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NII has distorted Islamic teachings

Movement on behalf of the Indonesian Islamic State (NII) were considered to have done this distortion of Islamic teachings. "They've done the steps that are distortions of the teachings of Islam as a whole, in terms of so-called 'kafah'," said Secretary of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) LDII Banyumas, Sarlan in Purwokerto.

Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute Banyumas regency, Central Java, assess In this case, he said, the arguments used Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) to "persuade" potential target for charity, pay 'fidyah', and so forth, only present a fragment or the pieces of the verses of Al Quran or hadith.

While other parts of the verse or hadith that is used to "convince" prospective NII targets, he added, was not delivered in a comprehensive manner. "What emerges is an emotional understanding that comes to the conclusion in which the Islamic concept, the concept of hijrah, understood not as a whole. They ignore other elements that actually discussed logically and comprehensively in the Quran and hadith," he said.

In various mass media, he said, it is known that their main motive is not Islam or NII struggle to make profits but only an economic, material, and personal. According to him, this is seen clearly when there is a statement from the NII that ultimately they believe if Muslims do not need to pray or practice their religion obliged as Muslims generally.

"I do not remember who delivered. However, according to them (NII, ed.), Worship may be replaced with 'fidyah', alms, or infak," he said.

Therefore, the target is people who still lay on the understanding of religion, he said, people would seek somehow. "We often hear recruiters that (NII), suggesting its cadres so how do I search for infak or 'fidyah' even though the actual act which is prohibited by religion. Infaknya true because there is guidance, but the way he conducted with deceptive or prohibited acts of religion, I view this as a deviation of religious values, "he said.

Related huge mission that is considered as the end of their struggle in the form of the establishment of an Islamic state in Indonesia, he said, this is something that denies the reality of diversity in Indonesia. According to him, less likely to stand up an Islamic state in Indonesia since the basic concept and conditions of different communities with the countries of the Middle East.

Therefore, he said, the mission of the NII to establish an Islamic state would have clashed with the conditions of Indonesian society since the beginning constructed with the concept of Pancasila state. Being asked about efforts to anticipate the outbreak of Banyumas LDII understand NII especially young generation, Sarlan said, as a missionary institution, the institute continuously improve the understanding of religious guidance to the public.

"We also urge all people to increase understanding and knowledge of religious values ​​according to the guidance of Al Quran and hadith," he said.

In addition, he said, the public is also advised to be cautious and could differentiate the groups that have submitted on behalf of the community preaches Islamic studies. In this regard, he added, people have to trace back whether delivered the groups according to the arguments in Islam or is not appropriate.

According to him, this needs to be done because many of those who exploit religion for personal gain. "Our advice, when there is a teaching or group that is considered suspicious, talk to religious institutions and legal authorities such as the Indonesian Ulema Council," he said.

He said, understanding or propaganda strategy that made a propaganda group should be under the auspices and guidance of the MUI. "But usually, the action (NII) is done clandestinely, from one person to another, and target people who lay against religion. We should be suspicious if they see signs of people during the layman but suddenly changed very means, needs to watch out because the goods times has received the doctrines like that, "he said.

Nevertheless, he says, people are suggested to indirectly convict a doctrine as an evil cult because it has the right to determine the false doctrine or heresy is not authorized institution, such as the MUI. "If between groups may not, for example I am from LDII

states group were misled, it should not be. All of that should be'tabayun '(consult, ed.) To the institutions in charge, and allow the agency to categorize the teachings of which was prohibited or not, "said Sarlan.

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