Rabu, 15 April 2015

The development of Islam in Europe

The population of the world (2013) is 7,021,836,029. Distribution according to religion is Islam 22:43%, 16.83% Catholic Christian, 6:08% Protestant, Orthodox 4:03%, Anglican 1:26%, 13.78% Hindu, Buddhist 7:13%, Sikhs 0:36%, Jewish 0:21%, Baha'i 0:11%, Others 11:17%, Non-Religious 9:42%, and Atheists 2:04%

It is even said that the number of Muslims in 2012 was 2.1 billion. While the number of Christians and Protestants are 2 billion. So that Islam today, although compared with the Christian and Protestant though, has become the largest religion in the world

World Population (2011) grew 137% in the last decade, in which Christians grow by only 46%, on the contrary, Islam is growing as much as five times that amount: 235%. (The Almanac Book of Facts, 2011). It is said, if this growth trend continues, it is estimated by 2030, 1 out of 3 of the world population is Muslim.

Development of Islam in Europe is very fast due to two important factors.
First, the birth rate (fertility rate) is high in Western countries with a majority Muslim population
Second, the number of converts (people who moved from other religions to Islam) are also high, especially in America, Europe and Australia in the last 20 years (The Almanac Book of Facts, 2011).
According to the poll results (2012) in the United States, is known around 200,000 people each year to move from Christianity to Islam.

Associated with the development of Islam in Europe and America this fast, because Christians in the west increasingly not believe in the teachings of their religion full of absurd dogma. The higher the educational level of citizens of a country, the more followers of the teachings of Christians who reject the contents of the "bible" BIBLE are contrary to reason and logic. They turned to look for a new religion (Islam, Buddhism) or choose to become a follower atheist / agnostic. Instead of Muslims, though maligned and slandered religion, the belief in the truth of their religion is increasing while living in an environment that non-Muslim majority.
Thank God, the sun rises from the West. The growth of Islam in Europe and America is very Fast.

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