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Apology from God

Now do not accusation me for the no absolute to all those bad poker shows, anemic Pokemon and Dragonball Z cartoons that claiming alike moss to abound on them, Britney Spears songs, or Hillary Duff's big teeth. Some may anticipate I had a duke in accouterment Clay Aiken to win that American Idol show, but I accept added aftertaste than that.

So accept you estimated who I am yet? But if you accommodated me accept some courtesy. Accept some sympathy, and some aftertaste and use all your well-learned politesse.

Granted from what you accept apprehend about me, I deserve none. But aback was it, the aftermost time you anytime heard of anyone anytime talking to me. I beggarly you accept prozac for those bodies now. Aback in the day you would of had Moses anchored up with abundant actuality to beating bottomward a charging Rhino in heat.

For the best allotment the Jews bankrupt the book on all approaching prophets in 586 BC afterwards the abolition of the Aboriginal Temple. See they aloof appear this book and rewrites were adamantine aback then, actuality done all by hand. The Bible is a big book that helped abounding abbreviate bodies see aloft the council caster and get abounding little kids afterpiece to their Cheerios. Imagine autograph that, all over with a avoid feather? Now that is all afore the New Testament, Strictly Torah.

Yep, you estimated it! It is me God. The YHWH. The Iehova or Jehovah for you Germans. I am What I am. But I still accept not abounding out that accomplished Popeye affair is of yet. Must be some Odin Reference?

Now aback you were a teenager, didn't you do some brainless things. Granted my Abhorrent Twos had some assorted consequences, floods and all, but I was learning. There are acumen why boyish abundance is a bad thing! Appear on you absolutely anticipate I was aggravating to accumulate you guys in the dark, I planned for you to get that apple.

But you had to acquire it. Anytime try ambuscade the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator? Or alike better, accept addition adumbrate it on you? Now didn't that cookie aftertaste bigger afterwards. Remember all the fun of arrears bubbler and premarital sex? Hmmm... Tricky!

I f you did not acquire abandon and cocky will, you would of let it go a continued time ago. But I still catechism America, they abandoned it like hot cakes. They adulation my old baby self. The abhorrent ancestor in the sky who rules by abhorrence and control. And abundant propaganda.

Here jesus asks me to admonish you that Heretics in latin agency those who see with their own eyes open. Blue states Aphorism in a apple with not abundant to accept from though.

Now aback to my story...

Yes, I did aces some absolute losers. I associated with them because the were the best like myself. In my Image.

There was the adventure of Noah actuality a drunk, but who would accusation him. I asked him to save his own bark and let the blow of the apple die agreeable about him. Again some can authority me answerable for the abounding aggregate of abundance Abraham profited from his abhorrence in advanced of amative Kings. In actuality it was all Saharah's work. Again the accomplished average east affair because of the contraceptive biologic I gave her to assure her from those kings fabricated her Barren for eighty years. Oops! Or for giving Hagar such abounding features. Or Bathsheba for that matter. But it still does not absolve my celebrity I placed on David afterwards blame Saul afterpiece to afterlife or sending Uriah to his. This was the aboriginal departing of the red sea, you should of apparent all the soldiers breach and leave him continuing abandoned with alone the complete of crickets accompanying him in face of the enemy. Alike the crickets hushed afterwards they accomplished what had happened and aloof into the night. Aloof so he could get Bathsheba's Nookie. So I had some problem's, sue me.

You apparently win, we never get abundant of a aegis aggregation up here.

But, but, but that is all old news.... I gave you a bow afterwards the flood, how about throwing the old man a bone. Can we balloon about the age of prophets and acceptance and see what I am today?


I accept been abandoned for some time. But aback time does not abide for you.

It is adamantine to notice.

So it is easier to get absent in yourself. Or abroad from.

I accept ben accomplishing admeasure of both.

Now what got me was Job.

Lucifer was aggravating to flash the ablaze on my faults for centuries. So I could abound up and become blessed he says. I assumption he was right.

But on that duke with Job, I had all the cards ample adjoin him. Towards the end I ran out of account to accomplish his activity afflicted so I aloof took to throwing abandoned pistachios shells on his arch from the base of the sky.

When some one asked him if he hated me for all that I did.

He said no!



In actuality he admired me more.

Man did I accept a hissie fit at him! That accomplished Leviathan animadversion and all.

But it got me to deathwatch up.

Granted I was in a bit of a stupor. I anticipate for you it was about four hundred years. Give or booty a century. So aback Christ was aggravating to absolve you to me, you showed up on the doorstep but I was not home.

Do you apperceive what I accept been accomplishing for the aftermost fifty years, befitting those in your societies that accept collapsed into homelessnes, insanity, and abandonment company. At first, because their angel is how I acquainted about myself. But again because I cared for them. I admired them and suffered with them. Unfortunately they alone break in Heaven a abbreviate time, but they get aristocratic basement on aerial altars. Karma aeon brings them aback to try to do better.

But it is not them, it is you! You who abused them or angry you arch from them. There was no one innocent in Nazi Germany.

I should Know. A accumulation of Jews in Germany afterwards the Holocaust put me on balloon and bedevilled me to afterlife afore they went into black prayers.

Maybe if I batten to some one eventually to advise you to apprentice from my mistakes instead of chase them. For the Bible added than The Prince teaches tyrants to rule.

But like the man aloof absolution himself from the cycles of AA meetings, I am entering advantageous counterbalanced society. I am acquirements to see that the grays and those in the average may be added than indifference. Their could be arete to agreement a blaze abode in the centermost of the city. Or a Community abode fro that matter.

So if you accommodated me accept some courtesy. Accept some sympathy, and some aftertaste and use all your well-learned politesse. Because I accept abstruse allot!

In actuality I am still Learning!

So can your own father. You accept every appropriate to alarm him on it, but never abhorrence him. Aloof apprehend we had it worse than you did!

"Nietzsche believed there could be absolute possibilities for bodies afterwards God. Relinquishing the acceptance in God opens the way for human's artistic abilities to absolutely develop." ...... "The acceptance that "God is dead" would be like a bare canvas. Like an accessible sea, this can be both animating and terrifying. It would be a amazing responsibility, and, Nietzsche believed, abounding would not be up to it. Best bodies await on rules and authorities to acquaint them what to do, what to value, how to live. The bodies who eventually apprentice to actualize their lives afresh will represent a new date in animal transformation.

It is broadly believed that Nietzsche himself "proclaimed" the "death of God", but it should be accustomed that in Die fröhliche Wissenschaft (The Gay Science) he put the words into the aperture of a "madman".

In this passage, the man is declared active through a exchange shouting, "God is dead! God is dead!" He arouses some amusement; no one takes him seriously. Frustrated, the dement smashes his lantern on the ground, arrant out that he has appear too soon: bodies cannot yet see that they accept dead God. He goes on to say, "This biggy accident is still on its way, and is traveling-- it has not yet accomplished men's ears. Lightning and barrage charge time, the ablaze of the stars needs time, accomplishments charge time, alike afterwards they are done, to be apparent and heard."

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