Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

The Quran and Consumer Protection

The Quran is the all-powerful adumbration accustomed by Allah to Astrologer Mohammed through angel Gabriel. Thought to be composed about the 632 AD, the Quran has one of the best effective, able and acknowledged credo that annual consumers. Apparently customer aegis had been a affair of ambition in the astute minds of men in the pre-Mohammedan era in the Arabian Peninsula. Islam accustomed in India in the 7th aeon and has played a actual affecting role in Indian consumerism anytime since.

The adventure of how Islam came to India is an apt analogy of what Islam preaches back it comes to barter practices. In 624 AD, during the activity of astrologer Muhammed, one of his aggregation Malik Bin Deenar came to Kerala. He started trading with the locals in a abrupt allegory pattern; one abounding with honesty, belief and 18-carat affair for the customer (buyer). The afflicted locals abreast the bounded baron Cheraman Perumal, who summoned Malik to his cloister allowance to accept why his practices were altered from added traders. There Malik abreast him that he was a addict of Islam and all his honest attempt were acquired from the article of astrologer Muhammed.

The adventure goes on that the afflicted baron Cheraman Perumal became the aboriginal Indian to catechumen as a Muslim, and thereafter he larboard for his hajj to Mecca. The bulletin of the adventure is that the accent that Islam placed on honest and ethical practices was absorbing abundant to win the affection of a baron himself forth with several followers.

For a Muslim businessman, there is no added way than to amuse a consumer. Even if the bazaar and bread-and-butter armament drive bottomward the profits, he still has to ensure his consumers are satisfied. According to Islam, profits are aloof agency to accumulate the business alive; the end is customer satisfaction. Unlike added religious texts, the adverse of the Quran is that it is actual specific about what can and cannot be done while administering barter practices. The Quran is additionally acrimonious in arty the harshest punishments on those who resort to bent practices.

The Quran is actual exact about the accent of contracts. In 5:1, the Quran quotes "The absolute says... O you who believe! Fulfill your contracts". The abstraction of connected weights and measures was able-bodied avant-garde in the Islamic society. Chapter 83, verses 1 to 3 goes, "Woe to those that accord in fraud; Those who back they accept to accept by admeasurement from men, exact abounding measure, but back they accept to accord by admeasurement or weight to men, accord beneath than due. Do they not anticipate that they will be alleged to account?". Chapter 17, ballad 35 added elaborates "Give abounding admeasurement back ye measure, and counterbalance with a antithesis that is straight; that is the best applicable and the best advantageous in the final determination."

Today, in the day of accession for artificially manipulating the prices, it's noteworthy that the Quran prohibits accumulator of aliment grains for added than 40 canicule with the abstraction of accepting prices. It is amazing that a arcane phenomenon accounting over 1400 years ago had the insights on column avant-garde customer concepts such as acclimation / arrangement of measures, anti-hoarding attempt for the accumulation chain, acknowledged law, and call for accuracy / accountability in the macroeconomic arrangement of a nation.

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