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Islam and Female Ejaculation

During their aureate age of ability and thought, the Islamic apple was accepted for its altruism and bookish concern (650-1150 AD). This altruism was continued to the branch of changeable area Islamic acculturation had a abundant added accessible attitude appear sex than their European contemporaries. While, Christian Europe languished in the Dark Ages by proscribing sin to every animal act; Islam laid bottomward a analytic accessible to accept account of permissible (halal) and banned (Haram) animal activities. The account of animal activities permissible beneath Islam is ample and is laid out as thus:


* Vaginal Sex

* Contraception (may alone be acclimated for ancestors planning purposes)

* Foreplay

* Articulate Sex

* Breast Play - Sucking and caressing the wife`s breasts.

* Orgasms

* Abortion - permissible up to 3-4 months afterwards conception

* Macho Ejaculation

* Changeable Ejaculation


* Adultery

* Pre-marital sex - admitting a college a exceptional is placed aloft a girls virginity as adjoin to a man`s

* Lesbianism - not actually banned in the Quran, but cogent amusing taboos abide adjoin it

* Homosexuality - actually forbidden

* Anal Sex - Similar to Homosexuality, any acts of sodomy forbidden

* Masturbation - The Quran does not actually forbid masturbation, yet best traditions of Islamic jurisprudence acerb abash it.

* Sex during abnegation or Ramadan Prostitution

* Sex during menstruation

While Islamic jurisprudence aggregate a boundless antipathy with Christianity for any acts of sodomy and sex alfresco of marriage; Islam was far added permissible with animal announcement aural marriage. As adamantine as that is to accept nowadays, the Islamic apple was a far added sexually accessible association than the Christian West for added than a thousand years.

You will apparently accept noticed that Changeable Acclamation is included on the account of Halal animal activities. Islamic jurisprudence is appreciably absolute in advertence the antecedent of its administrative estimation of its assorted laws. This is abnormally accurate of Islamic angle on changeable ejaculation. In Islam, it is believed that during orgasm, a woman ejaculates sperm, aloof like a man does. Furthermore, a few Hadith (oral traditions apropos to the thoughts and accomplishments of Muhammad) appropriate that women discharges agent during her animal dreams in the aforementioned address that a man does back he has a nocturnal emission. The afterward Hadith describes the process:

When a woman ejaculates sperm, she should booty a ablution -Sunaan Nasai (1:198-199)

If a woman has a nocturnal discharge, she should booty a ablution -Sunaan Nasai ( 1:197)

When a woman has wet dreams, she should booty a ablution -Sunaan Nasai (1:200)

Women has discharges during wet dreams, that is why the son resembles the mother -Salih Bukhari (1.3:132)

The Islamic angle on changeable acclamation mirror that of the age-old Greeks and Romans assertive that both macho and changeable berry were appropriate for the conception of life. The Islamic acceptance acutely accepted that changeable acclamation was a biological actuality and congenital it as such into Islamic jurisprudence. Furthermore, this appearance of changeable acclamation still holds acceptance today aural Islamic jurisprudence as able-bodied as the added Islamic world.

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