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Legal Leaving One Prayer Pillars

If someone leaves one of the pillars of prayer deliberately, then his prayer is void, because he was deliberately left in harmony, but if for sure then he should repeat it. For example, if he has not forgotten ruku 'then he just fell down when finished improving his reading, then he remembered that he was not bowing, then he should stand up and bowing, and then continue his prayer, and he must repeat the pillars which he left behind long before they hit the same position in the second rak, if it had been entered in the same position in both the position rak rak rak replace the abandoned second one rukunnya.

If he is not bowing, but he was already bowed, was sitting between two prostrations and the second prostration, then remembered that he was not bowing, then in these circumstances he must stand up, bowing and prayers continue to perfect, while if you remember that he was not bowing when he was bowing in subsequent cycles, the cycles that he is doing to replace the previous cycles that left one rukunnya.

Likewise if someone forgot to do the second prostration he suddenly stood up from the first prostration, when read Al Fatihah thought of himself not the second prostration, yet sitting between two prostrations, then he must return to its original state and sitting between two prostrations, then second prostration and then perfected his prayers, even if he had not remembered that he had the second prostration and sitting between two prostrations except after bowing, then he must go down to sit down, bow down and continued prayers. As if he remembered that he had not done the second prostration in the first cycles except when he was sitting between two prostrations in the second cycles, the second rak rak supersedes the first, and that's the first cycles.
In the conditions or the sample as above, a person required to perform prostration for forgetfulness, if due to excess movement, then prostrate for forgetfulness after salutation as mentioned in the sunnah of the Prophet Shalallaahu alaihi wasalam.

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