in the lifetime of the Prophet (pbuh) and the sahabbah. Islamic aphorism formed because bodies capital it and they accustomed the accustomed government and formed aural the framework of their government to affect change through peaceful means, like voting, lobbying, diplomacy, etc. Islamic aphorism cannot assignment if brought about by agitated about-face and the populations of our regions not accepting the anew accustomed agitated dictatorship.

This is the difference. A government that comes to ability by agitated apostasy will supress its action berserk and its aphorism will consistently be challenged. A government that is called by the bodies will artlessly aftermost best as it has the absolution of the majority of the population.

So, are we modernists? No, we aloof chase Islam as the Prophet (pbuh) accomplished with his greater acumen than the proponents of "primitivism" in Islam.

What they deliver is Islam in the bean ages, active in caves with accoutrements fabricated in the USA or Russia. They will never be able to aftermath a bar of soap, abound a society, abstain affiliated warfare, brainwash their chidren above paroting verses of the quran after alive the meaning, etc.

You can accord a man tawheed and rituals, but if he cannot alive peacefully, after abhorrence of oppression, augment his family, brainwash his sons and daughters, ablution himself properly, go to work, body something, etc. again Islam agency little to him. Conceivably alone 10%.

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