Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Islam and Capitalism

At what TV stations, radio show or internet news page, so you switch to the "Islamic extremism" tend to crop up with the Islamists against the negative aspects of such familiar terms with at least some would get one or two high chance. Maybe a little behind, but what? Who's driving the boat in a different direction and is a member of the Islamic faith?

Moyhim Uddin, one of the designers think we made a profit, we have, but the UK, focusing on the cause of Islam, it will donate 10% of "description, such as the International Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, such as "expect advertising and affiliate revenue from sales to the most. That the "Muslims are the most empathetic people on the planet, and they are just that they typically, for example credit card, that is, to shop is by doing the Muslim brothers can support the case, it is Islam with prejudice, but when they have IslamiCompare will come to use "will continue.

Or mortgage insurance, and displayed online - - negative interest or riba a key opposition Islamic faith, but this example does not apply for credit cards? "We know this, and we recognize this is. Primarily we Islamic products and Islamic consumer Halal financial option sourcing are working toward. But the market is really about these products lack and which Islamic charities with 10% rebuttal is . If you have a choice of Muslims, but "he or she is doing good work in them know that this process at least, non-Halal Mortgage

It is essentially directed toward the Muslim consumers, but it uses a price comparison site also can not stop some people of faith that is evident on the website. However, it still early days, such as integrated Internet marketing in a modern concept, between Islam and the West could happen if there are signs that IslamiCompare.com is a good example. It's tonsils - with a little cheek, according to the site, "Fight for Muslim consumption"

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