Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Three Kinds Rezeki

There are three kinds of sustenance:
1. Guaranteed sustenance
2. Measuring the sustenance
3. Sustenance hanged

Guaranteed sustenance is "eat", yes .. food is sustenance diamine by the almighty. The inability of somebody, insha allah cans still eat even with the mixed conditions are potluck.

Rejeki fortune derived from the work, mixed in every month in accordance with our work. In other words, to obtain a mixed fortune this is not too difficult. work, then this provision would come.

Sustenance sustenance hanged is indeed placed in high places, to get, people have to jump-jump, taking the stairs, using aircraft, spacecraft and even have to ride .. This is the sustenance in abundance, but can only be obtained by humans who want to try hard, using all its capabilities, innovation, brilliant ideas, and still hold fast to honesty. Insha Allah if the provision was reached, was incredible pleasure ..

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