Rabu, 02 September 2009

The Rise of Islam in Europe

After having stumbled upon the article about the Catholic Church raising funds for the new mosque in cologne, I could not help but think that this is an act of extreme ignorance. The Islamization of Europe is well under way and presents a very real danger to the Western World and Christianity at large. Although it appears that this idea/action is well intended, it appears to be very misguided and ill-conceived.

The only explanation I have is that either the Rev. Franz Meurer does not perceive Islam as a major threat to the Christian Church, or that the Roman Catholic church has aligned itself with Islam. Both possibilities raise disturbing questions. Islam, Catholicism and Christianity are in no way compatible, despite what we are led to believe. Such misguided actions do more harm than good in the context of the Kingdom of God on Earth. It is almost as if Rev. Franz Meurer believes that the action is justified by virtue of it being perceived as something good, but how can this be the case if the perceived 'goodness' inherent in this deed encourages and funds the work of the enemies of Christ and His Church?

To quote from the article: "Our people were suggesting such things as a little kneeler, a bell, a picture and the like. But then I said, 'Friends, this isn't likely to lead anywhere. They pray to God one on one in their mosques. They haven't got liturgical objects like we do."

The God of Islam is not the God of the Christian faith nor of the Bible. Islam is a spiritual counterfeit. The teachings of Islam corrupt the truth and present it as fact. Such perversions of truth result in teachings that Ishmael and not Isaac received the blessing; Jesus was only a great prophet (like Mohamed) but not God in the flesh; that salvation is obtained through good works and Jihad (there is no saviour in Islam); Jihad is waged primarily against Christians; that Allah is God (Allah is not simply another name for God - it is a false God). Islam promotes violence under the false banner of holy war (Jihad). There is much more that can be said about the many dangers of Islam but it is sufficient comment for the purpose of the article.

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