Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

Islam is More Than Just a Religion

Although many consider Islam a religion, indeed it is much more than that, as it is a way of life. Some have actually considered that point as well and even the devout say that it is more than a religion, more like a complete "operations manual" for those who follow it, to live their lives while on said planet. And in saying this, I am sure many will agree.

Although political correctness tells me to hold short of saying how messed up some of the customs and cultural traditions are, merely because I am not of that culture. Indeed each culture has different views of how to live their lives and there are as diverse as there are cultures.

Some say the writings of Islam do not make much sense, as other civilizations of humans, which have adopted more progressive approaches have far surpassed Islam and thus it appears that they have lost that Islam has lost their battle with the claim that it is the best way to live. This is because they have less in every regard than do other civilizations on the planet and for the most part many Middle Eastern countries are living back in the stone ages compared to other first world nations around the world.

Too bad really, worse off most of Islam does not wish to join the rest of the world, but rather change the rest of the world to fit Islam. Indeed that is not a positive step for humankind, as it means a continuous clash of civilizations. Of course personally I find fault with all religions on the planet and with the tales they the purport, as they do not jive with the observational realities of the known world in the present period and they are all holding back the human race in some regard. What are your thoughts on that? Perhaps we might consider all religions and the ramifications of their rule.

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