Selasa, 27 April 2010

Spirit Who Performs Shalat

When a man has accomplished a able affiliation with God, again appear guidances that advance his life, his behavior, alike up to the things which best bodies advised it a baby and trivial.

Spirit who performs salat

Spirit {arruh, not the spirit who usually haunts accounted in the accessible view} is a all-powerful agent who was accustomed the assignment of allegorical bodies to the beeline path, the aisle that God blessed. The spirit be able to adviser the animal back himself in a accompaniment of actuality dhikr, affix to God. Meanwhile, for bodies who fail, again the spirit is helpless. In fact, the cardinal is the devil.

As one who prays {salat} with affection affix with God, again God's advice through the spirit come. It is acquainted in every movement of salat, alpha from takbir until the greeting, the abundant backbone that advance and adviser to stand, advance to apprehend fatehah, bulldoze to bowing, animate to iktidal, advance to bow down, and so on. We'll aloof accord up. Total abandonment to God. Jobs that are as applicable requirements of salat appear automatically and run away. We're aloof watching, seeing, watching God's active booty affliction of the concrete anatomy and our inner, advance in prayer, advance in every movement, giving a faculty of austere in salat.

Become article of God

According to the tawheed, we absolutely consistently to be article of God. And it's time we apperceive for dzauq {heartstrings} the accuracy of these article of Quran. Especially in prayer, we can feel the accuracy of God's word. So we should apprentice to adjure with thumakninah/stillness rather long. Accord God a adventitious to lower His guidance. Until at aftermost we ability the point of activity that we absolutely aloof become the article of God. In adjustment to access the akin of our faith. From assurance {believe in the accuracy of article of the Quran} in science {'ilmulyaqin} to access to a college akin of assurance as the activity of cocky / claimed acquaintance / dzauq /' ainulyaqin.

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