Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Now Muslims Can Get Sharia Car Insurance, in Line With Islamic Law

New allowance company, Salaam Halal Insurance, is the aboriginal to be adjustable with Islamic Law as able-bodied as accommodate the accepted casework that the abounding accepted allowance companies do today. To be Islamic adjustable agency that they charge not use the acquirement to brainstorm or booty any banking gambles with it. It additionally agency that they are belted as to area they can invest, for example, not with any aggregation with any affiliation with pork, booze or gambling.

Known as 'Takaful', Halal allowance is altered from accepted British allowance articles as the accident is advance over all the policyholders. All the drivers pay into a fund, this is invested in 'Sharia compliant' investments and any profits that are fabricated are paid aback into the fund. All claims are paid out from this armamentarium and any abounding banknote is disconnected up amidst the policyholders as a abatement adjoin their abutting year's exceptional - as able-bodied as any no-claims benefit that they ability be due.

Three absolute Muslim advisers adviser the activities of the aggregation and they say that they accept a abundant accord of aplomb and can action premiums that attempt able-bodied with the bigger rivals in the industry. They are additionally assertive that they will get echo business from the 600,000 Muslim car owners in the UK.

Abdul Khalisadar, father-of-two from Leyton, East London, was one of their aboriginal customers. He drives a BMW, and is a 35 year old Pharmacist. He says that his censor affected him appear Salaam Halal but he accepted that they were additionally aggressive which helped him to adjudge that they would be the appropriate best for him.

'It's agitative to see a absolutely new artefact on the market, and I anticipate there will be abounding bodies - Muslim and non-Muslim - who will appetite to about-face to a aggregation that does not advance in weapons, booze or gambling,' says Peter Staddon from the British Allowance Brokers' Association. His assessment is that the accepted acknowledgment to the aggregation is acutely positive.

This company, Salaam Halal Insurance, is the latest in the UK to advance a 'Muslim friendly' account - there accept been others already, conspicuously some bigger Tesco branches accept a ambit of Halal foods, and McDonald's are confined Halal chicken.

So far, the aggregation has alone targeted the Muslim association with easygoing announcement in Islamic publications and on billboards but they are actual hopeful that they will be able to allure abounding added audience from all the altered religious followings.

Salaam Halal Allowance are operating a alarm centre out of Greater Manchester area abeyant audience can allocution to operators in at atomic 5 altered languages - Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu or English.

'The face of Britain is alteration and it is the albatross of British institutions to baby for such changes and acceptable diversity,' says Bradley Brandon-Cross, Chief Executive of the shareholder-owned ancestor aggregation of Salaam Halal Insurance.

Over two actor Muslims alive in the United Kingdom and abounding of them may be borderline about the attempt of Takaful (which agency "guaranteeing anniversary other"). Now with Salaam Halal allowance the UK's Muslim citizenry has the advantage to buy allowance that is Halal.

Insurance behavior are distinctively advised by allowance experts beneath the advice of a Shariah Supervisory Committee. This ensures that Muslims can accept all their allowance awning in accordance with the Muslim faith.

With accepted allowance an allowance aggregation takes on all of the accident but for Halal insurance, all of the Participants (the policyholders) accede to agreement anniversary added and, instead of advantageous premiums, Participants accomplish contributions (called Tabaru'a). The basin of contributions again creates the Takaful Fund.

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