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5 Pillars of Islam

Islam means literally submission to God. This is something that is not taken lightly by Muslims all over the world. One set of guidelines that are closely adhered to are the 5 pillars of Islam. These are the 5 guidelines set down which should be followed by all Muslims regardless. They are called pillars as a pillar is used to hold up a structure to stop it from collapsing all around you, just as in Islam these 5 pillars are there to keep Muslims faith strong and support them in their life.

Pillar 1 - The recitation and belief in the Shahadah

To fulfill the Shahadah one must recite "I testify that there is no god but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah". In Arabic it is read as "'ašhadu 'al-l ilha ill-llhu wa 'ašhadu 'anna mu'ammadan rasklu-llh".

Pillar 2 - Pray 5 times a day

This is one of the most fundamental rules set down and is one which should be done every day. Prayers begin at first light in the morning and are spread through out the day until the last prayer in the evening. Prayer is a way to cleanse your soul and to remind yourself that there is an after life and that we will all be held responsible for all that we do in our life day by day.

Pillar 3 - Charitable donations

It is referred to as Zakah in Arabic and is obligatory for Muslims to do so as long as they are able to without causing strife within their own lives. There are two types of Zakah that can be paid, one is related to the amount of food that is paid for during the holy month of Ramadan for his family. The secound type of Zakah is based on wealth and savings and is usually based around 2.5% of the wealth that has been saved for one full year.

Pillar 4 - Fasting

During the month of Ramadan it is obligatory for Muslims to take part in fasting during this time. It is required to refrain from foods, drinks, sexual activities, etc from dawn until dusk. This is a time for soul searching and seeking a greater insight into religion by studying Islam more in depth.

Pillar 5 - Pilgrimage to Hajj

All Muslims must make the necessary journey to the holy land of Makkah in Saudia Arabia. If you can not afford to go then there are provisions allowed which are permitted such as if a village was very poor then they could all collect their funds together and pay for a single individual to go then all can benefit from the rewards as they have completed the Hajj to the best of their abilities but only God can truly give rewards to those who are deserving.

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