Selasa, 14 April 2015

ISIS Unleash Hundreds of Iraqi Minorities Aged Advanced

ISIS militant group reportedly freed 227 of the Yazidis, who had been a prisoner of them. The majority are released are those elderly or ill.

"Some of the released were women and children," said Kurdish commander, Rassol Omar told the BBC on Thursday (04/09/2015).

Of information to an official Iraqi Kurdistan, as reported by CNN, the number of prisoners who were released 217 Yazidis.

According to witnesses, quoted by VOA News, delivery Yazidi prisoners who had been held captive for 8 months was made on Wednesday, April 8th in the province of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq.

Not known for certain reasons such exemption. However, this action is the second, after ISIS freeing about 200 residents Yazidis in January 2014 after captive for five months.

Yazidis Thousands fled in August 2014, when the city master ISIS Sinjar in northern Iraq near the Syrian border. Hundreds of them were arrested, women and girls were kidnapped to be sold as slaves.

While thousands of their refuge to the mountains of northern Iraq. There is the possibility that the UN reveal ISIS mass culling or genocide against the citizens.

Yazidis are ethnoreligious groups in northern Syria and Iraq and the Kurdish language. They practice syncretism which combines Shia, Sufi tradition, local custom.

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