Rabu, 22 September 2010

Position in The Islamic Tawhid

Da'wah is a great worship. Unfortunately, the mission had been much abused for political campaigns wrapped in search of followers, recruit sympathizers and cadres of the party, or just looking for a globe. On the other hand, there are preachers who specializes in political affairs to forget the basic things in Islam. Then how is it actually preaching Prophet?

Too many calls or 'dawah' ilallah (to God) that we find around us. The community simply say that 'it all the same propaganda'. Really? Which is correct then the call will be closer to God?

The diversity of the appeal itself has become sunnatullah. It has been narrated by Imam Ahmad from shahabat Abdullah bin Mas'ud, Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud that tells where the Prophet made a straight line and said: "This is the straight path of Allah." Then he made a lot of lines from the right direction and the left and he said: "This is the streets and none of these roads but the devil calls on it." Then he read the word of God: "And this is My straight path, then he and do you follow the travel that many of these roads that will eventually break your selves from His Path. "

As Sa'dy explain what is meant by a straight path mentioned in the book of his commentary: "It is a very clear path that will deliver us to God and to His Paradise. Straight path that is familiar with the rights and in charity. "

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wassallam will also have to explain the emergence of the preachers who call on the precipice of hell. In the hadeeth of ibn Yemen Hudhayfah narrated by Imam Bukhari, Hudhayfah said: "The people asked the Prophet about the good and I asked him about the ugliness that worry will happen to me. Then I said: "O Messenger of Allah, when we were in the good life is ignorance of God (Islam). Is there evil after this good? Rasulullah replied: "Yes." I said again: "Is there good after this ugliness?" The Prophet replied: "Yes, but there was smoke." I said: "Does the smoke O Messenger of Allah?" The Prophet said: "People who take instructions cue than you know and you deny. "I said:" Is there evil after this good? "The Prophet replied:" Yes, that is the preacher at the door of hell and those who fulfill his call, it will be dumped into the abyss of hell .

Second hadeeth above describes the emergence of various appeal sunnatullah who all raised the banner of Islam and the name of Islam. But the true appeal is the one true path is one and not many. Allah says:
"It is not after the truth but error." (Yunus: 32)

Hadeeth also explained that the road that is not true that a lot more than the right path. Similarly, the preachers who called on the error, more than the truth of the caller.

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