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Relations Mahram in Islam

Mahram woman is a man or men who are still included with close relatives because of heredity, sesusuan, or marital relationship so that should not be married in between. The use of the word Muhrim to mahram to be seen.

Muhrim in Arabic means one who is working on pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah). But Indonesian uses words convey the same meaning Muhrim with a mahram (forbidden to marry). (KBBI, p.. 669 and also see hal.614)

Because mahram Descendants

Mahram because there are seven offspring. There is no difference of opinion among the 'Ulama. Allah says: "Forbidden for you to (marry) (1) mother's mother, (2) your children are women (3) brother-brother-Ramu of women, (4) your father's brothers are women, (5) your mother's brothers woman (6) the daughters of your brothers are men; (7) daughters of thy brethren that woman "(An Nisà'4 / 23)

From this verse Jumhùrul 'ulama', Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Malik and Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal enter the child of adultery becomes a mahram, with the postulate of generality word of God "that female children" (An Nisà'4 / 23). It was narrated from Imam Asy Syàfi'iy, that it tends not to make a mahram (means must be married) child of adultery, because he is not a legitimate child (the father of the perpetrator) in shari'ah. He is also not included in the paragraph:

"God mensyari'atkan to you about (the division of inheritance for) your children. That is: the boy with two little girls" (An Nisa '/ 4:11).

Because the child of adultery is not entitled to get a legacy by 'consensus' and he was also not included in this paragraph. (Al-Hafiz 'Imaduddin Isma'il bin Kathir, Tafsirul Qurànil Azhim 1 / 510)

Mahram because wet nursing

Mahram wet nursing because there are seven. Just as a mahram because of heredity, without exception. This is the opinion of the chosen after ditahqiq (ditelliti) by Al-Hafiz 'Imaduddin Isma'il bin Kathir. (Tafsirul Qurànil Azhim 1 / 511). The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "The blood of wet nursing forbid what is forbidden by the descendants of blood" (Narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim).

The Qur'an specifically mentions two parts mahram because wet nurse: "(1) And the mother-mother who breast-feed you, (2) and brothers and sisters sepersusuan" (An Nisa '/ 4:23).

Because marriage is a mahram

Mahram because marriage is seven.

"And your wife's mother (in law)" (An Nisa '/ 4:23)
"And the wives kandungmu child (law)" (An Nisa '/ 4:23)
"And the kids are in pemelihraanmu wife of wives who have you interfere" (An Nisa '/ 4:23).

According Jumh urul `Ulama 'also includes a stepchild who is not in their maintenance. Stepchild into a mahram if his mother had been interfered with, but if it is not mixed then allowed to marry his daughter. While the mother of a woman who married a mahram only because aqad marriage, although her daughter has not been interfered with, when it aqad married then the mother's illegitimate daughter who married married by that.

"And do not marry women who have been married by the father (stepmother)." (An Nisa '/ 4:22). Women who are married by the father become a mahram for the child's father with only aqad marriage, although not interfered by the father, the child's father can not marry her.

"And gather (in marriage), two women who are brothers" (An Nisa '/ 4:23)
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam forbade gather in marriage among women with a maternal aunt;
And calls between women with paternal aunt. The Prophet said: "There should be women gathered in a marriage between a sister of father or mother" (Narrated by Al Bukhàriy and Muslim)

So, nephew (woman) should not be raised by her aunt in a marriage, so the aunt should not be collected with my niece in marriage. By easy, aunt and niece may not be mutually honey.

Prohibition collect between women with her aunt from the father or the mother based on the hadiths mutawàtirah and 'ijma `ul` Ulama'. (Muhammad ibn Muhammad Ash Syaukàniy, Fath al-Qadir 1 / 559).

Mahram due to heredity and wet nursing is eternal, forever, as well as for weddings. Unless, of collecting two sisters, women gather with her aunt, the sister of the father or mother, that if one dies and then replace it with another marriage, then allowed, because not gather together in a state still alive. Dzun Nùrain, Uthman ibn 'Affan married Umm Kulthum after Ruqayyah died, both of them are children of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam.

Adultery with a woman May Allah keep us all from it does not make his or her mahram. Adultery is not forbidden is permitted.

Women who married

God forbid married women who are still married. "And (forbidden you also marry) the woman who married" (An Nisa '/ 4:24). The women who in addition to the above is not a mahram, lawful marriage. "And lawful for you except such (that) looking for wives with your wealth not a remedy in marriage to adultery" (An Nisa '/ 4:24). Wallahu 'a `lam (Asri Ibn Thani)

Certainly there is the question of how If in-laws Of The wife or husband's brother in law of the ruling:

Your wife is in law from foreign (non-mahram) to him. Your wife must wear the hijab (veil) when dealing with him and should not be alone with him. Prophet Muhammad PBUH. strongly reminiscent of the problems in-law, because a lot of mixing in society without borders association between in-laws that can cause various problems in the household later.

Response to your question, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Canada, explains:

Your wife is not allowed to treat in-law as a mahram; in-law is not a mahram for your wife, your wife's brother in law is not much different from a stranger / guest so that the rules for wearing the hijab / headscarf and keep yourself in effect.

A person who is considered a mahram is someone who is where he is not allowed to marry him at any time and in any condition. Your wife is allowed to marry your brother in law, if only if you divorce your wife and your sister she also divorced her husband or die. In other words, marriage restrictions that now exist does not mean they make a mahram because of existing restrictions (kemahraman) was only temporary.

Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad. warn us about the need to protect themselves from the relationship between relatives such as with in-laws. Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He said: "Do not you all get into the (space) women. They asked," O Messenger of how the brother-in-law? ". Rasulullah replied," Brother-in-law is death "(Reported by Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Saheeh Al-Jami 'Ash-Shaghir no. 2677). In other words, relationships with in-laws will be at risk to sin than to strangers, because it is definitely the intensity of meetings and interaction with it will be far more numerous and the results would be more damaging than death. Therefore let us keep ourselves from all sorts of temptations door, as in the words of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. which stated that it worked like a demon blood flow in the human body. We can be protected from the temptations of Satan is the only way to always remember Allah. and do all His commands and prohibitions.

In conclusion, your wife should still wear the hijab / headscarf in front of the brother / sister-in-law and he should not be alone with him in a state be a pair anyway.

hopefully clear and useful

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