Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Islam is Beautiful

Do you ever feel in this life how beautiful Islam? If not, feel how happy it was a Muslim living under the auspices of the last religion, Islam. All the guidelines set out in Islamic life. This is the ultimate source of happiness from the Creator of the universe and its contents, including humans.

Islam as a peaceful means, then peace in the hearts of those who do not enjoy the shade of Islam is because Islam views the eye. Syumuliatul Islam (Perfection of Islam) is not perceived in him.
The beauty of Islam as can be felt in peribatan. How wonderful harmony with human nature in worship to Him. Few billion years the Sun has been serving the Almighty Creator with rises in the east and sets in the West. The sun still accompany every creature every day. He was never absent. Loyalty creature whose name the sun this creates a feeling of gratitude will feel pleasure in worship to Him.

When prostrating in prayer felt once shahdunya the umbrella of Islam peribatatan beauty every day. But of course the feeling of happiness can be enfolded to those who believe 100 percent going to the contents of the Islamic worldview.
Is not Allah SWT bless Dinul'VE Islam as our guide. Consider that the Essence of Who created all of us have given a guide who has been awarded with full and why are we still confused? We feel how the Supreme Rahman Allah with the following paragraph:

"Surely the religion (which approves) sight of Allah is Islam. no disputing the people who have received the Scripture except after knowledge came to them, because malice (that exists) between them. Anyone who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, then Allah is swift at reckoning. "(Surah Ali Imran: 19)

If the beauty of Islam has not been felt in the heart, then we need to consider whether these hearts are dry, whether the liver has never washed his verses. Was this care has been hard, do not yield to the rebound of his word who became our guide day-to-day. Islam will transfigure ourselves, make our life beautiful, beautiful make us all move forward.

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