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About Syia

Shia Islam is a splinter flow and Shiites is one of the many splinter sects in Islam.
While that is a splinter flow in Islam is a stream whose teachings menyempal or deviate from the true teachings of Islam that has been delivered by the Prophet Muhammad, or in the language of religion is called Expert Bid'ah.

Furthermore, because the Shiite streams vary, there is no stream flow Zaydiyyah Shia Ithna Shia Imami Ismaili Shia Asyariah no flow etc, so now when we mention the word Shia, then the question is the flow of the Shia Imami Ithna emerging Asyariah our country and centered in Iran or often called the Shiite Khumainiyah.

Where this is the case because the Shiites are now the cause of unrest and hostility and discord in society, thereby disrupting and damaging the unity of our nation.
Shia figures is what now is in full swing mislead Muslims from the teachings of Islam.

What does the word Shia by language?

The word is derived from the Arabic Shia which means followers, also implies supporters and lovers, can also be interpreted group.

For example: Muhammad Shia means follower of Muhammad or lovers or group Muhammad Muhammad.

Therefore, in terms of language, can be called as a Shia Muslim Muhammad bin Abdillah Muhammad and the followers of Jesus can be called as Shia Isa alaihis salam.

Then keep in mind that at the time of the Prophet Muhammad Shia-Shia or groups that existed before Islam, everything is eliminated by the Prophet, so that when it is no longer Shia and Shia's no.
Where it because the Prophet was sent to unite people and not sent to make groups or Shia Shia's this.
Allah says:

     واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا ولا تفرقوا (العمران: 103)

"How Firm And hold you all to the straps (religion) of Allah and you do not get divorced disarray (in groups)."

But after the Prophet's death, the seeds of discord began to exist, so that when there are groups or Shiite-Shiite who support a person, but a political nature.

For example, before Sayyidina Abu Bakr in allegiance as caliph, at that time there was a group of people who are trying Ansor want to raise Saad bin Ubadah as Caliph. But with the approval of Sayyidina Abu Bakr became the Caliph, then bubarlah groups.

Similarly, when there was a small group who found Ali is more entitled to be Caliph by reason because of the close kinship with the Prophet Muhammad. But with baiatnya Sayyidina Ali to the Caliph Abu Bakr, then finished the problem.

Therefore essentially political and not faith, then such things it is always the case, briefly raised and briefly lost or dispersed.

Similarly, after Sayyidina Ali dibaiat as Caliph, at which time the leadership caliph Muawiyah revolt of Ali, the sort of thing that arises again, so the time was no group or Shia Ali Ali and Muawiyah no group or Shia Muawiyah.

So the term Shi'a at the time it was not only used for the followers of Imam Ali or group alone, but followers or groups of Muawiyah also called Shia.

The argument is strengthened by what is stated in the agreement or Sohifah At-tahkim between Imam Ali with Muawiyah, where in the agreement stated:

  هذا ما تقاضى عليه على بن ابى طالب ومعاوية بن ابى سفيان وشيعتهما
(اصول مذهب الشيعة)

This is what has been agreed upon by Ali ibn Abi Talib and Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan and both Shia them.
(Usul school of Shia Imami Ithna Asyariyah)

Thus the mention of the word Shia at that time was already there, but only in the sense of language and essentially political nature only and is not grounding aqidah or school.
The Aqeedah of the friends at the time, both Ali and Muawiyah and his group and his group, they both follow anything that worked and taught by the Prophet Muhammad.
This is corroborated by the testimony of Imam Ali, where in his letter to the Expert Amsor, he tells about what happened between him (Imam Ali) with Expert Sham (Mu'awiya) in the Battle of Siffin as follows:

  كان بدء امرنا انا التقينا والقوم من اهل الشام, والظاهر ان ربنا واحد, ونبينا واحد, ودعوتنا فى الاسلام واحد, ولا نستزيدهم فى الاسلام بالله والتصديق برسوله, ولا يستزيدوننا, الامر واحد الا ما اختلفنا فيه من دم عثمان, ونحن منه براء
(نهج البلاغة- 448)

As for our problems in a, ie there has been a battle between us with expert Sham (Muawiya and Shia).
Clearly our Lord together, our Prophet is the same and we are in the Islamic da'wah is the same. Similarly, our faith in God and our faith to Allah, do not exceed their faith, and the faith they also do not exceed our faith.

The problem is only one, namely our disputes in the killing (caliph) Usman, are we in the incident, was not involved. "
(Nahj Balaghoh - 448)

Further, since the problem only in the political problems that caused the murder of Caliph Usman RA and not the issue of faith, then when Imam Ali heard of followers who berate Muawiyah and his group, he was angry and forbade, saying:

  انى اكره لكم ان تكونوا سبابين, لكنكم لو وصفتم اعمالهم, وذكرتم حالهم, كان اصوب فى القول وابلغ فى العذر, وقلتم مكان سبكم اياهم, اللهم احقن دماءنا ودماءهم, واصلح
  ذات بيننا وبينهم (نهج البلاغة -323)
"I do not like you become a detractor (pencaci-maki), but suppose you showed their deeds and their circumstances you mentioned, then it is so it will be accepted as an excuse. Then you change your scolding them with:
O Allah save our blood and their blood, and we make peace with them
(Nahj Balaghoh - 323)

Thus the direction of Imam Ali told his followers and lover. If revile Muawiyah and his followers be prohibited by Imam Ali, then what about those who revile Shiites now even mengkafirkan Muawiyah and his followers, it worth they are called as followers of Imam Ali
Back to the understanding of the Shia in the Arabic language is called Shia Lughotan, as we have explained above, so now there are people who think that his Sunni Shia automatically. Where no other things due to their lack of knowledge about it. So that they do not know that we are facing today is Madzhab Shiite or Shiite or full flow is the flow of the Shia Imami Ithna Asyariyah (Ja'fariyyah).

Therefore, the term Shia Lughotan is not used by our parents (Salafunassholeh), they fear ordinary people can not distinguish between the meaning of the word Shia groups or followers of the Shiite stream or Madzhab Shia. Where it because of the Shi'ite sects are manifold, all of which have been rejected as heretical by Salafunassholeh.

Furthermore salafunassholeh use Muhibbin term for followers and lovers of Imam Ali and his descendants and the term is used until now.
There is one note to note, therefore salafunassholeh do not want to use the word Shia in mentioning the word or word group of followers because of Shia sects are manifold, then finally just used the word Shia in calling Rofidhah groups, namely those Shia known to berate Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina Umar.

So now if anyone mentions the word Shia, then
question is the flow or schools of the Shia Imami Ithna Asyariyah.
Indeed, in the absence of clear information about the Shia and Shia Lughotan Madhhaban, it is easy for people to obfuscate issues Shia, so it is a good opportunity for them in their efforts mensyiahkan Indonesian society known since ancient family of the Prophet Muhammad as lovers.

What is a stream (schools) Asyariyah Ithna Shia Imami it?

Shia Imami Ithna Asyariyah is one of the many Shiite flow streams with each other Shia fighting Shia call flow as schools Ahlul Bait. And its adherents claim only himself alone or group who follow and love the Ahlul Bait. This Shia flow adopted or followed by the majority (65%) people of IRAN. Similarly, as the Shiite stream followed by people in Indonesia are devoted to Khomeini and the Shia.
When compared with schools of other Shia, then flow Ithna Shia Imami Shia Asyariyah is the most perverted flow (GHULAH) and most dangerous to religion, nation and the country at this time.
By using cunning strategies they call TAGIYAH (lie) which can result justifies any means, this flow is developed.

As a result, many people who beraqidah Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah fooled and are influenced by their propaganda, so that out of the religion of his ancestors (Islam) and enter the Shia.
Because it is based on bigotry Ashobiyah or deep, then the flow is rapidly spreading and growing, especially among lay Ba 'Alawi sada (descendants of the prophet Muhammad) and Muhibbin (their lovers). So like a malignant cancer that is growing in a healthy body, which is hundreds of years known beraqidah Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah.

Actually, for those who educated religion, it was not until the outbreak shake their faith, but for people who lack the knowledge of Islam, easy to contract the disease.

In this alarming situation, there arose those who feel called to resist and fight against the flow. Various ways have they traveled, there is the road lecturing, there are to write, even with the discussion and Alhamdulillah got a positive response from the community and from the government.
In contrast to the Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah filled with mutual respect and full of love full of love and forgiveness forgiving because based Al Ahlaqul Karimah and Al AFWA Indal Magdiroh (pardon when he can reply) and Husnudhdhon (good thought), then teaching Asyariyah Ithna Shia Imami is full of scorn and full of slander and slander-full-cursed anathema, because based on the Suudhdhon (prejudice) and resentment and bigotry are unfounded.
Can we see how they no polite bold and blatant berate friends, slander the Prophet's wives, especially Aisha, even the Prophet himself did not escape from their charges.

Shia teachings are troubling and raise the ire of Muslims, making the scholars around the world have agreed to provide information to the public. Hundreds of book titles published, millions of books printed with the intention that the public aware and wary of straying Shia Shiite movement. In writing these books of the scholars we took the source and the rest of the books of Shia (Shiite reference books), so it is very difficult for people to refute Shia.

Furthermore, the number of outstanding books and expose heresy containing Shiite teachings, many people who used to be affected to the Shia, become aware of and back to the Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah. It is certainly not out of the guidance and inayah and taufiq of God. With the exception of those who are ill-fated, that is, people who are destined by God as the Syagi (wretched and miserable).

May we and our families were classified as those who Suada 'or those lucky ones who was saved by God from the flow of the Shia Imami Ithna Asyariyah false and misleading.

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