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Tips Mandate in Islam

Thank God all praise to Allah who has given ni'mat faith and Islam to us. I testify there is no God who must be worshiped except Allah. No partner for Him. He who has the dominion of the heavens and the earth. I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God. May the invocation and greetings to the Messenger of Allah always tercurahkan family companions and those who follow the path of his life. The Muslims rahimakumullah.Marilah we improve the quality of faith and piety to Allah SWT to always improve our morals and worship. All Muslims are required to have a noble character because Rasululullah peace be upon him sent into the world is nothing else to teach the morals of mankind in relation to God with our fellow human beings both Muslims and non Muslims, and with his fellow creatures.

To establish that the sublime morality one must educate and familiarize themselves with a good behaviors. As for how to fix bad morals one must try hard and want to force myself to do the opposite. For example, habits lie or falsehood can be corrected with megusahakan opponent that nature is always uphold impartiality. Blogging break a promise and betrayals can diperbaiiki by familiarizing themselves keep their promises. Although daunting at first but when familiarized with the training and ongoing struggles then over time will be light and easy. The Muslims who berbahagia.Bukankah each person must have the nature and characteristics of different character? Because it is impossible for each person will have a level of quality character and personality are exactly alike. In this issue we need to realize that the character and personality is a factor that most determines whether or not he can be liked by others. Through someone can present the personality of himself to others. Therefore, each person must maintain good character and personality by displaying commendable traits and behaviors that are sublime. So easily among people we mutually pledge to deceive and deny. Yet according to business confidence is the main capital which of course should start from ourselves.

Can if further examination is a lie broken and treacherous and despicable traits including features of hypocrisy. Because in it there are elements of nature who belittle others must be avoided by Muslims. Messenger of Allah said which means "to mark the hypocrite are three even though he was fasting and prayer and claimed that he was Muslim. That is when he speaks he berdusata if he violates the promise and if he believed treasonous. "From the above hadith can be interpreted that the hypocrites are those that contrast between the birth with the birth of Islam while he thought his inner bad-faith. Therefore, the Prophet describes the hypocrites as those who can not be honest in all things both words and deeds. That even though someone claimed to spell out to the Muslim prayer and fasting as long as he likes apply dishonest broke his promise and betrayal he belonged hypocrites. That is very hypocritical nature of someone poison the faith. Ironically, the properties of such precisely there are many among the Muslims. The indication is we can feel the truth in everyday life.

Hypocritical nature has infiltrated the heart of the Muslims so often lead to social behaviors that are very irritating and damaging nailai moral.Sekarang-value what we must do to avoid these bad properties? Obviously because it covers the problem of moral people, then one kongritnya business is to popularize the culture of shame among the people to do bad traits. Then the community is asked to cultivate a sense of pride and respect to people who have properties consistent prints on promises and trust.

Means the true nature of his opponent's finger or boastful lies. Sidik is a main character who must diamalkan by all Muslims as has been commanded by God. "O ye who believe fear Allah and be with people right." Being right does not like lying to have enormous influence in society and is a mental attitude that is needed to develop quality human resources in order to create a society that just and prosperous. That's why the Prophet is strictly forbids his people to lie except on three things as an excuse to achieve goodness and uphold the truth of the First husband lied to his wife as promising something to be promised to a wife merely to amuse and please him. Both lie in the war as a battle tactic.

The third lie is done as a tactic to reconcile two Muslims who disagree. Even for an advanced state of lie that can be mandatory that if his position in an emergency or urgency as to save her own life from the tyranny and cruelty. But even so it must be understood that if a goal is good and right that was to be achieved without also lie or lie it remains unlawful.

Keep their promises. Allah says "O ye who believe guard those promises." Command to fulfill all the promises as stated in the above paragraph is actually a general principle that must be obeyed by every person that is bound to a promise or that should apply appropriate customs in social interactions such as buying or selling debt receivables social and political life sebagainya.Dalam Islamic law which means that the promise is debt to be paid. This teaching is clearly in line with the values of discipline is increasingly required for the development of the age even more so in the context of modern life. People really need the attitude to life with high discipline and firm on promise to respect the rules and norms prevailing in the global life. Therefore, as a guide in the form of teaching people discipline agreement when Allah SWT has shown promise for people who believe "And do not say that really I'll do it tomorrow morning except to say 'God willing'." "Stick to that promise must be real promise held accountable. "

The nature of trust means trustworthy or honest opponents treasonous. Amanah is taught in Islam includes many things of which the goods are consigned or the money we borrow must be returned to its owner. Can also be trustful of children and descendants to be educated as a believer do good works and noble. Amanah also can be a task and job title. Besides, the age ranks wealth health science reasonable intelligence and so all it is a mandate from God that must be maintained and the best fit diamalkan guidance of Allah and His Messenger Nya.Pemahaman wide on the meaning of trust need to be more prevalent among the people because the nature of the mandate or kejujuaran It is usually only associated with areas of material such dishonest not actually take something that is not right either by stealing corrupt manipulation of business or other action that is taking essentially the same that is not right.

When in fact dishonest acts in the field of material is only one facet of dishonesty. Honesty in fact covers all areas of life that included the science of thought wealth and so forth. Allah says "Allah commands you convey the message to the beneficiary menerimannya." In closing this brief review can be concluded that the nature of fingerprints on a promise consistent and trustworthy if it really has diamalkan image of Islam by the Muslims would be more fragrant than the reality for this. Instead the image of Islam will fade if the opponents of the properties, which are lying broken a promise and betrayals increasingly entrenched among his people. Even more important is not the image of Islam or any other issue but the responsibility we each ourselves before God Almighty. Finally let us consider the Hadith the Holy Prophet the following warning "people who do not believe there is no mandate and no religious people who do not keep their promises."

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