Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

Rukun Iman

Pillars of Faith (pillars of faith) are according to the flow of Sunni Islam consist of:

* Faith in God
o Compliance and adherence to the teachings of God and its laws
* Faith in God's Angels
o Know and believed in the existence of power and greatness of God in the universe
* Faith in God Books
o Carry out God's teachings in the book, his book is upright. One of the Book of Allah is Al-Quran
o Al-Qur'an contains God's previous three books, namely the books of Psalms, the Torah and the Gospel
* Faith in God's Messengers
o follow the example of the struggles of the prophet and apostle in spreading the truth and run with patience
* Faith in the Day of Resurrection
o ideology that every deed will be no retaliation
* Faith in Qada and Qadar
o Understand the decisions and the assurance that God is determined on the universe

Iman This is according to the flow of Shia Islam consist of:

* At-tawhid
* An-nubuwah
* Al-imamate
* Al-adhl

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