Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

Islam - The Fastest Growing Religion In The World - One In Four People Are Muslim

A recent report from an American think tank has suggested that one quarter of the world's population is Muslim. This is certainly surprising living in a western country. We always thought that Muslim people mainly live in small countries, like Saudi Arabia. In fact, the study suggested that approximately 61.9% of all Muslims lived in the Asia and the Pacific Region. In addition, the Middle East and North Africa (Arab countries) had 20.1% of the world's Muslim population.

In the western world like in Europe, it consists only 5% of the population (around about 38 million people) and half of the 4.6 million Muslims live in the United States.

Furthermore, the study suggests that Islam is perhaps one of the fastest growing religions in the world due to the enormous birth rate among these countries. Whereas, Christianity growth is slowing down because most of the country with majority Christians have a declining birth rate. However, Christianity is the biggest religion in the world and consists of 2.1 billion people. Another interesting fact is that there are 900 million Hindus and only 14 million Jews in the world today.

The whole idea that a typical Muslim is Arab is not really true. This report blast through that myth and confirms that Islam is perhaps one of the biggest religions of the world. Although this research is not entirely accurate, it does give a picture of the type of different beliefs people have. The researchers looked through and analyzed around 1,500 sources like general population surveys, census reports and demographic studies.

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