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Status of Arabian Women Before Islam

Status of Arab women before Islam.

Condition of Arabian womens before spreading of Islam:
Before Islam, condition, or status of women was low. Women were considered as slaves or property of men. Women were used for specific purpose and after meeting that purpose they were discarded. Women were considered unimportant and anything related to women were also considered unimportant. Women have no right take decisions of her life. A woman has to spend her life according to desire of her guardian or owner (who buys them); in the dark time men was treating with women as treat with animals. A woman has no right of owning of property on her name. In time of war women were treated as part of prize. At this stage we can say the condition of women was unspeakable.

Birth of Daughter:
On the birth of a daughter in a family was not considered as an event of rejoicing
But it was regarded as shame for family, and mostly female babies were killed at the time of birth or afterward and the killing rate was so high and uncontrolled. Even outside Arabia.

Outside Arabian:
Outside Arabia the status of women was not so better especially in all Europe, India, and Egyptian countries. Women were not regarded at as human being, they were regarded as animal and men treat with women as with animals. Women were regarded as slave or servant of men. A woman has no right to take decision of her life; she has to follow orders of her master or guardian.

Rights That Islam Gives to Women (After Islam):
In religion of Islam women is considered to be equal to a men like human being and they are partner in this life. In Islamic law a women has right of independence. She has right to take decision of her life, but there are some responsibilities of women towards herself and toward Allah (SWT)and she will be punished or rewarded on her sin or virtue. According to religion of Islam a women will be treated as same as men punished or rewarded.

In case of her marriage, she has right of choosing a partner for marriage and she has right to accept and reject partner for marriage. And her decision in this regard must be respected. Arab or Muslim women is not permitted to change her name after marriage, there will be no changes made in her name upon her marriage.

Right to go outside form her home:
Arabian or Muslim women are not restricted from going out or in public place or working community,
or visiting their relatives and female friends, if they are allowed by their guardian or husband. In order to go out from her home a women must be properly covered and behave according to instructions of Islam.

In the basics rights of a Woman in Islam, It is must for a woman to get education. In Islam seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim. The word Muslim is not used for specifically for male or female but they are twin Muslim.

Right to Go to the Mosque:
In religion of Islam Muslim women has right to go to Mosque. If someone wife asks from her husband to permission to go to Mosque, he must not deny it to her. There are some obligations for Muslim women before going to mosque they must be properly dressed and covered.

In the religion of Islam, the rights and responsibilities of a woman are equal to those of man.

Nazihah Rafaqat is from Dammam (KSA). Nazihah has done her masters in social sciences. Currently she is doing a research about Arab Culture and specially Women in Arab Culture.

Nazihah is running a blog where she blogs about daily life of Arab women from different parts of society. Her blog features Arab Girls who are studying, doing jobs and businesses. She want to promote Arab Girls so that people may give them respect.

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